It all started one April afternoon when Max was suffering from seasonal allergies. His immediate reaction was go to the nearest drug store to pick up some medicine – preferably organic. Much to his dismay, Max wasn’t able to find any organic over-the-counter medicines and most of the traditional medicines seemed to cause bad side effects. After almost 30 minutes of studying the cold and allergy aisles he finally realized there just wasn’t anything available that was effective, good for you – and organic. So, Max called his close friend David, who had grown up in a naturopathic family for some advice. Unfortunately, David didn’t have any recommendations. But fortunately, when they got to talking, a light bulb went off. There seemed to be a gap in the market – could this be an opportunity to try to make medicine healthy? Over the next few weeks, David and Max became micro-focused, researching the OTC market to try to understand why there were no organic medicines. What they discovered was absolutely disturbing – making effective organic tablets simply took too much effort. The OTC giants already have your business and it’s not worth their time to make organic medicine. To bring a certified organic and non-GMO product to the market required taking a lot of steps. From sourcing ingredients to product formulation to R&D development to compliance with FDA and regulatory guidelines to obtaining USDA and non-GMO certification. Whoa! No easy task. But for Max and David, the opportunity to bring a much needed product line to market far outweighed the effort it would take to make it happen. Anyone who has ever met Max or David knows they are anything but complacent. They are doers, achievers and make-it-happeners. Their partnership was born from a friendship and solidified by a common goal – to make a healthy, organic medicine. After 2 years – that’s thousands of hours of hard work – and with the industry leading guidance of Dr. Todd Rowe, our Chief Medical Officer, along with chemists, pharmacists and the Genexa Team, we’ve developed Genexa! A line of effective, potent, certified organic and non-GMO medicines that will help you feel better, faster. Here’s to your health!

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