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Let's Do...Organic has a reputation for making delicious, guilt-free foods. They specialize in producing tasty treats that are vegan, gluten-free, and, of course, organic. While baking ingredients such as flours and creams are most prevalent, the company is also known for their organic ice cream cones and much more. Let's Do...Organic’s mission statement is “convenience without compromise,” which is true of nearly every aspect of their goods. Just take a look at the labels, and you’ll see that there aren’t any questionable ingredients or artificial preservatives. That means, with Let's Do...Organic, you can snack away without compromising your health goals. How Let's Do...Organic got started Let's Do...Organic actually began as a division of Edward & Sons Trading Company, a worldwide leading manufacturer of prepared foods founded in 1978. The company’s goal was to create delicious healthy food that required minimal cooking time for those with busy lifestyles. The first product Edward & Sons made was an instant natural soup called Miso-Cup. It was extremely successful, which eventually enabled them to launch Let's Do...Organic in the late ‘90s. In 1998, Let's Do...Organic launched an unexpected product: The world’s first organic, vegan gummy bears. Naturally flavored and sweetened with organic fruits, it was a genius move that made healthier foods more accessible to the public. Since then, the company has become a leader of organic and gluten-free snacks and baking goods. The importance of organic foods The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) oversees the laws and regulations created for the practice of farming and manufacturing food. So, if something has been certified as organic by the USDA, that means that the food was produced under a strict set of government guidelines that regulate preparation methods, all of which are aimed to protect your health and the environment by avoiding the use of chemical additives. The vegan difference of Let's Do...Organic A vegan label means that the food you’re about to consume is free of animal products and byproducts. Let's Do...Organic shies away from dairy and eggs and instead only uses natural, wholesome ingredients that have not come from an animal or been tested on animals. Some of the best Let's Do...Organic products Thrive Market is proud to sell an assortment of Let's Do...Organic products, all of which are free of potentially toxic chemicals and full of ingredients that are natural, organic, gluten-free, and vegetarian. Whatever your baking or snacks needs, there's a high chance Let's Do...Organic makes it and we sell it. Here’s just a sampling of their products you can find on our site: Let's Do...Organic Coconut Flour Here’s a fun fact: in addition to being quite delicious, coconut is quite nutritious. Made with organic coconut pulp, Let's Do...Organic Coconut Flour contains 23 percent of the daily value of dietary fiber, which may help improve your digestive system and assist with weight management. Let's Do...Organic Ice Cream Cones Your favorite ice cream deserves a great cone to cradle it. Let's Do...Organic makes theirs with organic flour, organic extra virgin olive oil, and a pinch of crisp sea salt for a crisp, light flavor. Let's Do...Organic Green Banana Flour If you’re baking something special, leave the traditional flour behind, and try Let's Do...Organic Green Banana Flour instead. Made with organic ripe bananas picked at the peak of freshness, this flour contains 20 percent of the daily recommended value of iron, which may help metabolize proteins and assist in the production of hemoglobin and red blood cells. Let's Do...Organic Organic Heavy Coconut Cream Whipped cream is so decadent and tasty, but it isn’t particularly good for you. Unless you have Let's Do...Organic Heavy Coconut Cream on hand, which you can hand-whip for the same consistency. At only 45 calories per serving, this flavorful substitute tastes great in hot chocolate and other desserts. Let's Do...Organic Organic Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk Do you have a recipe that calls for heavy cream? Try Let's Do...Organic Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk as a substitute. This creamed coconut works excellent for sauces, smoothies, and is a healthier option, too, with more healthy fats and other nutrients. Let's Do...Organic Toasted Coconut Flakes, Unsweetened Searching for a healthy topper for your favorite dessert? Look no further than Let's Do...Organic Toasted Coconut Flakes. These morsels are made up of crunchy bits of dehydrated coconut, t perfect for almost anything from ice cream to oatmeal to smoothies and yogurt. Cooking with Let's Do...Organic products After you’ve shopped for some Let's Do...Organic products, here are some things that you can do with them. Coconut Ice Cream with Raspberry Swirl With robust swirls of raspberry jam and a pinch of sea salt, you can’t beat this refreshing frozen treat. In addition to a few easily obtainable ingredients, the main thing you need to make this wondrous dessert is a hearty amount of Let's Do...Organic Creamed Coconut. If you want to take your treat to the next level, scoop the ice cream and place in a Let's Do...Organic Ice Cream Cone. Raw Paleo Samoas You don’t have to wait until the Girl Scouts come around to get yourself a tasty batch of cookies that are just like the iconic Samoas. With products by Let's Do...Organic, you can make yourself these delicious caramel and coconut cookies in the comfort of your own home. In addition to a few simple ingredients you may already have in your pantry, you’ll need some Let's Do...Organic Toasted Coconut Flakes. The recipe also calls for some almond milk, but you can swap that out for Let's Do...Organic Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk for an extra pop of flavor. See More

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  4. Certified Vegan (8)
  1. Gluten-Free (6)
  2. Organic (6)
  3. Paleo (4)
  4. Vegan (8)
  5. Vegetarian (6)
Environmental and Social
  1. BPA Free (1)
  2. Recyclable (4)
Health & Ingredients
  1. Dairy Free (2)
  2. Hypo-Allergenic (4)
  3. No Artificial Ingredients (4)
  4. Non-GMO (2)
  5. Preservative Free (1)
  6. Vegetarian (4)
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