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Organic, fair trade yerba mate and other teas at the best possible prices.We are a small grass-roots tea company from Ashland, Oregon. Three best friends founded EcoTeas in their kitchen in the year 2000. We are committed to supplying the highest quality organic, fair trade teas at the best possible prices. We are best known for our yerba mate products, but we have recently branched out into a wider selection of organic, fair trade teas.ECOTEAS MISSIONSSupport organic agriculture, fair trade, and sustainability in all we do.Provide healthy, delicious world teas.Minimize packaging through cutting-edge compostable materials.Encourage the transition to loose tea.Provide access to natural products for all through affordable, fair pricing.REFORESTATION PROGRAMThe subtropical province of Misiones in northeastern Argentina is about the size of the state of Massachusetts. Although it comprises only 1% of Argentina's landmass, it produces 70% of Argentina's timber, and it is home to 40% of Argentina's biodiversity. Misiones contains the largest surviving remnant of the Interior Atlantic forest, which once stretched from southern Brazil to Paraguay. Misiones is also the source of EcoTeas Yerba Mate...One of the many beautiful things about yerba mate - in addition to its great taste and amazing health benefits - is that it can be grown organically in the shade of a thriving forest canopy. Food crops and fruit trees can be interplanted with the yerba mate trees. Yerba mate can form the basis of a sustainable local economy. However, most yerba mate is grown on large plantations. The forest is logged off, never to be replanted. Weeds are controlled with herbicides. Workers are payed low wages to harvest the herb from these large estates.We started EcoTeas seven years ago with a clear set of intentions: to promote organic agriculture; to provide healthy high-quality teas at great prices; and to model a better way to do business by incorporating sustainability and social responsibility into the bottom line equation.Working together with universities, nonprofits, our customers, and our family farm partners, we are planting thousands of native trees on our yerba mate farm each year.We believe this project will serve as a beacon for other small farmers throughout the region, and the world beyond. We'd like to express our deepest gratitude to you - our customers - for choosing to support us over the years. Your participation makes our efforts possible.ENERGY & WATER COMMITMENTWe offset our office energy use with 100% clean, renewable wind power through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.For every ounce of water you use to make our tea, we work in partnership with BEF to put an ounce of water back into Evans Creek, an important habitat for salmon in southern OregonGREEN PACKAGINGTEA BAGS:Our tea bag boxes are made from recycled paperboard and printed with soy-based inks.Inside the box you'll find 24 individually-wrapped tea bags. The clear cellophane wrappers protecting the tea bags may look like typical petroleum-based plastic, but they're actually made from a plant-based, compostable bio-plastic.Inside this wrapper is a tea bag made from unbleached, glue-free filter paper.The tag is printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks.To avoid using any staples, the unbleached string connecting the tag to the bag is tied with an ingenious knotting system.All of this material is totally compostable, including, of course, the certified organic and fair trade tea itself.LOOSE TEAS:Our new Loose Tea Line is made from 100% tree-based, compostable packaging.Our Pure Yerba Mate Five Pounds Loose bag is recyclable.We are currently in the process of transitioning our One Pound Bags of Yerba Mate to compostable material. See More

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