Murchison-Hume Makes Green Cleaning a Beautiful Thing

March 11, 2016
by Annalise Mantz for Thrive Market
Murchison-Hume Makes Green Cleaning a Beautiful Thing

Shopping for cleaning products is often a lose-lose proposition: Do you pick the harsh chemical cleaner you know will do the trick, or the natural, environmentally conscious option that smells pretty but doesn't work much better than plain old water?

With Murchison-Hume, you get the best of both worlds: safe, eco-friendly cleaning solutions that actually do what they say they do. You'll never find bleach, ammonia, bleach, formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, or other environmental pollutants in their iconic brown bottles, and we're thrilled to carry them at Thrive Market.

The eco-chic brand started in Australia before expanding to the U.S. in 2012—and they've been shaking up the cleaning game ever since.

Max Kater, a former fashion editor, first dreamed up Murchison-Hume when she found out her youngest child was allergic to most common cleaning products.

She says she couldn't understand why hypoallergenic, effective cleaning supplies were so hard to find. And when she did find them, the packaging was hideous and the products smelled terrible.

"I kept thinking that house cleaning could use a serious makeover and I was just the girl to do it," Kater said. First up? Nailing the branding and design.

"I am an out-and-proud neat freak," she says. "I like things to look just as tidy in the drawers and cupboards as they do out on the countertops," she said. "That jumble of toxic chemicals, jarring colors and clashing fragrances under the sink used to make me feel depressed just thinking about cleaning."

Murchison-Hume products are so gentle that Kater says they can pull double duty. When she's in a pinch, she even uses the Counter Safe Surface Spray in place of hairspray. (Yes, really.)

"It’s just plant-based surfactant, water, and fragrance. Totally safe," she says, smiling.

And the line goes way beyond counter spay. For purse aficionados, there's a leather cleaner and conditioner. For anyone with a light-colored couch, the surprisingly effective upholstery cleaner is a lifesaver.

So banish the bleach and forget formaldahyde—Murchison-Hume has you covered, with everything from Boy's Bathroom Cleaner to Fragrance-Free Hand Creams. Here's to happy—and healthy—cleaning.

Watch as we show the difference between Murchison-Hume and the other guys!

Photo credit: Paul Delmont

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4 thoughts on “Murchison-Hume Makes Green Cleaning a Beautiful Thing”

  • Kristin

    Hi! I hadn't heard of this brand so I looked it up on EWG's Guide and 14 of their 16 products had a "D" rating (the other two had a "C" rating). That's a bit concerning. Is it possible that EWG isn't fully informed of the ingredients? I see some disclosures on their site about not having full ingredient details. Thank you.

  • Choirschool

    It would be nice if someone actually responded to some of the comments made by readers with questions, such as the one about Murchison-Hume cleaning products as well as the low glycemic index and the health benefits of agave vs. sugar. It makes me question the credibility and knowledge of what is written about on the thrive blog. I like informed and fact checking involved in consumer health info articles.

    • thrivemarket

      Don't be discouraged—we love reader questions! Our editorial team has reached out to the authors of the stories you've mentioned so we can get you the most informed answers. As we get feedback, we'll pass it along to our readers.

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