Organic Gluten-Free Spaghetti

12 oz bag

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12 oz bag

Why You’ll Love It

Eating wheat-free doesn't mean giving up your favorite foods like spaghetti and meatballs or linguini with clams. Bionaturae Organic Gluten-Free Pasta is an excellent way to enjoy the noodles you love without worrying about any contamination or chemical additives. No matter how you like to prepare your pasta, have that second helping, guilt-free!
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About This Brand

Celebrating Old World tradition, authentic Italian food and family.Bionaturæ (bee-oh-na-too-ray) roughly translates to mean "organic nature." For the founders of the company it means this and far more. It means the celebration of Old World tradition, of authentic Italian food and of family.More than fifteen years ago, a group of young Italians and an American enthusiastically created an organic selection of authentic Italian foods. Bionaturæ was born in 1994 and was quickly embraced by the American consumer as the premier brand of organic foods from Italy. We have remained a family-oriented, privately owned company, with a heartfelt devotion to quality and tradition.The superior quality of our foods is made possible by the traditional small-scale production that is so unique to Italy. Each product is lovingly crafted by food artisans who utilize timeless methods of production handed down from generation to generation. Each product is made with passion, resulting in the highest quality...
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Organic Rice Flour, Organic Rice Starch, Organic Potato Starch, Organic Soy Flour.

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Serving Size 2 oz (57g) Servings Per Container 6

Amount Per Serving

Calories 200 Calories from Fat 10

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 1g 2%
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 42g 14%
Dietary Fiber 2g 8%
Sugars 1g
Protein 5g

Calcium 2%
Iron 6%

Contains Soy. This product is produced in a dedicated facility free of eggs, wheat, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish.

Reviews For Organic Gluten-Free Spaghetti

Based on 29 Reviews


This brand makes the best pasta.

- MW


these are the best GF spaghetti we have tried in terms of taste and texture. it is hard to believe that they are GF. my only issue is that they have soy which I am trying to avoid.


Best GF Pasta I've Ever Had!

We love this pasta! I have celiac and have been gluten free for 7 years. Believe me when I say I've tried more gluten free pasta brands than I can count. This one is REALLY good! My husband who eats mostly gluten free since we don't have gluten in the house got up to check the package because he said it was so good he didn't believe it was Gluten Free! Yum!

- Brenna

Good spaghetti

I cannot eat wheat which normal spaghetti is; this is great!

- Lori

Best out there

If you want a pasta that doesn't stick together but is gluten free and delicious, try this product

- Ronald

Best gluten free pasta.

I've tried many gluten free pasta brands and this one tastes the closest to regular pasta.

- Ben

Great Gluten Free

Good for all our pasta uses. Even my husband, who is not gluten free, enjoys it.

- Corinne

Cooks up great!

These noodles cook better than most gluten free noodles. I like that they're not 100% corn, as my children have intolerance to corn. I prefer to only eat organic in my house and we have to eat gluten free. These noodles are the only ones that have met the standards of my picky children and my overprotective self.

- ReBecca

Very Good

Taste is super. My husband, who is not gluten free really liked it. Definitely will purchase again.

- Corinne

Organic gluten-free spaghetti

The best pasta I have tasted since going gluten-free. It cooks us nicely and is delicious.

- Patti

Mind Blown!!!

I've tried (or so I thought) every gluten free pasta on the market... I've been gluten free (diagnosed celiac) for over 6 years and I do the cooking so my husband eats gluten free at home. I've been gluten free so long that I'm sure I don't remember what gluten tastes like anymore.

My husband (who eats gluten when he's out) was SHOCKED at how delicious this pasta was... he was AMAZED and couldn't believe how good it tasted! He said he liked it better than glutenous pasta!

- Brenna

You won't know it's not gluten free

Excellent pasta, most like a all white flour pasta

- Felicia

bIonaturae pasta

Best pasta on the market.... Hands down!

- Kate

Good spaghetti

I can't eat regular spaghetti and this stuff is great! Gluton free sometimes isn't good, but this stuff tastes like regular spaghetti.

- Lori

Really Good

This pasta was a hit. No one knew it wasn't "real" pasta, or what we're used to. However I didn't realize it was made with soy which is an ingredient we don't use in our household. For that I removed one star. If you have no problem with soy, than you'll love this.

- Susan

favorite gluten free spaghetti

love this GF spaghetti. Cook in a large pot of water, stir every 2 to 3 minutes. comes out perfect every time!!

- Tracy

Fantastic Pasta!

We tried this and were so impressed! If you're in a hurry, you don't have to rinse, the taste for folks who don't have to be GF, is still good enough rinsed or no, that no one in the house refuses to eat it. I highly recommend it!

- Ember

Love it!

Taste like regular pasta. Tried others and they were terrible. It even reheats great!

- Eve

Great pasta

This is one of the better GF pastas that I've found on the market. It doesn't have that gummy, wheat-heavy flavor that a lot of the other ones I've tried have, and I really like the way it cooks up perfectly if you follow the directions. I don't do anything fancy with this spaghetti, meatballs, meatless sauce and dairy free alfredo is the extent of it, but it works well for all of those dishes.

- James Evans

Great GF pasta

This is not only GF, but certified organic and kosher, and it's delivered directly from Italy. You taste the semolina in this pasta, and it's great that you're not supposed to rinse it after draining the water, because you would lose some of the unique flavor of the pasta. It cooks up non sticky, al dente and goes great with a marinara sauce. There is no way anyone can tell this is GF unless they see the pasta package, that's how good it is.

- Carole Dominguez


The texture is where this pasta is a winner. There isn't much of a taste, actually. You can sauce this pasta with anything and not have the contradiction in tastes that you can with the veggie pastas. Very good.

- Christine

Almost perfect

This is our favorite gluten free pasta. It isn't mushy when eaten as leftovers the next day

- Kathy

The GF spaghetti choice

My wife went gluten free a couple years ago. In the beginning we cooked separate meals, but I knew it was getting hard on her. I tried many of her meals and hated them. Especially the spaghetti noodles.

Most of the stuck together or tasted odd. This one, however, tastes like the real thing. I love when she makes spaghetti now.

- Ed Flynn

Tastes just like the gluten brands!

While it is true this pasta took more water than others, it is also extremely good. It tastes just like the "regular" brands and is very filling. I like how it cooks perfectly every time and tastes great with sauces and vegetables. It is a great GF pasta!

- Suzy P.

Pretty Good

I like this pasta. It tastes pretty good and cooks well. It is more expensive than some GF pastas, but it does taste really good. It also takes a lot of water to make, I found myself adding water half way through because it was soaking it up as I cooked it. It was really good with sauce and also with butter and cheese on top. I really enjoyed it.

- Stefen P.

Almost like the real thing

I love the blend of this GF noodle brand. Instead of it being just rice and tasting just of rice, the potato and soy give it a more normal, rounded flavor.

It still gets sticky if you overcook it, but it tastes almost like regular pasta. My husband will even eat this brand and he isn't GF.

- Lei M.

Use Lots of Water

After my husband found out he had a gluten allergy, we've had to switch a lot of our foods. I hadn't found a good spaghetti alternative until now. This one has been great. My grandmother recommended trying a bigger pot with even more water in it with the same amount of spaghetti, and I've found that it actually makes the spaghetti taste better, so like usual, she's right. This has been particularly amazing with tomato sauce and other cheeses. I've even found a gluten-free bread to make garlic bread with. This has become a favorite dinner around this house.

- Gemma

Expensive for what you get

I understand gluten free is going to cost me more money, but I can finish a pack of this spaghetti in two meals, so it's just a touch costlier than I wanted.

The pasta is good and tastes natural without anything added other than the organic ingredients. Just trying to fit this into my budget as I live a gluten free life.

- Sienna

Can't tell it's gluten free

Well, gluten free has become kind of a craze. I'm actually diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, whereas a lot of people just like the health aspects of cutting out gluten.

This is a great pasta, sourced from organic ingredients and it cooks up tender and flavorful. My friends can't tell it's gluten free, and many of them like it more than their regular pasta. So good, I boil some, toss it with virgin oil and sea salt, and eat it plain.

- Sylvester Abbott

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