When she moved from Venezuela to the United States in 2001, LemonKind founder Irene Rojas found herself shocked at the lack of unprocessed beverages available on store shelves. The natural fruit juices so abundant in her country were no longer so easy to come by – and what was available was teeming with added sugars, colors and preservatives. A total health nut and the daughter of two physicians, it was her biggest nightmare. “It wasn’t good for you and it wasn’t natural,” she recalls. When she launched LemonKind's first brand SUPER DETOX ME in 2014, it was her mission to create a visually stunning all-natural beverage that went beyond simply ‘healthy’. “I wanted the packaging holding our juice to be a work of art – and the contents inside it to be a nutritionist’s dream,” she explains. The result? The ultimate marriage between health and beauty.

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