Price Check: See How Much You'll Save on Superfoods

September 14, 2015
by Thrive Market
Price Check: See How Much You'll Save on Superfoods

Shopping for wholesome food shouldn't break your budget—and thanks to Thrive Market, now it doesn't have to. Every week, we'll show you how much you can save, whether you're looking for healthy snacks, green home cleaning products, or anything in between. Because here, we think healthy food should be accessible to everyone. This week, we look at how much you can save on superfoods.

Superfood (n): a food renowned for its amazing nutritional benefits. Also tend to be quite expensive.

Okay, so that's not the technical definition of superfood, but it may as well be. Whether you're in the market for some chia seeds, acai powder, bee pollen, or spirulina, chances are you're going to drop some serious dough on the purchase. But the super rich shouldn't be the only ones who can afford these super-nourishing foods—that's why Thrive Market is thrilled happy to offer a huge array of superfoods at 25 to 50% less than traditional stores and health food markets.

Still not sure where to start? Check out our favorites!

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