Original Cheese Puffs

7 oz bag

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7 oz bag

Why You’ll Love It

Barbara's Bakery Original Cheese Puffs satisfy even the extremest cravings, but are light as air and made with only all-natural ingredients, including real aged cheddar and blue cheeses, non-GMO corn meal, expeller-pressed oils, sea salt, and rich buttermilk. There’s absolutely no artificial ingredients here—and only one gram of sugar per serving.
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About This Brand

In 1971, when Barbara started our company, the Bay Area was buzzing with young people full of a desire to express their love for all people. The world was changing daily as they created their own paths and sought to turn others onto new directions. Barbara, then 17, found her calling in real food and opened a small bakery in Northern California. She had a simple plan—make wholesome food taste incredibly delicious. Inspired by good health, family and the kitchen table as the cornerstones of the good life, she used whole grains and oats just as nature intended—keeping things simple and real. The bakery exceeded her wildest dreams and grew from a storefront start-up to a thriving, wholesale business. Since those first loaves more than 40 years ago, our product offerings have grown to include cereals, snack bars, cookies, and cheese puffs. We carry on Barbara’s commitment to create simple, wholesome and delicious products with the most honest ingredients.
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Yellow cornmeal, expeller pressed high oleic sunflower, safflower or canola oil, aged cheddar cheese (pasteurized milk, salt, annatto extract, cheese cultures, natural enzymes), whey, buttermilk, sea salt, butter, blue cheese (pasteurized milk, salt, cheese cultures, natural enzymes), lactic acid, annatto extract and paprika extracts.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 1 oz (28 g) Servings Per Container 7

Amount Per Serving

Calories 150 Calories from Fat 90

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 10g 15%
Saturated Fat 1.5g 8%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 160mg 7%
Total Carbohydrate 15g 5%
Dietary Fiber 1g 5%
Sugars 1g
Protein 2g

Vitamin A 2%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 2%
Iron 2%

Contains Milk. Manufactured in a facility that also processes sesame seeds, wheat, peanuts, almond, cashew, filbert, nazelnut, macadamia nut, pecan, pine nut, pistachio, walnut, and coconut.

Reviews For Original Cheese Puffs

Based on 95 Reviews


These are great!! Try them and you're welcome :) I love these and it's a better alternative than some of those other snacks.

- Wanda

Very tasty, awesome price!

The price on these can't be beat! And they're the best cheese puffs I've ever had! They don't taste artificial (because they're not!), but the flavor is still strong! Love them!

- Ashley Padgett



- Shelby

Better than Cheetos

My husband and I absolutely loveee these!! They taste just like cheetos but SO much better!!

- Kelly


These I love! I order them over and over. Just enough crunch and cheese taste.

- Maxine

God, I love these!

Love these cheese puffs! I could eat an entire bag in one sitting!

- Kelly


These taste great! Even my kids will eat them!

- Savage

Barbara's Original Cheese Puffs

My faves! Happy that they are gluten free also, non GMO.

- Anne

New favorite

Great flavor and texture! Definitely a great alternative to other snack foods.

- Claire A

True Love

How do I even begin to describe these? I'm not even sure I can. Each time I order them, I tell myself, "Watch your portions. Just take half a cup."

And then I'm wondering, "Why is the bag completely empty?"

Except I know why. It's because these are absolutely delicious. I've tried some other brands but this one - this one has a special place in my heart. I would jump in a pool of these if I could.

- Emma

Great Snack

My daughter discovered a love of "cheese doodles" while at grandma's house. We don't keep things in our house that contain artificial colors or ingredients so I began looking into other options. These are so good! I think they're better than the ones that are overly orange. I'll definitely buy these again for her.

- David

better than the original

I buy these for my son who had always loved Cheetos cheese puffs. They're still a snack food, but I feel better buying him this brand and he loves the taste and texture.

- tamara

Very good

Its very tasty!! Doesn't taste too cheesy like the usual cheese puffs!

- Divya

A Healthy Snack

Nice crunch. Good flavor

- Dorothy

cheese snack

very tasty not as salty as store brands. Can enjoy and feel i
I'm eating healthier

- kathleen

Great Crunchy Snack

It is crunchy and cheesy and a wonderful alternative to Cheetos. Probably not my favorite cheese flavor and surprisingly, a single serving or so satisfies. I didn't need to eat the whole bag in one sitting to feel satisfied.

- Amy Collins

Good stuff

got these for my son because cheetos were his fav, but i ended up eating them all. mom-shame, yes. but they were really good!

- Teresa


These taste very similar to "regular" Cheetos, but with much better ingredients! My husband thought they were the best kind he's tasted! Highly recommend!

- Katie

Healthy "Cheetos"

We are addicted to these "cheetos." They are delicious, tasty, crispy, and fairly healthy. We buy several bags at a time.

- Susan

Love these!

I love chips so I was thankful to find a few other healthier options on thrive!

- Christi Barnard

So Good

My husband and I love these! I always buy two bags at a time. They taste better than the big name bright orange cheese puffs and they are not as bad for you.

- A.W.

Cheese Puffs

These are tasty, crunchy and much better than cheetos. We love them.

- Susan

Barbara's Bakery Cheese Puffs

Very tasty . Nicely salted, very cheesy. These have a 'more' taste. ;) Am ordering them again.

- Kelli


These are so delicious. I'm so happy I found this via Thrive. I remember loving cheese puffs as a child, but whenever I've tried them as an adult I've been disappointed--until now. It's the perfect amount of cheese, salt, and crunch.

- Jin

Love these!

these are delicious - all 3 kids like them. excellent flavor.

- Jessica


A quilty indulgence when I want a crispy snack.

- Deborah

Best Cheese Puffs Ever

I can't rave enough about how good these are! After giving up Cheetos (avoiding GMO's) I didn't think I'd find a good alternative. And I didn't until now. I add a bag (or two) to every order! Now if Thrive would only get the Jalapeno flavour.....

- Heather

Way better than I expected!

These are delicious and I even brought them to the beach and my friends loved them too!

- Janelle

Barbara's Cheese Puffs

I like salty, crunchy snacks and Barbara's Original Cheese Puffs are a delicious way to satisfy that snack attack. Now, if Thrive will only stock the JALAPENO and WHITE CHEDDAR flavors of Barbara's Cheese Puffs I could cover all my favorite snack flavors in a more healthy manner AND at a decent price. The ingredients are great! The price is better than competive (thankyou Thrive) and these little gems are delish. ~

- Kelli

Crazy good.

Flawless. Delish. Addictive. Moorish. Enjoy!

- Stephanie

Love this

These are very good, the best alternative to Cheetos that I have found. Will definitely buy again!

- Cheryl

2nd time around

This is the second time I've ordered this. It's as good as it was the first time. The family loves it too. It is lighter tasting than the regular kind but you can eat it without feeling like your bathing in cheese powder.

- lucille

Talk About Filling the Bag with Air...!!!

Taste wise, these are pretty good. The cheese tastes fresh, but it's a little too salty for me. The thing that got me though was the fact when I opened the bag, 3/4 of it was air! The cheese puffs are extremely small as well. Overall, I don't think I'd spend money on this again for overly salty cheese puffs the size of a pen cap.

- Candice


These are the best cheese puffs ever!

- Joy


They're so cheesy, crunchy, and fresh. The seasonings are done perfectly. It's positively addicting - in the best way!

- Jane

The best Cheetos alternative!

I can't rave enough about how good these are! After giving up Cheetos (avoiding GMO's) I didn't think I'd find a good alternative. And I didn't until now. I add a bag (or two) to every order!

- Pinkachan


These lasted about 12 hours lol. Everyone loved them, including the not so healthy eaters & the little ones (who call them "fancy" cheetos). They are enough like cheetos that they satisfy that craving but I think the flavour is much better & closer to real cheese.

- Anne

Best Cheese Puffs Ever!

I ate cheetos crunchy and puffs before but it was really full of sodium and it made me quite thirsty but for Barbara's Bakery Cheese Puffs it has less sodium, the color of the puffs are less orange and are really tasty. It's the best cheese snack to always have around.

- Tien



- Audrey

Great snack

These cheese puffs are light and tasty and fill the need when you crave a crunchy snack

- Gilda

5 star

Was my favorite

- Camille

So ridiculously delicious.

I grew up eating crunchy cheesy snacks. This is an upgraded crunchy cheesy. I had to use a bowl in order to avoid eating the whole (large) bag.

- Veronica

Should be renamed CRUNCHY Cheese curls

We were happily surprised that these are similar to Cheetos crunchy cheese curls. I really like these. I would definitely buy them again.

- Natalie I

My All-Time Favorite!!!

Discovered Barbara's snacks at Whole Foods years ago, and the cheese puffs are my hands down, all- time favorite!!! I ordered 3 bags from Thrive, and all 3 were eaten within a day. They're the best!!

- Anne

best cheese puffs

these are habit forming. Too good.

- Deloris


Tastes better than cheetos...and I"m willing to give this to my kids a lot more than the "original"

- A

Good tasting

It doesn't taste like the (bad for you) cheese puffs that we've always gotten like Cheetos brand, but these are a more healthy choice ... not organic but have no preservatives or artificial ingredients.. But if you are expecting them to taste the same as Cheetos, you will be disappointed. Taste pretty good.

- Susan

Sooooo good!

Cheesey and crunchy, we couldn't put them down. What a good snack!

- Patti


I love the fresh cheesy taste! I will purchase more!

- Zorlett

Better than Cheetos!

My husband loves his junk food and was a lil suspicious to try the "healthy chips" I had for him, but when i asked him how they were he said "they're pretty good, better than Cheetos". I think we have a winner.

- CAF Herring

Barbara's Original Cheese Puffs

Love these. My diet is restricted now (no cheese/milk), so I can't have these anymore, but I really enjoyed them when I did. They were the best cheese puff snack I've ever tried, really the best chip snack I've had. Miss them.

- Kristina

Very good

Best organic chips I have found!

- Haley

Great taste but not 100% non-gmo

My kids and I loved these. They taste great and we usually got several bags with each order. However, only the corn is non-gmo. Canola is listed in the ingredients which means this product still has gmo's in it. Love the taste but will wait now until all ingredients are non-gmo.

- Lindsay


Both my two year old and I approve! These don't last long in our house and I've been known to hoard them for myself.

- Angela

Good flavor

Satisfies the craving with crunch and flavor.

- Julianne

Better than Cheetos!

A cheesy snack I can feel better about giving to my kids!

- Shawnee

Cheese Puffs

Excellent. Fresh,crispy and flavorful.

- Jerry

Barbara's Cheese Puffs

Loved them!!! My family is a big fan of wholesome, non-GMO foods, and as chemical free as we can find. Cheese Puffs are a favorite!!! and these are so much better. Loved them

- Jean

Alternative to Cheetos

DO NOT BUY THESE!!! They are the most addictive food I've ever eaten. You may think you're only going to eat a few and the next thing you know the whole bag will be gone!!! If you do actually buy these you will know what it's like being addicted to crack. Enjoy! :-)

- Hans Gilgen


I never had these before and had been looking for more healthy snacks. These were really yummy, and not dry tasting. I would definitley buy them again

- KWolfe

cheese puffs

These was good and they wasn't to saulty and theywas a good snack.

- margaret boone


I like these a little tooo much!

- Susan

Finger Licking Good

These are genuine crunchy treats. Even my husband, who normally just laughs at my childhood craving for cheese puffs, scarfs love these. Barbara's is a brand I trust too.

- Mary

Barbara's Cheese Puffs

Addicting! Delicious! And I'm not the Barbara who makes them!

- Barbara


Will buy these again for sure. I recommend this product, good afternoon snack!!

- Regina

Better than the big brand

These are so delicious! Not even missing the chemicals! They say puffs, but they are more like crunchy. Which is great!

- Kimberly

So tasty.

I know these aren't healthy, but they are a whole lot better than the standard cheeto. It is a great treat when I am craving a cheesy snack.

- Jennifer

So Good!

These have great flavor and taste with out the orange mess!

- April

Great bag of cheesy puffs!

They are crispy, they are cheesy, and very similar to other products out on the market, but with a lot less ingredients and overall a superior product. love it. and so do my kids! :)

- Crystallynn

Original Cheese Puffs

Love these! Tastes very similar to Hood's Korn Kurls I ate growing up. Very crispy and cheesy. Yum.

- Dorene


I love these cheese puffs, I could seriously eat an entire bag in one sitting! I was leery at first because I'm not a fan of blue cheese but the flavor isn't strong at all, I actually think it's what gives these such a yummy cheesy flavor.

- Jessi


These things are addicting. I just wish they were made with ALL Non-GMO ingredients.

- Hans

Cheese Puffs

Delicious....even better knowing the corn is Non GMO!

- marlene

Great snack

Love this cheesy flavor and crunch without the orange skin that come with other brands!

- Joyce


Good luck eating only one.

- Mila

Wonderfully Addicting!

All the reviews were right! Absolutely delicious! (without that sick feeling afterwards)

- Farah

Perfect snack

These are not puffs but rather the crunchy ones so they hold upto shipping with no problem. The taste is awesome.

- Kim

snacky heaven

I order these every time I order from Thrive. They are crunchy cheesy delicious I can not live without for a great price, bonus!

- Cindy

Cheesey Puffs!

My kids love these and they are my "better than" option for when they would like Cheetos. Nice and crunchy.

- Emery

cheesy yumminess!

I love these, cheesy without the orange fingers. My husband missed the orange at first but after a bit, he really got into the bag and they are gone. Yum!

- Joyce


I have had these many times in the past, I find them quite satisfy for snacking. Thrive prices are better than the grocery store!

- Lyn

Great snack

Kids loved these & they're a great alternative to the junk food ones

- Suzanne

omg stop

Addictive. Watch out.

- Danielle

Barbra's Cheese Puffs

Delicious will buy again,love them!

- Debra Trail

Barbara's Bakers cheese puffs

These are so tasty. A great snack.

- Liz

It's all about the CHEESE

My family and I love, love, love this product. Unlike, the other name brand out there this product stands out with a real aged taste not that powdery crap on the other brand. I wasn't sure my family would like this because it was more of a natural color and doesn't appear to be caked on, but surprise they devoured it within minutes and requested I purchase more. I love the that is a natural product with real ingredients yet in staying true it delivers a crisp crunch that we all love about our Puffs, no artificial ingredients here. Thank you Thrive I've found our family snack.

- C Robinson

oh soooo good

loved it, ordered 2 bags and after trying it, well, i had to hide a bag from me so i don't eat them all at once :)

- karla


Yeah--believe all the reviews. These are so good. I ate them in two sittings. DANGEROUS!!

- Danielle

Too yummy!

Crunchy cheesy snacks are my vice and I'll try pretty much any thing with both "cheese" and "puff" on the bag. I'm surprised that my fingertips don't have a permanent orange hue to them and before I'd switched over to healthier alternatives, I'd tried every variation that Cheetos had to offer. After a horrendously fascinating and disturbing chemistry demonstration in my college organic chemistry course involving lighting a Cheeto on fire to determine its caloric value. After seeing the subsequent byproducts, I swore off Cheetos forever and quickly began trying any and every alternative.
Anyway, Barbara's is definitely in my top 3 as far as favorite cheesy crunchy snacks. It's got a hearty, satisfying crunch, a delicious and authentic cheese flavor, and best of all, the ingredients are all natural and non-GMO. I actually burned one of these (more out of curiosity and for fun than for science) and there was a huge difference from the Cheeto debacle. The smell was way less pungent, and the byproducts were not nearly as oily or unnatural-looking, definitely seemed cleaner. And I can feel the difference when I eat them too. On the not-so-rare occasions where I finish the entire bag at once, I don't have nearly as bad of a junk food hangover as I would when I did that with other cheese puffs. At least this habit isn't too expensive. The prices here are so tempting! I'm glad I found them on Thrive.

- Anne G.

Bye, Mr. Cheetah!

We all love those neon-orange chips, and we all know they got that color by being dusted with who-knows-what. When I started eating healthy and loosing weight, I definitely missed them, and would allow myself only a tiny bag of them once in a blue moon as a treat.

Thank goodness for Barbara's! The color is less intense, but real cheese isn't neon. These TASTE LIKE CHEESE, not "cheese product". They're delightfully crunchy, and I have to portion them out ahead of time to keep me from eating the whole bag! On top of how great they taste, there's no artificial ingredients, which is just awesome.

- Jenny Thornton



- Ashley

Light and Yummy!

After reading the reviews, I had to try these. They are just as yummy as described. If you are looking for an alternative to the major brand, this is the perfect snack without too much guilt.

- Destiny

Barbara's Bakery Cheese Puffs

You said the 'joke' is that the bag of cheese puffs is one serving. Our Son was visiting my Husband and I when we received our order from you, which had a bag of the puffs. I ask if anyone wanted any and both of them said no. I tasted them and ask once more and both answered no. So, I sat in my recliner reading and ate the entire bag, and wet my fingers so I could get the tiny powder-like crumbs! These cheese puffs should be against the Law. They are so good, crisp, fresh and just DELICIOUS, You can't eat just one and that's a promise.

- Tanya L.

Incredibly good!

I am quite fond of the name brand of cheese puffs, and I never expected a healthy version to taste nearly as good. Boy was I wrong! These taste ten times better than the others, and the texture is perfect. I'm doing a little happy dance over here.

- Teresa

So Good

I love these cheese puffs - in my not-so-humble opinion, they are the best ones out there. A huge plus that they don't contain MSG. However, like the inside joke @ Barbara's says, I can't seem to moderate myself with these & so only buy occasionally (as I will eat the entire bag all at once)

- Melissa

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