Ask a Nutritionist: 3 Ways To Use Powdered Coconut Milk

September 9, 2015
by Stephanie Clarke RD and Willow Jarosh RD, C&J Nutrition for Thrive Market
Ask a Nutritionist: 3 Ways To Use Powdered Coconut Milk

There are a ton of dairy-free alternatives on the market right now, and powdered coconut milk is one of our favorites. It's really convenient and also really delicious. Here are a few ways we're loving this kitchen staple!

1. Tea latte

We love mixing strongly brewed tea with milk to create tea lattes. The downside? If you brew super strong tea, it can get bitter and change the flavor of the tea. But if you don’t brew it strong enough, the milk totally overpowers the tea. We made our morning mate with a heaping spoonful of powdered coconut milk stirred in and it was perfect! Totally creamy, but with a great balance of the tea flavor and the coconut flavor.

2. Hot cereal

Sometimes we want our oatmeal to be super creamy but without being too liquid. You know, like the thick, delicious oatmeal you get at a restaurant that’s cooked with whole milk or cream. Stirring powdered coconut milk into your morning hot cereal gives you the thickest, richest oats.

3. Soup

It’s about to be prime soup season, but to be honest, we love creamy soups like curry and potato year-round. For a thick and creamy dairy-free soup, we usually add pureed cauliflower or white beans—but powdered coconut milk actually works better. It also imparts a really nice, almost tropical flavor. We’ve tried it with curried lentil soup and potato soup so far, but also think it might be nice with a tomato soup.

Bonus use:

What we originally got this powder for! How many times have you been at an airport or hotel and wanted coffee or tea but been stuck with nasty, chemical-filled creamer? Not anymore! We’re officially traveling with this powdered coconut milk from now on.

Photo credit: Hsuanya Tsai via Flickr

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