ICYMI: The Ultimate Thanksgiving Menu and a Killer 5-Minute Arm Workout

November 20, 2015
by Annalise Mantz for Thrive Market
ICYMI: The Ultimate Thanksgiving Menu and a Killer 5-Minute Arm Workout

When Friday rolls around, sometimes nothing sounds better than a relaxing evening, curled up on the couch with a glass of wine or hot tea and a book.

We're right there with you—but we'd like to humbly suggest you switch your reading material to some of the greatest hits you might have missed on the Thrive Notebook this week. Among our favorites are two complete Thanksgiving menus, an amazing at-home arm workout, and your essential oil horoscope.

The Ultimate Paleo-Friendly Thanksgiving Menu

A coconut oil–basted turkey stars in this Turkey Day spread, complemented by rosemary biscuits, roasted broccolini, and kabocha squash soup.

Just Follow This Menu for the Best Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Plenty of colorful sides—think sweet potato gratin, roasted beets, and green beans with an orange brown butter sauce—fill this meat-free menu.

Ask a Health Coach: 5-Minute Workout to Get Amazing Arms in Time for the Holidays

This quick but effective arm routine uses five intense exercises to get your guns looking toned and muscular.

See What People Are Saying About Their Thrive Gives Memberships

One of the best parts about our Thrive Gives program is that it introduces our community to some incredible people—like Rachael, who is used to driving 45 miles each week to buy gluten-free groceries. Read their stories for yourself.

Drop the Q-Tips! There's Only One Safe Way to Eliminate Earwax

There's no more satisfying feeling than cotton-swabbing your ears after a hot shower, but beware—it could do serious damage.

Your Essential Oil Horoscope: Pick the Perfect Scent for Your Astrological Sign

Adventurous Sagittarians should turn to tea tree oil, while dreamy Pisces should ground themselves with bergamot. Find out which essential oil corresponds to your Zodiac sign with our simple guide.

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