Essential Living Foods

At Essential Living Foods, we believe you deserve only the best of the best. We travel the world the year round to bring you only the most nourishing heirloom superfoods emerging from indigenous cultures and unspoiled ecosystems It's shocking, but in most cases when you walk into a supermarket and spend your dollars on superfoods, only pennies actually go to the farmers whose dedication and labor made it all possible. We know there's a better way. We cut out the layers of middle-men and work directly with farmers. This means we can guarantee the quality of the superfoods you're putting in your body, and we can do it more sustainably. Our mission at Essential Living foods is to improve the health of the planet, its people, and their communities. We work in close collaboration with small farms and indigenous groups to supply our customers with the purest, most nutritious Superfoods on Earth. Our global trade partnerships help nourish sustainable agricultural practices and support meaningful development. 1% of profits are donated back to the communities who supply our exceptional products (via our partnership with 1% For the Planet). Essential Living Foods is dedicated to fair, ethical, and holistic business practices with vendors, customers and investors and to maintaining a healthy, rewarding and values-driven work environment for employees and partners. See More

  1. Food (11)
  2. Health (5)
  3. Selects (6)
Certifications & Awards
  1. Certified Gluten-Free (9)
  2. Certified Kosher (7)
  3. Certified Organic (11)
  4. Certified Vegan (8)
  5. Non-GMO Project Verified (8)
  1. Gluten-Free (10)
  2. Organic (11)
  3. Paleo (2)
  4. Raw (1)
  5. Vegan (10)
  6. Vegetarian (3)
Environmental and Social
  1. Certified B Corporation (11)
  2. Compostable (3)
  3. Fair Trade (4)
  4. Made By Hand (3)
  5. PCW Recycled (4)
  6. Recyclable (10)
  7. Recycled Packaging (10)
  8. Sourced Direct From Farmers (11)
  9. Supports Charity (11)
  10. Sustainably farmed (4)
Health & Ingredients
  1. Cholesterol Free (5)
  2. Dairy Free (1)
  3. Dye and Color Additive Free (3)
  4. High Fiber (2)
  5. High in Protein (4)
  6. Low Fat (1)
  7. Low Glycemic (1)
  8. Low Sodium (6)
  9. No Artificial Ingredients (3)
  10. No Trans Fats (5)
  11. Non-GMO (5)
  12. Pesticide Free (3)
  13. Preservative Free (3)
  14. Salt Free (1)
  15. Sugar Free (1)
  16. Vegetarian (3)
  1. & Up (7)
  2. & Up (11)
  3. & Up (11)
  4. & Up (11)
  5. & Up (11)
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