Cuccio Somatology

Cuccio Somatology is a simple, harmonious way to help enhance your daily yoga experience and life in general. Our products, inspired by Danielle Cuccio, a real life Yoga Instructor driving all around town to bring yoga to every single one of her clients. It all started when Danielle was an Esthetician working with skincare products. Danielle realized that no topical solution product could enhance one's beauty, but yoga was the answer. She watched yogis come out of classes, radiating a glow that no facial could ever give. She soon realized that practicing a lifestyle such as yoga incorporates: exercise, eating well, sleeping efficiently, hydration, positive thinking, relaxation; all playing a role in happiness and health. It's a lifestyle. Having danced her entire life, Danielle loved movement and how it made her feel happier and healthier on a whole. It was her true passion. Growing up in a family in the beauty industry with her parents' nail manufacturing and nail polish brand, she felt it was the perfect tie to combining her passions: yoga & beauty. Danielle quit her Esthetician job and jumped into teaching yoga, where she would teach the true root to beauty. She started making her own blends of oils and mat cleaners to enhance her students' yoga experiences, making them feel whole, at peace and balanced. Her students continuously asked, "Danielle, what is that smell? It's amazing!"

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