Why We're Inviting Kashi to Breakfast Time

September 29, 2015
by Courtney Wissot for Thrive Market
Why We're Inviting Kashi to Breakfast Time

The past several years, things have gotten a little soggy in the world of cereal. Fortunately, the so-called "cereal wars" are slowly becoming a thing of the past. In fact, big—and healthy—changes are on the horizon for breakfast giants like Kashi.

The 30-year-old cereal company has certainly been busy this year. Not only did they part ways with Kellogg's to operate independently back in their Southern California hometown,  but they've served up five new, organic, non-GMO Project Verified products, and we're big fans.

Here are our top three recently released faves:

Organic Promise Sweet Potato Sunshine:

Full disclosure: We were surprised at first when we heard "veggies" and "cereal" in the same sentence. But once we tried the Sweet Potato Sunshine flavor, we changed our tune. Made with organic sweet potatoes harvested in North Carolina, it delivers the nutritional power of superfood sweet potatoes (tons of vitamin A here!) with the crunchiness of whole grain flake cereal.

Organic Promise Sprouted Grains:

Packed with organic sprouted whole grain flakes like wheat, spelt and amaranth, every bowl offers a burst of vital nutrients (including boatloads of fiber), big flavor, and satisfying crunch.

Organic Overnight Muesli:

Soak in your favorite almond milk, refrigerate while you sleep, and enjoy in the morning.  Kashi's organic muesli makes the perfect breakfast for super-rushed mornings when you have little time to waste, but need a big energy boost to start the day. We have two flavors in stock: Cherry Cinnamon and Cardamom and Sunflower and Pepita!

Photo credit: Paul Delmont

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