Repairing Conditioner, Argan Oil

8 fl. oz tube

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8 fl. oz tube

Why You’ll Love It

You can thank hydrating argan oil, pumpkin seed oil, and sea buckthorn extract for hair's shine after conditioning with Acure Organics Repairing Conditioner. This vitamin-rich oil repairs split ends, tames frizz, and protects against heat damage. Pair it with Acure Organics Reparing Shampoo for even better results. See More
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About This Brand

Beauty products are designed to take care of all beauty needs, but if you are using beauty products that contain harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, this may be working against the original purpose. Skin is very porous and will absorb anything put on it, therefore, rather than covering the body in chemicals, use natural beauty products that contain ingredients rich with restorative vitamins and minerals. With Acure Organics you can be certain the beauty products you use are free of chemicals and good for your delicate skin. Acure Organics offers a full line of beauty products for any skin and hair care needs and are made with all-natural, 100 percent organic, ethically-sourced ingredients. Whether looking to fight the signs of aging, improve the elasticity of skin, or nourish hair follicles, Acure Organics has the right product. The history of Acure Organics Acure Organics is a small family owned and operated company located in the United States that...
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Organic Euterpe Oleracea (Acai) Berry, Organic Rubus Fruticosus (Blackberry), Organic Rosa Canina (Rosehips), Organic Punica Granatum (Pomegranate), Organic Fair Trade Rooibos, Cetearyl Alcohol, Behentrimonium Chloride, Stearylkonium Chloride, Vegetable Glycerin, Glucono Delta Lactone (Fermented Sugar), Organic Argania Spinosa (Argan) Oil, Cetearyl Glucoside (from Corn and Glucose), Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride (Guar Gum Conditioner), Glyceryl Stearate (Vegetable-derived), L-Arginine (Amino Acid), Organic Fair Trade Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Sorbitan Olivate (from Olives + Sugar), Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5), Cellulose (Plant derived), D-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate (Natural Vitamin E), Lactic Acid (Vegetable derived), Hippophae Rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) Seed Oil, Organic Curcubita Pepo (Pumpkin) Seed Oil, Ubiquinone (CoQ10), Argania Spinosa (Argan) Stem Cells, Glycerophosphoinositol Lysine (from Sunflower), Prunus Dulcis (Almond) Extract, Cinnamomum Aromaticum (Cassia Bark) Oil.

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Why You’ll Love Repairing Conditioner, Argan Oil

When it comes to keeping hair soft and healthy, it can be tough to find a conditioner that does the trick over an extended period of time. Many conditioners use chemicals that may make hair shine at first, but eventually can deteriorate over time and brittle the strands. On top of this, some products use ingredients that could be toxic to health. Luckily, Thrive Market has a great product known as Acure Organics Repairing Conditioner, Argan Oil, that uses all natural ingredients to avoid the potential for both of these problems. It also softens all hair types whether it be dry, damaged, curly, or color treated.

What’s In This Conditioner?

This repairing conditioner is so effective at moisturizing one’s mane that its particular mixture of ingredients has a patent pending. Here are some of the star players contained in this trifecta of oils that render some serious shine:

Sea Buckthorn Oil

Sea buckthorn has been used in Russia and China for its medical and nutritional qualities for centuries, and is said to eliminate free radicals, which are molecules that can damage cells. The plant is a powerhouse of amino acids, contains vitamins B1, B2, K, C, A, E, as well as folic acid, has more than 60 antioxidants, 20 minerals, and carries Omega-7 fatty acids. In fact, sea buckthorn oil is the richest source of Omega acids known to man, and has the highest Omega-7 potency ever—reputed to work wonders in creating shiny hair, radiant skin, and strong nails.

Take note that the seabuckthorn fruit (a shrub native to China and areas of Europe) bears leaves, flowers, seeds and berries, all of which have been used for a variety of health issues. Not a bad thing to have near the scalp!

Argan Oil

Argan oil has been all the rage for hair lately, and for good reason. This oil is especially hydrating without being greasy, so moisture can be obtained without that unpleasant residue that some deep conditioners yield. This makes it effective for healing split ends, taming frizz and fly-aways, as well as protecting against heat from hair dryers, curlers, and flat irons. Best of all, it won’t weigh hair down so body will remain full and luminous in the conditioning process.

Argan oil gets its healing properties from a rich supply of vitamin A and vitamin E, Omega-6 fatty acids,linoleic acid, and is chock full of antioxidants. All these promote shine in hair, and the tocopherol from the vitamin E helps to enable cell production (i.e, it has potential to boost hair growth).

In addition to argan oil, this conditioner contains argan stem cells, which can theoretically delay the depletion of root stem cells, energize dormant cells, and speed up the natural repair process. Combined, they have the potential to renew hair texture and growth. While results are still being tested, the combination of argan stem cells and oil offers promising results in hair rejuvenation.

Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil

Again with those shine-inducing fatty acids: pumpkin seed oil has ample Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. It’s also rich in vitamins E and K, which help to smooth and create radiant locks. Additionally, pumpkin seed oil functions as an emollient for air, calming frizz and enhancing shine as it seals hair follicles.

What’s not in this conditioner

While this conditioner is filled with plenty of oils that will help hair stay shiny, healthy, and full, it’s also important to note that this product is valuable for what it isn’t: It is void of the inexpensive chemicals that many manufacturers put into their products to make them last longer. Although, Acure Organics Repairing Conditioner, Argan Oil is a product that also has a long shelf life and is satisfyingly easy to coat hair with—not to mention its use of natural ingredients won’t have put anyone’s health at risk, while the following ingredients in other conditioners might:


Parabens have gained widespread use in beauty products because of two reasons: they’re inexpensive and have effective preservatives. Many beauty products that are not refrigerated need some sort of preservative to stabilize them, however, this conditioner uses an all-natural version. While parabens have not been proven to be toxic, a growing body of research suggests they may adversely affect hormone production and could potentially have a tie to certain cancers. Avoid that risk all together and condition the more natural way, free of parabens.


Phthalates, which come from phthalic acid, are often used to add durability and flexibility to beauty products. For example, phthalates might make a nail polish less hard and prone to cracking when painted on your nails, or they may keep a hairspray mist from getting brittle as it settles on your strands. Phthalates have raised health concerns and critics have suggested that they could be linked to breast cancer. Furthermore, in studies of rodents exposed to increased quantities of phthalates, it was shown to alter their hormone levels and produce birth defects. While no fatal evidence against phthalates is proven, rest can be assured knowing such implications are firmly off the table when it comes to this all natural, phthalate-free conditioner.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or SLS, is a detergent and also a surfactant—meaning it helps create a bubbly lather in beauty products, much like an emulsifier. SLS has caused unease over several reported side effects, one of which is harmful skin irritation that has affected people even when used in small doses. Higher concentrations of SLS have been reported to cause stronger skin irritation, even corrosion. According to the International Journal of Toxicology, there should be no more than 1 percent concentration of SLS in products people use for an extended period of time. This is cause for concern, as plenty of products have SLS levels as high as 20 percent.

Reviews For Repairing Conditioner, Argan Oil

Based on 33 Reviews

Smells great and My curls are silky soft

I bought this conditioner just to match up with the Argan Oil Shampoo I was trying out and to my surprise it made my (normally) course hair, silky and soft! My hair's wavy and curly, and when I first get out of the shower, my hair's usually rough feeling because of the curls and split ends (from pressing it straight). After using this conditioner,my curly were soft and smooth! Then when I pressed my hair, it was even SOFTER! I love this stuff!

- Kimiko

Love the smell!

Very moisturizing and great for thin hair. Doesn't weigh down fine hair and smells wonderful! Thanks Thrive!!

- Rebecca T


Love this conditioner! Great smell and texture. I have short fine hair it works fantastic. Makes my hair easy to work with and moisturized with out making it greasy looking.

- lindsey horn

Great Conditioner!!!!

No matter what your hair type is, this condition solves Every problem!! I've never used it before I had purchased it from Thrive Market and, it works Really Well!!

I love this product, will be purchasing it again, and the price is fantastic!! Worth every penny!!

- Cheryl

Great product

Love the fact it's non toxic yet works really well as a conditioner. Makes hair smooth and soft. I also like the light almond smell. Our whole family uses it.

- Joanna O'Brien

Keeps my hair feeling...

soft and thick- perfect for thin hair. And this is a great price.

- Rebecca

Thumbs up

Just moved to a dry climate, and this conditioner is helping. Hair is shinier but not heavier.

- Beth

Best Conditioner....ever

2 years ago I made the switch from commercial, chemically laden shampoos and conditioners, to the all natural stuff. It took me awhile to find this, but when I did, I swore I'd never use anything else. I have fine wavy hair with some dryness, and my fiancé has very thick, frizzy, and curly hair with some dryness, and this stuff works perfectly for the both of us. It doesn't weigh my hair down, yet it conditions and smooths his hair. I'm shocked at how cheap this stuff is even retail price (and especially with Thrive!) considering this is the BEST stuff I've ever used - and it doesn't have any nasty silicones tricking you into thinking you have silky hair. Yay!

- Amanda

Surprising consistency

Seems thin, but really coats the hair well. I enjoyed this conditioner. Not sure if I'd repurchase any time soon though. I am hooked on the lower price of Suave, and its effectiveness.

- Wendy

Love this!

I absolutely love this conditioner! It makes my hair feel soft and shiny. It de-tangled my hair nicely and doesn't make my hair too greasy or too dry. Plus, it smells AMAZING! :-)

- Tifani

no regrets!

I bought this before in stores (and loved it) and decided to purchase it on Thrive because it's so much cheaper! I've always had troubles finding a good conditioner (because I was using shampoos/conditioners with harsh ingredients) , and this one really works amazingly! It leaves my hair super soft and shiny.

- Jennifer

The Best

Instantly detangles my thick unruly hair and makes it so much easier to manage. I love this stuff!

- Holly

Sadly, not for me!

I tried this conditioner along with the shampoo. I love the way they smell! Conditioner texture is thin but worked on my hair and made it easy to comb through. Only draw back is these products left my hair too oily. I used for 2 weeks and it just got worse.

- Donna

Leaves hair feeling so soft!

This has completely rejuvenated my hair leaving it soft and shiny!

- Emma-Lee


At first I wasn't impressed by these because the smell is a bit off. But then I realized the other "non toxic" shampoo/conditioner I was using had Fragrance in it. Well that explains that! I can accept the scent in exchange for not putting toxic matter on my head. While the shampoo doesn't lather quite as well as the Fragrance-laden shampoo I have, it does the job. The conditioner is quite lovely.

- Rachel

Best natural conditioner I've found!

I have thinning hair and have gone through several bottles of different kinds of natural conditioners to try to make my hair look better, but this was the first one that actually worked. My hair feels smoother and healthier than before. I'm so glad I could find it at this price!

- Thea


So far this is a nice conditioner with a good smell that keeps my hair looking good.

- Steff

Smells delish

Definitely has a strong almond extract scent- but I enjoy it! Wish thrive carried a larger size!

- Kaley


I am constantly looking for a conditioner that works with my curly hair and I have finally found it. I tried it, along with the shampoo, and I immediately noticed that my hair was softer and it just felt healthy. I also like that you only need to use a little so the bottle will last a while. This will be a permanent staple in my house and all of my other conditioners piling up in my closet are going bye bye.

- Ashley

smells great

leaves my hair very soft and smelling nicely of almond

- Lisa

Great product!

This conditioner, along with the shampoo, has helped with my Florida frizzies. Love it!

- Karen

Smells amazing

Works well, smells amazing and it makes my hair very soft without weighing it down. This is a keeper.

- Mila


I just got this and had previously been using John Master's organically....this is so much BETTER and costs considerably less I am so happy I read about this company one shampoo and one condition and my hair is super soft no flyaway a and curled great Will keep buying this wonderful stuff!

- Jennifer

Soft and smelly ;)

This conditioner is so amazing. For the longest time, I could not find a natur shampoo or conditioner whose ingredients I could stand behind that also made my hair feel and look amazing. Acure hair products check all those boxes and I get compliments all the time on my hair. You have to try it!

- Tierney

My go-to conditioner

I have been trying to refine my natural hair care routine for a couple of years. I have a lot of straight, fine hair. I tried "no poo" but my hair was way too dry and frizzy. I tried several other natural shampoos and conditioners (much more expensive than this one!), but the conditioners either left a residue on my hair or were not moisturizing enough. I decided to check out Thrive's selection and found this one had a good rating from EWG's Skin Deep, so I tried it. I LOVE THIS STUFF! I feel like I am almost using "normal" shampoo and conditioner again, without the chemicals. My hair feels great, and I love the smell. The only thing that makes me suspicious is how this product is white in color when the first 2 ingredients are dark berries?! However, I am not going to mess with a good thing!

- Leigh

great for my dry, wavy hair

This review applies to the shampoo and conditioner used together. I have very dry, wavy/curly hair. I've been using salon beauty products (the ones with all the chemical crud in them) and decided it was time to go natural. This stuff works just as well as the salon stuff and smells sooooo much better. The shampoo definitely cleans my hair. Conditioner leaves my hair moisturized and shiny, although I have to use a decent amount to get it that way.

- Susan

Didn't work well on my hair.

Aside from the great smell and lack of chemicals for the hair, this product did not work well for me. I have thick, curly hair and I usually use conditioner to untangle knots in the shower. Drugstore brands usually get the job done quick, but this particular conditioner did not create enough softness to help separate the knots. Maybe it's just my hair type so others should get discouraged to try it out.

- J. Patton

Say goodbye to dry hair!

This conditioner is great! I have kinky, curly hair that I love and I always struggle with products drying it out and losing its curls. This product finally gives me the healthy-feel while keeping my natural curls in tact the way I like! It also smells delicious, with a little hint of almond. I highly recommend this product along with the Acure Organics Shampoo, I've never been happier with my hair!

- D. Brooks


wasn't anything to write home about. didn't smell like much. when i used it, i didn't note much difference in my hair either. an okay conditioner.

- danny


I often use hair care products with Argan Oil and I figured this would be fairly similar, I was wrong, this is much better. I bought this along with the Shampoo so this is a review of both of them together! This leaves my normally dry untouchable hair feeling amazing. I normally wash my hair every other day and I've been surprised every time I touch my hair with how soft it feels. I will definitely continue to use both the shampoo and conditioner.

- Sabrina

Almost Worst conditioner

I put this in my hair while still in the shower, even used more than normal dalop and still couldn't comb thru, I'll never buy this again.

- Elizabeth D.

This is good stuff

I've struggled over the years with finding a conditioner that is good for me and my hair. This stuff has fantastic ingredients and makes my hair softer, stronger, and more manageable. I love love love it and I'm definitely going to use it for the long haul. I recommend this to everyone!

- Sarah


Rich, creamy, and does an awesome job on dry older hair that is very very fine

- KB

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