Thai Coconut Soup, Tom Kha Phak, 2-Pack

Two 14.1 oz cans

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Two 14.1 oz cans

Why You’ll Love It

Amy's own version of the traditional Thai ''Tom Kha Phak" combines sweet, smooth coconut milk with gently warming Thai spices, organic tofu, lemongrass, shiitake mushrooms, sweet potatoes and other organic vegetables. Made with only the best organic ingredients, Amy’s soups are vegetarian and vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and non-GMO certified. See More
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About This Brand

It’s funny how life works out sometimes. Amy’s Kitchen never set out to become one of the world’s leading purveyors of prepared frozen organic foods, but here they are. The only thing Amy’s really wanted to do was provide busy people on the go with convenient food options that were healthier than typical TV dinners, and maybe make a decent amount of money in the process. Almost 30 years and millions of dollars in sales later, it’s safe to say that Amy’s Kitchen has succeeded far beyond their wildest expectations. How Amy’s Kitchen got started Rachel and Andy Berliner are like many people, and like most people who had just returned from a long grueling day of work, cooking was the last thing on their minds. They tried pre-cooked frozen foods but found them disappointing because of their weak cardboard flavors and unhealthy amounts of sodium, sugar, and chemical additives. Rachel and Andy thought a better way needed to exist, so they made one themselves and soon Amy’s Kitchen was...
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Filtered water, organic coconut milk, organic sweet potatoes, organic carrots, organic tofu (filtered water, organic soybeans, nigari [magnesium chloride, a natural firming agent]), organic green beans, organic onions, organic shiitake mushrooms, organic tamari (water, organic soybeans, sea salt), lemongrass, sea salt, organic cane sugar, galangal, organic cornstarch, spices, kaffir lime leaf, organic safflower and/or sunflower oil, organic garlic, shallots, black pepper, organic orange peel.

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Serving Size 1/2 can Servings Per Container About 2

Amount Per Serving

Calories 140 Calories from Fat 90

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 10g
Saturated Fat 8g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 580mg
Total Carbohydrate 9g
Dietary Fiber 2g
Sugars 4g
Protein 4g

Vitamin A 10%
Vitamin C 2%
Calcium 4%
Iron 10%

Contains soy and tree nuts (coconut).

Why You’ll Love Thai Coconut Soup, Tom Kha Phak, 2-Pack

If you can’t afford a trip to the Orient this year, or even a trip to your local Thai restaurant this week, there’s another way to get the rich taste of Asian cuisine at home with Amy’s handcrafted soups.

This two-pack of Amy’s Thai Coconut Soup (Tom Kha Phak) presents a balanced combination of traditional Thai spices, organic tofu, lemongrass, sweet potatoes, shitake mushrooms, and more wholesome vegetables in a coconut milk base that tastes as exotic as it sounds, but is also an ideal choice for those new to Thai cuisine.

Made with only the best organic ingredients, Amy’s soups are vegetarian- and vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and non-GMO certified—and in the case of hearty Tom Kha Phak, you can really taste the difference.

Powerful ingredients in Amy’s Thai Coconut Soup, Tom Kha Phak

The top-notch ingredients in Amy’s Thai Coconut Soup don’t only taste good; each provides plenty of health benefits that are good for the body, too.

Coconut milk boosts the immune system: Thai coconut soup is nothing without coconut milk, and this prominent ingredient has plenty of positive effects on the body. Coconut milk contains a nutrient known as lauric acid, which has been shown to strengthen the immune system and improve its efficiency when fighting off viruses and bacteria that could lead to sickness. Coconut milk also aids in lowering cholesterol and regulating blood pressure.

Sweet potatoes contain anti-inflammatory properties: The same root vegetable that lends an amazing taste to Thai coconut soup can also help to reduce swelling and prevent pain and soreness. Sweet potatoes contain impressive compounds that, when frequently eaten, ease swelling in nerves and tissue. This is beneficial for minor ailments like sore muscles after exercise and even for more serious conditions such as multiple sclerosis. Nutrients in sweet potatoes also promote proper blood clotting needed by the circulatory system.

Carrots promote good vision: It’s perhaps one of the best known health benefits of a vegetable—crunchy carrots maintain optimal eyesight in humans. This is because carrots have ample amounts of beta-carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A and transfers to the retina to keep vision in tip-top shape. The nutrient also plays a part in preventing cataracts and macular degeneration that often come with age.

Tofu can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease: The usefulness of tofu knows no bounds, and this versatile food product also happens to set the foundation for healthy circulation and lessens the chance of developing heart disease. Tofu is full of healthy proteins that the body can use, just like beef and poultry. However, the soy protein also helps to lower levels of bad cholesterol in the system and regulate blood flow. Soy protein has also been shown to keep blood sugar under better control for individuals with type 2 diabetes.

Lemongrass tea is used in some home remedies: Fever grass, also known as lemongrass, is a perennial herb that’s native to Asia. The lemon-smelling plant has a sweet and mild flavor, which makes it a popular addition to a number of Thai dishes. When diffused in hot water for a tea, it can even act as an analgesic, with further anti-cancer and anti-fungal properties.

Making a full meal with Amy’s Thai Coconut Soup, Tom Kha Phak

If you want to make an entire Thai meal, there are a few other courses you can add that go great with this two-pack of Amy’s Thai Coconut Soup. First, start with a cucumber seaweed salad and some green spring rolls for an appetizer, but save room for an entree of raw carrot pad thai. There’s even a recipe for ginger-lemongrass limeade to wash it all down.

Cucumber Seaweed Salad

Most Thai restaurants wet the palate with this refreshing salad starter. Combining sliced cucumbers with radishes, wakame, and sesame seeds, it’s finished off with a tart dressing that is made from rice vinegar, dashi, raw honey, coconut aminos, ginger, lemon, and sesame oil.

Green Spring Rolls

Here’s another veggie delicacy! These spring rolls are full of bright herbs, spinach, snap peas, pea shoots, and creamy avocado, all wrapped up in rice paper. Pair with the cilantro dressing for the perfect dipping sauce.

Raw Carrot Pad Thai

The ever-popular Thai dish gets healthified with a lighter version that uses shaved carrots in place of noodles. A creamy sauce made with raw almond butter, coconut aminos, chili flakes, minced ginger, garlic, and lime juice gives the dish its traditional flavor. Add bean sprouts, onions, snap peas, and cashews to make it even more filling.

Ginger-Lemongrass Limeade

Forget lemonade. This limeade really hits the spot, made with lemongrass, ginger, limes, honey, and a dash of mint that together complement the rest of your Thai feast.

More about Amy’s Kitchen

Founded in 1987, Amy’s Kitchen is a family-owned business that started with just a few different recipes designed to accommodate vegetarian eating. By 1999, the company introduced a full line of grocery products, with the same mission behind every organic dish and commitment to quality. This attention to detail has led to Amy’s reputation as a top provider of healthy foods. Amy’s Thai Coconut Soup, Tom Kha Phak is just one option; the company also carries more traditional-style soups like No Chicken Noodle Soup and the refreshing taste of Split Pea Soup as well as chili, refried beans, and other kitchen staples.

Reviews For Thai Coconut Soup, Tom Kha Phak, 2-Pack

Based on 25 Reviews

love this

One of the very few that's great out of a can

- Kent


Perfect vegan soup. I eat it with sticky rice. It's the perfect lunch !

- laitfraise

good with sandwiches and salads

we have the soup with other thai foods, usually frozen dumplings, just a nice light dinner. Other veggies can be added to the soup too. Plenty of flavor!

- edna

Delicious! :D

I got this to try and it is so very good! I shared the can with my Mom and we both loved it. I'll definitely be buying more of this in the future. :D

- Malinda

My favorite soup

This is my favorite go to soup.

- Brittany


I love this soup- it is a delcious quick dinner or lunch!! It tastes great served with sweet potato and I've added quinoa to it as well to make it a little more hearty. If you love Thai food this is a pantry must!

- McKenna

Perfect soup base

My family added Asian stir fry veggies and tofu for a delicious and easy meal

- Leigh

Amy's Thai coconut soup

I like Amy's line of products in general,but I didn't rally care for this soup. I'm not a big fan of canned foods anyway, so it's more to do with tat. I dont like the mushy veggies.

- Cynthia

mild and tasty

super good and great to stretch leftovers into a soup with the addition of more curry, fish sauce, and so on

- Lucy

Only one way it could be better:

...if a hunk of a man opened the can for me and rubbed my feet while I ate this perfectly spicy soup. Eat as-is or pour over rice. Yum!!

- Sarah


i love making this as an addition to an Asian style meal. A can is great for 2 people and you can even add more veggies if you want to , altho there are enuf. Great flavor too, have bought 4 cans!

- edna


I LOVE Thai Coconut Soup, but to me, this one falls way short. It's bland, is missing that characteristic lemongrass zing, and you need a microscope to find the chicken -- or maybe that was tofu. Either way, I won't be ordering this again :-(

- Susan


One of the BEST soups ever... very tasting with great healthy ingredients. Definitely a KEEPER!!!

- Vicky


thai soup should be a mix of sweet and sour, salty and spicy but this soup fell somewhere in the middle and was super bland to me. I'm sure I can dress it up with lime and cilantro and more chillis but not sure if I'll order this again

- emily


Two positives: the flavor is good and the can has a pop top, so it's nice if you're somewhere without a can opener. Two negatives: watch out for whole leaves and know that the soup is a on the thin side. (I like to add rice or quinoa to it, though.)

- Paula

Delicious Soup

This is not available in my local market. Big fan of Thai but don't want to go out? This will fill the craving.

- Laura

Great base for Thai recipes!

I like to add a few in season veggies to the soup while it boils, and pour it over rice. Perfect amount of spice!

- Alexandra

Just OK as is

Alone this soup does not have a lot of flavor or substance. I have used it as the base for a more hearty soup by adding chicken breast diced, sweet red pepper and onion sauted in coconut oil, green peas and red thai chilli paste. At the end I add some rice vermicelli and voila! A very yummy meal.

- elizabeth labombard

Would like more creaminess.

Although I am not an expert with Thai soups, I can compare this to the ones I've had at several Thai restaurants.

From my previous experiences, Thai coconut soups are creamier, less oily and with a stronger coconut taste. This fell short in those three contents, yet, the spiciness was quite on point.

Overall, It was pretty satisfying and convenient for a canned version. Plus it's organic!

- Allan R.

Annie's makes the best canned soup

Period. Just from the amount of flavor alone, I never would have guessed that this came from a can if I'd tried it prior to knowing. Also, it's organic and the cans are BPA free! I don't have to worry about any artificial preservatives or overly processed ingredients. I just heat it and eat it, it doesn't need anything else, but sometimes I'll add some meat and veggies or some rice to stretch the can or flavor other dishes. I've never had this soup at an authentic restaurant or anything like that so I can't attest to how authentic it may or may not be, but the definitely always tastes fresh. It's not too heavy and it's got a nice spice to it that goes really well with the earthiness of the mushrooms. I see these cans for 4-something at other places and I was so stoked to find 2 cans here for less than 6 bucks. I always order 2 or 3 2-packs just to keep stocked, but even then I end up eating them all faster than I expected.

- Traci

Creamy and Lite!

I love this soup because it is creamy but lite at same time! I used to make this soup myself at home by slow cooking potatoes in coconut milk and spices. Now I can just buy a can!

I gave 4 stars because I had to add salt to my soup. I really wish that the flavor was a little sharper. It's very smooth which is good when you are sick but, I like a little bite in my hot soups. I would buy this again.

- Elisa Hodges

Tastes like a restaurant!

This soup tastes like it is straight out of a Thai restaurant's kitchen. I tried it on a cold night with nothing else in my pantry and I really didn't want to go to the store. It was better than I could've ever expected! It smells amazing and tastes even better, plus a bit of a kick!

If you don't know much about Amy's, it's a great brand that I love to support! This can of soup has no added MSG, no trans fat, and no preservatives. It is also gluten-free, vegan, and certified organic. I recommend buying multiple cans at a time, you won't regret it!

- J. Scott

As good as the Restaurant!

I was pretty skeptical about getting Tom Kha out of a can, no way it could be as good as at the Thai place I frequent. I was pleasantly surprised!

As luck would have it, I got the flu about a week after I ordered these, so of course I didn't feel up to leaving the house. So, I heated up one of the cans, and despite not being very hungry, devoured the whole thing! This stuff is even better than chicken noodle when you're sick! The light spicyness also helped my congestion. I didn't think it could be done, but hats off to Annie's for getting the real deal into a can!

- Heather Flowers

Buy more than one two pack...

Otherwise you will run out in two days. It's that amazing. I love this brand!

- Ashley

Wish I Had Bought More

Got a couple of cans to try, and my husband and I slurped them down quickly. Nice and creamy, does not have a strong coconut taste and is mildly spicy. Ordering more right away.

- Nancy

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