Indian Healing Clay

1 lb jar

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1 lb jar

Why You’ll Love It

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is bentonite clay from Death Valley, California, where it is sun-dried for up to six months in temperatures that sometimes reach 134 degrees Fahrenheit. With more than 50 natural minerals inside, it makes for a nourishing face mask or skin treatment. It can lifts pimples and blackheads right out of your pores.
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About This Brand

A Brief History - The World's Most Powerful Facial:Clays have been used for centuries to beautify and refresh when used as a facial mask. Cleopatra used clay from the Nile river and the Arabian desert over 1800 years ago as part of her beauty ritual.German and Roman spas have been using clay packs and treatments in the spas they built 4,000 years ago. Many of these spas still exist and use clay even today. Pliney the Elder devoted an entire chapter of his Natural History to the many uses of clay for pimples, black heads and skin tightening.Many famous naturopaths, such as Kuhn, Just and Kneipp have contributed to the revival of the uses of clay through their natural treatments for arthritis and skin ailments. The use of clay with apple cider vinegar can be dated back to the southern French priest of the16th century, Kneipp, and his natural treatments using clay packs and poultices. Throughout history the use of clay, specifically green clay or bentonite, is well documented. To learn...
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100% natural calcium bentonite (green) clay.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
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For External Use Only. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Reviews For Indian Healing Clay

Based on 180 Reviews

My skin can actually breath!

I've used this bentonite clay mask twice now and I'm not a big fan of that dry skin feeling so while the mask is drying I try to stay as still as possible, ha! But after washing it off my skin truly feels like it can breath, never experienced anything like this. I have mild psoriasis on my face an this stuff truly soothes it. I usually apply some coconut oil after about 5 minutes after washing off the mask.

- Brittany


I have never found a face mask that I've like, this however is AMAZING! I have sensitive skin so I only leave it on for about 10-15 minutes. It feels tingly while it's on and when I wash it off my skin feels so great! Highly recommended!!

- Shannon Crossin

Love as a face mask

I love this clay mask! I mix with ACV and love the results right after.

- Rachel


Best mask I have ever used. Leaves my skin feeling so soft after it tightens your pores like NOTHING else!

- Mel


I love this product. It makes my hair and skin feels great. Especially when I mix it with apple cider vinegar and put it on my face, I can feel the mask working. I am a natural hair female and when I wash my put this in my hair and wash it out, my hair shines more and it make my curls more define.

- Travanika

Nothing else works this good!

I have suffered from mild acne my whole life and I have tried nearly everything! Proactive doesn't hold a candle to this organic mask! If you are struggling with acne or blackheads or oily skin, this mask saved my skin! I have only used it once so far. If I new this would change and detox my skin so well I would have used this ages ago!

- Kristel Marion

Wonderful product

I've used it twice and I can tell the difference and so can others right away. I did a mask with braggs acv and the clay! Also added.some to my bath water and my skin felt like silk!! Amazing product!!

- Leslie Lewis-Oliver


My blackheads were the closest to gone in my entire life after I used it just once. Bless this products i love it so much.

- Jin

Leaves your skin fresh

I heard amazing things about this mask and it has not disappointed. I mix only a spoonful of the powder with equal parts water and apple cider vinegar (about 2 teaspons/1 tablespoon each), which creates a silky and somewhat runny consistency. I would recommend putting only a thin layer on your skin otherwise it gets super cakey and is hard to wash off. I find myself picking at the mask at points when it begins to dry, which leaves my skin red in those areas. Other than that I don't see much redness post-mask. Overall great mask! And you can't beat it with a stick for $5.

- Adriana


Absolutely love this product! Leaves your skin looking so refreshed, clear and glowing!

- Thrive User

Aztec Indian Healing Clay

I have been using this product for at least 10 years and I always come back to it because nothing else works the way this clay does on my face. It absolutely does what it says it will do.

- Cynthia Neuser

It feels so good'

Best mask! Love how you can actually FEEL it pulling the toxins out!!

- Krista Litke

Best Mask In The WORLD!!

I absolutely love this mask. I have tried many (LUSH, DIY, Fresh) but this one is my favorite. I can see a difference in my face with one use. It helps with my acne and my uneven skin tone. It also works best when mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar. This container will last you a long time. I recommend it to all my friends! Try it!!

- Abby


This stuff is amazing. I mix it with water and use it once a week. It works really well and I wash it off in a circular motion and it works as kind of a scrub. My face feels so clean afterwards! Also, the jar is huge - it says it contains enough for 10-15 facials but I would say at least 30. I recommend this to anyone!

- Abby

Soft, glowing skin!

I have used the mask three times now, my skin is getting so much brighter and smoother. I feel great, I love the tingling feeling while wearing it. I don't think I can ever use any other mask again.

- Margarita

Awesome product

Makes my face feel so good.

- Ann


I bought this for armpit detoxing as I switched from regular deodorant (with all the nasty stuff) to a natural deodorant. This stuff is great! Bonus: I used it on my face and chest yesterday as a little "treat myself" facial, and it was so wonderful. Best facial I've ever had, and I didn't need to go to the spa!

- Catherine

Amazing multi uses!

I tried this on my face first, mixing it with just water. And when I tell you it got an extra dirt that could of have on my face I am not lying, it did wonders on my pores on the crest of my nose, and it's no hard to get off compared to mask that feels like it's ripping your skin. This didn't dry my skin out either and make my skin feel itchy. This is one of favorites

I also use this on my natural hair as a mask. I have 4c natural hair, thick kinda tight curls. I only mixed it with water again and not apple cider vinegar , I can say that they made my curls pop and have it some hydration, I like it as a deep conditioner and something to make your curls pop.

I will use this product on my face for the rest of my life. Can't wait to see what else I can do with this

- Juneisha

This works!

We tried this mask with ACV on a teenager, a mom (me) and a dad and we ALL loved it. After only one application each of us experienced softer, smoother skin and minimized pores. This will be part of our regular skin care regimen.

- Carolyn Clark

Smelly if used with Apple Cider Vinegar but who cares!?? BEST HAIR MASK EVERRR

You can literally use this as a hair mask to define those curls. It will clean your hair and scalp like a clarifying shampoo. Also great on skin but it makes my face itch a little. Definitely a great detox for hair and skin. I have short 4c natural hair and my hair loves this stuff!!!!

- Chaasadyah Charles


This product not only had my face looking and feeling wonderful, I am a new "natural" and this did wonders for my natural curl pattern. The curls were so very defined and beautiful. I would highly recommend this product.

- Lamontica


Doesn't get much better than this mask! I have noticed a HUGE decrease in my acne and scars from using this, even right after washing it off. Do wish it was a little easier to remove, but that's it!

- Alexa

Amazing facial!

This is one of the best things I have ever used on my skin. I was having a problem with pimples reappearing every few days in the same spot on my face for about a month before buying this. The problem was gone after the first use! It also makes my skin look and feel baby soft and firm and it tightens pores. The price is incredible for such a great product. I will probably buy this forever.

- Melinda

Amazing facial!

I love this mask. I was having a problem with breakouts reappearing every few days on the same spot on my face for about a month before buying this and the problem was gone after the first use! It also makes my skin look and feel baby smooth and firm and it tightens pores. The price is amazing for such a great product. This is one of the best things I've ever used on my skin. I will probably use this forever.

- Mimi


This is the best make I've ever used! It's very powerful and it truly feels like it's doing some magic. my face felt clean and tightened after I rinsed it out. It's an overall great mask. I even got my sisters hooked to it!

- Gia

Effective but Stinky

This is a very natural mask. It has completely made my skin do a 360, but I don't like using because I think the smell is offputting. However no one said being beautiful is easy.

- Jessica

Best Mask and what a value!!!

I love the way my skin feels after using this mask, with the ACV. I can feel the toxins pulling out, while softening my skin (pre-menopause surface texture) at the same time. So far so good, even my teens are using it. Yay....thrive for giving me this product at such a great value.

- ShaSha


Definitely helps clear your skin and gives it a calming sensation. Works best with Bragg's Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar... any vinegar that is not raw will definitely burn your skin. Works with with water also!

- Sophia Perkins

Love it!

So I've used this clay mask with apple cider vinegar around 5 times in the past 3 weeks and I already see CLEAR, visible results. I used to have severe acne for 3 years and eventually went on two rounds of Accutane, so that cleared up my acne. However, my scars were still really visible on my cheeks and I would get occasional breakouts. This clay mask has fixed my problems! Although I obviously still have my acne scars, they have clearly diminished and I can't wait to see the results in a few months. I also have not experiences any breakouts since starting this clay mask. I would definitely use it 1-2 times a week, and if your skin isn't sensitive, even 3 times a week would be fine. DEFINITELY recommend, it is cheap and it WORKS!!!

- Kate

I love this clay!

I not only use it on my face and body, but I use it on my hair. I have very curly/kinky hair and this clay helps clarify my scalp and helps define my curls. It's a great shampoo alternative.

- Kendra Gantt

Love this mask!!

Bought it after a friend recommended it. Searched for product online and Thrive had it for 1/2 the price compared to other stores. I have used it once and my face feels like a baby's butt.

- Paula Rueda


Bought this product for my 20-year-old granddaughter after she said she would like to try it. She loves it! She said her skin feels so smooth and soft after using it just once. It's a hit!

- Sarah Warner

Best mask ever!

This stuff is amazing works wonders on my skin, my face always feels brand new after Every use

- Nathalie Tabares

Ancient Indian Clay

Items recived as described. Fast shippent. Great /Reliable Seller. Highly recommend.


Loved the results

Great product but very messy

- katie

Great price

Found this after making my own toothpaste. It's a lot more expensive on other websites. Great price here.

- Christine Kennedy

Will last forever

I have reminiscent acne scars and using this mask 2ce a week with apple cider vinegar (also bought on Thrive) is definitely lightening them and making my face so soft! I used 1/2 tbs of powder and of ACV and it was enough for me and my husband so this large jar will be lasting me a VERY long time!!!

- Maegan


the mask feels very tight as it's drying but wow my face feels great after!!! the package arrived quickly, only two days after ordering :)

- Gabriella Roque

Great Gift

Bought this is a gift for my bestfriend and she wont stop raving about it, she doesn't like flashy, expensive things so I decided to purchase this for her, she sent me a video when she finally received it and was very pleased with the packaging. All In all this is a great product and she says her skin is doing wonderful, lol she even puts it in her bath water. I will definitely be purchasing one for myself

- Brandi

Aztec Awesomeness

For One, I am a guy. I use this facial mask twice a week to clean my pores and invigorate my face. It works wonders. I only use about 2 tablespoons per mask, so this 1lb jar will last a very long time. I may expand and make a foot cleanse as well. This stuff just sucks the toxins on/of your skin right out. I would bathe in it if I could. Maybe I will. A++ for product and price. Well worth it in so many ways.

- Max

Best price in the market for it!

I score this awesome skin product at $5 here.
Even amazon had it for way more...
Great packaging and fast delivery!

- carolina

Great product

This face mask is great when used with apple cider vinegar. I use a flat clean make-up brush to apply with because the mask is thick and slightly foamy because of the apple cider vinegar. I find that the mask is hard to take off, sometimes even painful if left on too long. So, I dampen a face cloth with warm water and lay it on my face for a couple minutes then proceed to wipe the mask off. My face always seems to redden up with irritation, but it goes way after I air dry and proceed to my exfoliation routine. But seriously this mask plays a big part on my skin. I LOVE this mask, not to mention how affordable and how much product you actually get. I highly recommend this mask for all people.

- Taijah

Good for sensitive skin

I have extremely sensitive skin. The first time I used this I left it on for less than 10 minutes because I was nervous about how it may be on my skin. There was no irritation and my skin felt great.
The second time, I left it on closer to 20 minutes and I could feel more of the tightening and tingling. My face was quite red once I gently removed the mask, but it went away and my skin felt AMAZING.

A little goes a long way. I mixed 1 TBSP of clay with 1 TBSP of apple cider vinegar and it covered my entire face and neck.

- Melissa

Works well...but messy!

Love the way this works!'s very messy! And was hard to get it to be a smooth consistency. Mine was very lumpy even after a few tries!

- Michelle

Works wonders on pores

This is an amazing product. I mixed it with about a 1/2 tbsp each of apple cider vinegar and water with about a tbsp of the power. After I let it sit on my face 15 minutes I rinsed it, and my pores felt and looked microscopic. It tightens/firms your skin and pulls out the blackheads/dirt that you can't get from just washing. The packaging says to put a 1/4 or 1/2 in. layer on your face? I did just enough to give my face a nice cover, and the results are amazing. You can get so many more uses out of this than the 10-15 it says on the back. Definitely x1000 recommend!

- Iman


I had previously borrowed his from my cousin to give it a try and it's amazing. I had to order one of my on. I would recommend to anyone.

- Emily

LOVE IT! for all skin types

I've been using this clay mask since April 2016. I mix it evenly with organic Apple Cider Vinegar. I use it every other night leaving it on for about 30-45 mins. It can be used weekly, yielding the same results, if you have sensitive skin. I love the pulsating feeling while the mask is on. I personally haven't experienced any dryness or breakouts from the clay. Definitely recommend it for all skin types & race!

- Courtney

Skin Feels Amazing

Recently I've been dealing with oily skin, and I don't put anything on my face that isn't natural. I tried this and, despite it being a bit hard to mix, when I washed it off my skin felt renewed. I will recommend this to anyone and buy it over and over.

- Carina


Its true! very pulsating!

- Marisha

Game Changer

You'll never need any other mask.

- Yonna

This stuff ia great.

I've only used it once and mixed it with water. I over used the clay and it was too thick. Really had to water it down, so, a little goes a very long way. One jar will last a really long time. Learned by reading reviews that ACV is a good mixer. That's what I'll try next time. Wonderful!

- mary

great quality

this left my skin feeling healthier and shinier. will definitely use again

- maria

Love this stuff!

This stuff is great! Took me a couple tries to get the consistency I like, but the results are great and I love the tightening feel.

- Tiffany Castel-Sanders




This really works!

I have oily skin and have always struggled with my complexion, so I figured I'd give this a try. My skin has never felt so smooth after I was done using it. It seriously dries and cleanses. I will definitely be buying more of this.

- Alexa

Indian healing clay

Good stuff, works very, very well.

- Luke

Aztec Magic!

This stuff is amazing. I'm usually not one to review products, but I love Thrive & this was one of the first things I bought from them. I've had terrible cystic/adult acne and tried everything- nothing worked. I've heard of using this clay mask before in an effort to go the natural way but it was too expensive at normal health food stores. When I decided to buy this from Thrive, this bug tub of powdered clay arrived in the mail, I read the directions, and immediately gave it a try. You only need a tiny bit of clay and a tiny bit of water to make the paste for your face. Slather it on, leave it for 15 or so mins, wash it off with a warm washcloth and WOW! My face felt tighter, my pores had shrunk, my acne was not red, and my boyfriend even said my face was glowing :) I now use it twice a week and I still feel the same every time. I highly recommend buying and using this product! Thrive also has it listed for a fantastic value! Hope this helps :)

- Samantha

Great product

Incredible value, I love take put this face mask on once a week!

- Michaela

Love this clay mask!

I have used many clay masks on myself, as well as clients. This has been one of my favorites for years, so I was super excited to find it for this price on Thrive! I use the Indian Healing Clay Mask on my face and in body treatments. It's safe for most skin types and you can mix it to fit your specific needs. I like using rose water or colloidal silver instead of vinegar for a more moisturizing effect.

- Niquita


My goodness- this is a great product for your skin especially in the summer. The clay mask helps get rid of all the pollutants your skin acquired during a normal summer day. It gets rid of dead skin and oils from sun screen and leaves your skin smooth, clean and comfortably dry. Everyone should try this product. One canister should last for a year!

- nancy


This stuff is amazing! It leaves my skin feeling like it just shedded major layers and is brand new. There is a tightening and pulsing sensation as it drys, this is totally normal.
Take note: A little goes a long way. The first time I used two tablespoons of powder and apple cider vinegar and that was way waaaaay too much/ too thick on my face. I use this once ever week now, sometimes more!

- Angela


1st off my order came quick and i got the best price on the market for this product at Thrive Market. I used this as a facial and it was the best/cheapest facial i have ever gotten.

- Stace

Holy pulses, Batman!

I was skeptical about the whole 'sensation' aspect of this product. After all, how can a topical clay powder make your skin pulse and pull?? Seemed odd. But holy smokes, they are not joking! I simply mixed mine with water and slathered it on evenly to create a solid layer, and after a couple minutes I could feel my skin pulsating, and as the mask dried, I could feel it pull my skin nice and tight. After the 15-20 minute mark it is *definitely* read to come off, and when I washed it away my skin truly felt and looked rejuvenated (as someone who is skeptical of 'rejuvenating' products, I do not use that term lightly). I still can't believe I got this for under $5.00. Even using it once a week, it will definitely last quite a while!

- Sarah

❤️Clay masks

Absolutely love this mask!! I've used it for years but thrive has it at the best price!! Get this! You'll thank me!!

- Phaedra


I rave about this product! I've struggled with oily, acne prone skin since puberty (I am now 29) and in one week of use my skin is completely clear! In another week I'll be able to go without makeup, something I have not done in over 15 years! I love how my skin feels afterwards and it's so relaxing while drying. I wish I had found this product over a decade ago, I cannot say enough good things about it, just try it!

- Joan

love it

great price, lasts forever, good in both winter and summer. Definitely works better if you mix it with vinegar (any kind, doesn't have to be apple cider) and not water.

- Adrianne


I have combo skin and am always willing to try a natural skin product. The mask made with Apple Cider vinegar is amazing for minimizing pores, clearing up breakouts, and exfoliating. Will buy over and over!

- Mrsmck07


This is amazing stuff! Just love it! My skin looks so much better after I use it-pores look smaller, fine lines are less noticeable, and it is not full of chemicals and perfumes. Yay!!

- barbie

The package was a WOW!

I love the package so much. The way that Thrive takes care of little details, the hand-written thank you note is just great!

I have used the product once since I bought it. It is refreshing after you wash the clay away with warm water. Just do everything slowly with great care and you will feel like you have new skin

- Tran K

Not sold yet

I was really excited to try this product, but I'm not quite convinced it is worth all the hype. I convinced my husband to try it with me (poor man!) and neither of us noticed much difference in the appearance of our skin. Not that I'm complaining, but we also didn't observe the "pulsating" or "slight redness" that we were told would accompany use. Maybe I did it wrong?

- GreenMama

Soft skin

I'm lucky enough to have clear skin, but I wanted to buy this anyway to clean out my pores. I've only used it once, I washed it off in the shower because other reviews said it was hard to remove--worked just fine! Afterwards, my face was incredibly soft!

- Marissa

The Best!

Bentonite Clay is a must have beauty and personal care product. You can use it for so much and it truly works wonders. Thrive Market has the best price around. At this price, I will never run out! :)

- Debbie

Not just for facials...

Love this clay...use it for facial masks mostly but also in dyi toothpaste, face products and 2 because it goes quickly!

- Shelly

Goodbye Spots and Discoloration!

I used this Indian Healing Clay ONCE. Just once, and the dark spots/remnants of breakouts, red cheek discoloration, and white heads and blackheads were completely GONE! I mixed the clay with equal parts organic apple cider vinegar, and left it on my face for 45 minutes, per the instructions. I rinsed it off, used organic toner and nighttime moisturizer. The next morning, I woke up with my skin clearer than ever before; even after I tried super expensive masks/skin treatments. I'm in love. Please don't ever stop carrying Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay! I'll be reordering again and again.

- Veronica Percy


After about 10 minutes your face will feel paralyzed and you can't move it at all - that means it's working!! I really enjoy this product alot, it does exactly what it says it will. Pulls the toxins out of your skin, you literally feel it. This is great stuff for any kind of skin type.

- Jessica

Wonderful Product

I am in love with this product. For years I have paid through the nose for clay masks, and none have been as good, or near as cost effective as this healing clay. It is by far my favorite face mask, and I will continue to use this container for months to come!

- Abi Roberts

Great product!

Really love using this product with apple cider vinegar and a few drops of tea tree oil to help with acne. Also, tried using in my hair with just vinegar and the clay and my the results were excellent. Also, you'll get TONS of uses out of this large container. Highly recommend!

- Raven

Face Mask

Whether with ACV or Aloe Vera, this mask really smooths and cleanses your skin.

- Linda

Is bae

This product is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It's fantastic enough said. Just get it.



This stuff is absolutely amazing!!!
I use this product mixed with acv w the mother on my face as well as my children's faces once every week and we LOVE it!!! You can actually feel your face getting tighter and for me it feels like I can actually feel the impurities being pulled away. That pulsating feeling is so relaxing! Weird? Maybe lol!
Anyway, it leaves our faces babysoft and looking really clean. I follow up with Thayers Rose Petal Alcohol free Witch Hazel Toner and OMG LOOVE....I'll save that for their review lol!!
Can't say enough about this clay!!!! Purchase it, you won't be disappointed!

- Rashidah

Awesome Clay Mask

I would recommend only leaving it on for 10-15 mins the first few times doing it because it will dry your face out. Use a good moisturizer after. I have acne prone skin and it has helped my acne a lot! Definitely recommend this product! I use it with organic apple cider with ''mother"

- Chynna Camarillo


It made my skin feel clean and smooth afterwards! Felt very good on my skin and used it on my face, feet, and chest!

- Annabelle

Amazing Products

I have fallen in love with the Aztec Clay; I am so glad that I ordered it. What an amazing product.

- Janeen Smith


Sooooo amazing love it

- Sarah


This mask is incredible! You can tell once its on that it's really working to clean your pores! When it's completely dry, your face gets super firm but that's a good thing! It's a pure mask that con only be paired up with other natural ingredients (apple cider vinegar and, sometimes, water), so getting such a treat for such a low price was a steal!

- Victoria

5 Stars!

now i know why this clay has 5 stars! works after one use! this is magic and im so happy i found out about this. i will continue to use this for the rest of my life!! thank you Aztec clay!!!

- stephany

Great find!

I love this stuff. It is so pure and leaves my face feeling smooth and helps with my clogged pores. I have tried it with water and Apple Cider Vinegar and prefer the ACV. It is a little clumpy and not as easy to use as something already prepared out of a tube, but so worth it!

- Erin


It came out lumpy and very hard to wash off but it did leave my skin feeling tight and smooth

- Jennifer

Great product

I am satisfied with the product

- Deborah

Working miracles!

Wish I would have discovered this clay sooner. It is working wonders to clear up my adult acne and bumps I get from shaving.

- Sage

Indian Healing Clay

Easy and simple to use. Just added organic apple cider vinegar. It did not irritate my skin as most products do. I will be applying this mask once a week.

- Ky

Clay that starts out as a powder??

I just tried this last night, and it caught me off guard when I opened it up and found a container full of powder! You mix a little powder with water or apple cider vinegar in order to create the clay. How neat. I love how it made my skin feel clean but not dried out. I will make this my weekly routine treat.

- Sarah


Great for the skin! Would recommend to everyone.

- Melissa Anthony

Healing clay

I absolutely love this product!!

- Bb

Amazing Stuff!

I love this product. It tightens and cleans out my skin so well! Plus it just makes it feel better to the touch. Definitely recommend.

- Jennifer

Did not work how intended

I purchased this product because I kept hearing how well it worked to clean pores as well as a hair treatment, but after trying it several times it did not give me the results I expected. When using it as a face mask my face only became slightly drier. When using it as a hair mask, my hair had more volume but was also dry. Now I discovered that you can use the clay powder as a detoxifying drink (which I make with ACV and water) and I can see some results from that.

- Monika

The greatest!

I have cystic acne and had been looking for bentonite clay to use for a face and neck masque, and this product solved my problems!!

- Kelly


I've shared this clay with my family. It has helped with acne and blackheads, boils, and as an amazing foot bath. I use the recipe on the back, to add ACV. Usually add essential oils frankincense, tea tree and lavender to nourish the skin. Must-buy!

- Jess

Magic Clay!

This mask has transformed my skin. it's a staple item now, it's that important.

- Chris M.


This works just as it claims! I mix it with ACV and apply to my clean, dry face. It does "tingle" and little, but nothing unpleasant. Much more economical than expensive masks (which I also love to indulge in now and then), yet just as effective!

- Christi

Relaxation in a Jar

Because of this - I have a new Friday night relaxation routine. I combine this with ACV for a healing mask and take 15 minutes to meditate with it on. I do it right before bed and it leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and supple. I have bought one for my sister and best friend.

- Emily

Great product

I tried this the first time with just water. About 5 minutes in, I started to feel the tingling. About 10 minutes later, started to feel tightening sensations. I was leery, but let it stay on for 20 minutes. Washed it off and was amazed at how my face glowed. I have large pores on my nose and always have trouble with them. They were totally cleaned out. Four days later, and with makeup everyday, pores are still nice and clear, and my whole face just glows. This will be my new mask staple.

- Dana


Been reading a lot about this stuff so decided to try it. Well I just got mine yesterday and my husband and I both did the face mask last night with skin feels awesome and he liked it also! Looking forward to trying it's many other uses, next is the hair mask.

- Michele


My teenager asked me to purchase this item for her. We do facials together and we couldn't be more excited and satisfied with this product. All of her friends asked her where did we purchase this product because the stores can't keep it in stock. THANK YOU THRIVE MARKET!

- Deja's Mom

Great Stuff

I bought it with Braggs apple cider vinegar and it's been great. My face is so much smoother and softer. I have oily skin and that's gone. Never really had a crazy acne problem but it has decreased the random blemishes and hormone breakouts I get. I definitely recommend.

- Ola

Best I've ever had!

I'm a mix of puerto rician and Israeli so I don't have sensitive skin which allows me to use this clay about 2 to 3 times a week. I've notice a big difference on my nose. My black heads disappear week by week. Hands down the best face mask! I love it!

- Rachel

Swear by it

It changed my skin forever I recommend this product for people with sensitive skin for sure. I'm so happy to have found this product.

- DeAnna

Love this stuff!

Clears up breakouts, pulls blackheads to the surface, and great for cleansing hair in place of shampoo..

- Ariela


Worked well, do not overuse. Overuse could enhance break outs! (Did for me)

- Katie

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

This product was amazing!!

- Erica

The best thing ever

I use this for my hair and clay mask for my face it makes my skin feel wonderful I love this product

- Shelianiece

Nice Self-pampering Facial!

Once I got the right consistency this worked well mixed with apple cider vinegar as a mask. It does appear to tighten my pores and leave my skin smooth and healthy-feeling.

- Diana

Indian Healing Clay

Excellent for skin .....

- lauren

Healing Clay

It is awesome!!!

- Felicia


Best facial I have ever used. Cleans out my pores very well. Would definitely repurchase!

- Sara

Messy but felt good

I do like this mask, but it made my skin a little dry right afterwards. The next day it felt good though!

- Megan

great for skin

I actually bought this to use as a dry shampoo, and it works great (2/1 ratio tapioca starch/clay). I also tried it as a facial mud pack, and was happy with the results, it leaves skin very smooth. If you have very sensitive skin I could see this being a bit too harsh.

- Theresa


Fantastic deep clean!

- Kiasia

Great product

Love it. Makes my face looks smooth, soft and heals my acne.

- veronika

It actually does work

This is the best product I have ever used to clear my face. It even prevents & helps treat cystic acne.

- Lyss


This mask works wonders! I highly recommend it. For all skin types.

- kaylin


This mask is a little tricky to mix, but once I got the consistency down I loved it! You can definitely feel your skin pulsating and tightening. It gave me a super deep clean, and I am very prone to blackheads! I also have oily skin and wake up with a lot less oil the next morning when I use this stuff!

- Alysha


This mask is absolutely amazing!! I was so stressed out because I have senior pictures in less than a week and I was breaking out and my skin looked pretty bad. I used this Friday and then again Monday with apple cider vinegar and my skin looks so healthy and its glowing and my acne is gone. I love this stuff!! When you put it on you can feel it working its weird but it feels kinda cool, its tingly and you feel it tightening. Definitely will keep using this!! Very happy!!! :)

- Brandi

Amazing Face Mask!

I've used this product twice since I've received it and I love it! I told my husband that I felt like layers of dead skin fell off and it actually felt lighter. My sister thought my skin looked better too! Amazing product that I would highly recommend. The only thing I will mention which does states on the container, is a little redness after. However, it went away after a few minutes and it was not burning or sore redness just color. Still deserves 5 stars!!

- Kelly


I read all these great reviews of the product and I have to say it is really great. It tightens your face a lot - which to me feels good. It is a heavy duty clay mask, it is exactly what it says. Beware - it's in powder form and does not come with a seal on top. But I love the way my face feels after I use this mask!

- Samantha

Felt Amazing

I mixed the clay with organic apple cider vinegar. It felt so good on my skin. As it dried I could feel my skin tightening up and then when I washed it off, my skin was so smooth. My skin has been so dry on my forehead but has seemed to improve. I hope as I continue to use the clay that the dryness will go away.

- Lea

Fun experience

I have a lot of fun with this clay. I have only used it on my face a couple of times and the tightening and tingling sensations are awesome. I mix it with raw apple cider vinegar; I have never tried using water. I want to start using it for many other things, like in the bath or with food. I'm beginning to really love this stuff.

- Karli

Love it!!

I used apple cider vinegar to mix with the clay and it worked GREAT! It made my skin feel so soft and clean!

- Dawnita


This product is excellent and very useful for my hair & Face as a cleanser or detox!

- Princess


You can feel it pulling out the impurities.

- Mei


Love this product!!!!

- Lizeth

Like a Spa Facial

This mask is remarkable! I have oily skin and it is not sensitive. I mix about 1/8 cup mud with 1/8 cup raw apple cider vinegar, and leave on about 20 minutes. My skin looks amazing when it comes off. The only downside is that it's messy. I would recommend to anyone based on the results and the price!

- Amy

Still getting used to it but...

I like it. I had a pimple coming in right next to one of my ears and it was painful! I used the mask on it 2 nights in a row (once on just that area and then all over my face). I didn't like how dry my face was after using it but it's been dry lately so that might be why rather than the product itself. The pimple is basically gone and never really showed up so I would say this mask helped keep it at bay! I will continue to use...oh and some people say to use vinegar (I haven't tried that yet) but I will say it clumps really bad with water so the vinegar might be worth a try!

- Samantha

Fabulously fantastic

I have used this clay as both a mask for my face and hair and it left my skin and hair feeling soft and refreshing.

- Brenda

Favorite Facial Product

This clay leaves my skin soft and glowing! There may some initial redness, but it disappears quickly and reveals smaller pores and soothed skin. I love it using it!

- Becca


This past weekend was the second time my partner and I used it. It's definetly a hit and becoming a weekly thing in our home. He's never used facial products like this one and I only have tried one other product. This one is by far the best. You really can feel it working on your skin. & just after the first use we could see and feel a difference. And you can't beat the price either! It's even better then Amazon!

- Shane

So far, so good!

So far, really good! This mask is simple to make/use, washes off easily, no irritation, and my skin is noticeably softer and smoother. I'm happy.

- Jennifer


Love when my face tightens up. I feel it working

- Jomar

Loving this stuff!

I've now used this product a handful of times and it's wonderful! I've noticed a definite reduction in the appearance of the size of my pores, and they are much more clean. Do be careful leaving it on too long if you have sensitive skin, but other than that, it works like a champ!

- Alexis

Best thing every

The clay gave my face a lift , my face glows now and my pimples have reduced. Best face mask ever. I would definitely recommend

- Kay

LOVE IT! Strongly Recommend (:

This clay does wonders for my skin. My absolute favorite result is that it evens out my skin tone a lot. It removes blemishes and redness on my skin. BUY IT! You'll love it. I use it with apple cider vinegar and make it more claylike and not too watery/runny. It works best for me this way.

- Valeria

Too harsh

I diluted the clay with water and left it on my face for 12 minutes. Once I washed it off, my skin was clean, but had red spots all over and they did not go away until the next day. I guess it is too harsh for my skin.

- AB

Love this stuff!

Made my skin so soft and is a great bargain!

- Whitney

No difference from other masks i tried

I have been using this since this item arrived. Once a week ofcourse. Nothing has changed on my face. I got a pimple too. Masks i used in the past habe the same feeling of tightening. But same outcome, no changes on my face.

- Dheez

worth a try

Made my skin feel tight and clean. My only complaint is maybe just because I am naive but I had no idea it was a fine powder. I thought it was clay so when I opened the container I spilled almost the entire tub in the sink. It doesn't have a foil seal on top like most products. Just a little sticker on the side of the lid.

- Allison

Felt great

Mixed with apple cider vinegar and applied thin layer. It felt really great and my skin was so smooth afterwards.

- Colleen

So smooth

I love this you can feel it working with the tingling sensations. After I got it off my skins felt so soft and smooth. Love it. Only used it couple times so I need to keep going to see the other effects.

- Lea

Feel it pulling

I used it once since I received it last week. You can definitely feel it pulling and my lips started puckering while the clay was drying. Easy to take off - just use a bucket of warm water and rinse, then dump the water out. Afterwards my face was slightly red for 10 min, but felt clean! Will try again.

- Meagan

Love love love!

I have skin that's super prone to breakouts and I have a hard time finding something I can use on my face that isn't filled with harmful chemicals or other agents that make my skin worse or too dry. Not only does this mask completely clean my skin deeply but it leaves my skin smooth and soft! I typically mix it with coconut oil base, water to make the clay texture, and if I need a super cleaning I'll add a bit of diatomaceous earth and baking soda. I love this product I can't believe it comes in such a large amount for such a low price and it actually works, I believe it has healing agents which clears up my face instantly!

- Crystal

Must have!

Truly is "The world's most powerful facial"! This product is cheaper here than on any other website! Just wow. Thanks, Thrive!

- L

Very nice!

This treatment leaves my skin feeling very smooth, moisturized and healthy. It also seems to help improve a scaly dry patch that I have some trouble with on one side of my nose..

- kathleen

Best Mask EVER

This is hands down the best mask I've ever used! I have combination oily/dry skin and I am very prone to break-outs. My first time using this clay left my face very smooth and repeated use has decreased my breakouts. I use high PH osmosis water to mix in with my clay.

- Kelly


This stuff is great and an awesome price! I like to put it on really thin otherwise it takes forever to dry and remove.

- Shelly

time consuming, but worth it

This is my first time using the product and it was very interesting. For starters, Apple Cider Vinegar is the way to go. I kept the mask on for a bit and then after about 15 minutes the clay was fully hardened so I took it off. My face felt so smooth and healthy! There was no dryness but around the outer edge of my face there was some redness.

My only downside to the product is the the cleanup. It's thick hard clay. I did what some reviewers suggested by taking a paper towel to wipe it off, but the clay was to thick to just come off. Instead, I rinsed it off in the shower and afterwards had to scrub my tub to get rid of the gunk. Very time consuming:(. Let me know if you guys have any better alternatives!

- Liz

Aztec Clay is THE BEST for demodex mites!

I have used other products such as Diatomaceous Earth but nothing comes close to Aztec Clay for pulling them out of the hair follicle. And, combined with Neem Leaf Powder it traps and kills them. I am so thankful for this product.

- Suzanna

My favorite mask!

The instructions say that you can mix the clay with water or apple cider vinegar. Don't even bother with the water - it will leave your mixture clumpy. Mix the clay with the vinegar and it'll be nice and smooth for an even application! It feels great, leaves my skin soft and clean, and helps with my breakouts. This mask is a must-buy.

- Angel

Best Facial Mask Ever

I heard about this mask from one of the many YouTuber's I follow, and I have no regrets in making this purchase! You can literally feel you're face pulsate and after washing it off my skin feels so soft and clean. Even my husband has joined in on the fun! Will be repurchasing after it's all gone.

- Sierra

Glowing Skin

My daughters and Ilove this product. You can actually feel the suction. Don't leave the mask on more then recommend . The best product and I went through a lot of different products that are full of false claims and waste of money. I recommend this highly.

- Donna

Amazing Secret

I was dealing with patches of psoriasis, dry skin and random pimples, used this 2x a week for 2 weeks and BAM skin is amazing! I always use a toner immediately after.

- J


As this clay dried I felt a buzzing and pulsing feeling. It was an awsome feeling. I look forward to using it once a week as a treat for my face.

- Maria

Left my face with a glow!

As an activist against animal cruelty, I was driven to support this company for it's cruelty free value. I don't have serious acne problems but my skin tends to look dull and feel rough from time to time. So, I was hoping to acquire a brighter and smoother complexion post facial.

Well, it did just that! My face had a glow and smoothness which I have not achieved with similar products. And I am sure that constant use will render greater results. However, mixing the substance and removing it after was a hassle for me.

- D. Klein

Cheaper than going to the esthetician!

They call this mask "secret" for a reason, it is probably the best thing you have never heard of. If you follow the instructions, your face will feel very dry at first, so you have to use lots of moisturizer (coconut oil works best for me) but your skin will look amazing!

The mask takes some work getting off once it's dry (let it dry all the way, it'll turn white) but the first time I used it, I could not believe how smooth and clear my skin was! It looked like I'd gotten a facial, but didn't have to shell out $80 for it! Not only that, but the 1Lb container lasts me a couple of months, and I use it about twice a week.

- L. Haynes

Buy Now!

I have searched just about everywhere for a product to help my cystic acne. I never had acne problems until my mid 20's and it seems like no products ever worked for me until I discovered this. I've had quite a few people order this product just from seeing how quickly it has transformed my skin in under a week!

My skin is so smooth, my pores are noticeably smaller, and I've noticed my skin has been less greasy throughout the day. If it isn't already clear, I LOVE this stuff. It is amazing!

- Latoya Elliott


I've been really lucky to have decent skin my whole life. A few black/whiteheads here and there, some pimples, the occasional break out, but nothing serious. I actually heard about it through my girlfriend; she switched her birth control and started to break out more often so she was looking for a natural way to treat her skin. She was pretty self-conscious about it so I told her I'd try it with her. It wasn't something I wanted or thought I needed, and I really was only trying to be funny and lighten the mood by wearing the mask on my face with her, but it actually legitimately works. After that first time, my skin looked and felt great--it was smooth, clear, and cool. After a few more uses, my girlfriend stopped wearing heavy make-up. I had been using it too and saw noticeable differences--not as many red spots, less breakouts, and smoother skin. I couldn't believe it was just dirt and vinegar but still so effective. I still let her put it on my face when she's doing her treatment, but definitely no complaints here!

- Marc

Great For Your Skin- Don't Mix with Water!

This product did magic on my skin. I have had acne scars sense I was a teenager and get a pimple every so often. I bought this product to help clean out my pour in a more organic fashion rather that with chemicals or pills. This product did just that!

Even though the directions say you can mix with water to make the paste, I recommend Apple Cider Vinegar. It also will increase the effectiveness the product will have. The paste is very very thick and will clog up your sink drain if you try to washing it down. Peal it off and place it in the trash.

Highly recommended minus the poor written instructions and portions.

- Deanna Miles

Best Mud Mask EVER!

Forget the Glomasks, these are better at half the price. It might take a few weeks before you see results (because you should only use it once a week), but it is worth it. Your face will thank you later.

- Bertha


This facemask is amazing! I love it! I did a blog post on this product where I go more in depth! So feel free to check it out!

- Hayley

Amazing Product!

First of all, the price of this product is unbeatable! And the jar is big, this will last a long time, because a little powder goes a long way! I have only used this 2 times, and so far I am loving it! I have already noticed a difference in my skin, with the 2 times I have used it. It really does tighten your skin and leaves it felling super soft, and does bring all the gunk to the service. I have fair skin and I'm Combination to dry skin! I find it does sting my face just a bit, but nothing to dramatic. It does leave a bit of redness on the skin afterwards, but doesn't last to long! I would defiantly recommend this to anyone, and I will be purchasing a second one as a back up!

- Hayley

Not for sensitive skin

I'm a redhead with fair skin and my skin was not happy with this mask. It was very red for several hours after I removed it, even though I only applied it for the recommended time for sensitive skin. May work great for others, but fair/sensitive skin not so much.

- Jessica

So amazed!

I've only used this twice but I'm very impressed. My face is very acne prone but I feel like this has really improved my complexion since starting to use it. It's a large container too so it's definitely worth the money!!

- Emily

Aztec Clay

This is an awesome product. The only con is removing the dried product off
your face. Other than that you can feel the difference once it is removed. You will love results.

- Jean

Great Product

I absolutely love this product!! Although I have to measure how much of the powder to put on a bowl and how much water because what you might find very little is alot. This product is the best iv ever used. You can really feel it going into the pores, it takes my oiliness away, it also clears my dark spots. After a while when it dries this product is so strong i cannot move my mouth or smile , also it feels like its pulling my face, but it makes me want to relax my muscles and thats what i need sometimes . I do recommend this product. Although i had a problem with Fraud using this website, i do Love the product overall. i just wish the website was more secure.

- Vicky

Great for oily skin

I have extremely oily skin and have used prescribed spironolactone to reduce oil in the past. Since the prescription drug can damage kidneys, I decided to quit taking it. The clay really helps keep my skin from getting completely out of control. I mix the clay so that it is very thin and watery. I do not use apple cider vinegar.

- Deb

Soft Skin

I love this mask! It's super easy to apply and leaves my skin super soft.

- Hailey

Natural healer and cleanser

Works great on poison oak. Dries it right up! Also, I mix 1/2 ACV and 1/2 water with clay for a great facial.

- Suanne


First & foremost, the obviously... Can't beat the price! It's over double the price on Amazon. Secondly, it works. I use it in my baths when I feel the need to detox. It also soothes & smoothes my skin. The mask works well to pull out impurities, but I'd suggest using it twice a week (if possible). If you aren't good with keeping up with your skin, it's a great place to start! With that said, be prepared for a possible breakout because it literally pulls the toxins out. Only use/mix it with class or plastic- metal can make it less effective. For my face mask I prefer to use Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar & that recipe is on the label. Beyond skin care, the uses are seemingly endless. Digestion help, pet sickness, helps with healing, morning sickness, baby powder... etc.

Highly recommend it. Enjoy!


All natural clay cleanser

I've been using St. Ives for a long time, but I wanted something that was more natural and that contained less artificial ingredients. I had seen bentonite on Dr. Oz, so I bought this to try it out.

I may end up being a believer as so far it's worked really well. The clay leaves my face so fresh and smooth, and it's gone to work on my acne, going deep into my pores and beginning the healing process. Still early, but I'm loving this clay so far.

- Katrina Stanley

Cleans Face Well

This is a great facial mask! It's very intense, and it does exactly as it claims it does. It applies pretty easily to the face, and I've found that it cleans my pores pretty well. When I remove it, my pores look way less noticeable than they were before I applied it. Plus, it removes all the oil from my face!

My only complaint is that this stuff clumps up pretty intensely. It will end up clogging my shower drain if I let it. I've been taking it off with a paper towel and throwing it into the trash before I get into the shower to avoid clogging my drain again.

- Terri Longstem

Super Affordable

This Healing Clay is amazing! I am so happy I found it. Thrive Market is the only place I have ever found this clay, and it is super affordable compared to other clays or masks. I have spent almost three times this for something that worked half as well.
This mask goes on thick, so it doesn't take a lot, but it can be a little bit of a pain to rinse off. It leaves my skin shiny and bright and hydrated. Unlike other masks I've used it doesn't dry out my face at all and my face is left feeling pampered and touchably soft. I am extremely impressed that I don't have to wait to go out in public after using this since it doesn't redden my face like other masks and clays do. I am very impressed with this clay.

- Sarah

Works great!

I have large pores, and I'm always looking for something to help minimize them. I tried using this mask with apple cider. It did make me face feel tight, but to me that just feels like it's working. And it did work great! My pores definitely appeared smaller afterwards for several days, and my face felt very clean. It is a bit messy, but I plan to keep using it regularly. I don't have problems with acne, so I can't speak to how it works for that, but it works great for pores!

- C. Kennedy

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