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The highest quality hemp food products.We heart hemp foods SO much we see no reason to love any other, and that’s why we ONLY manufacture and sell hemp foods.When it comes to hemp foods, we want to know as much as possible and be involved at every level - from seed to shelf. Luckily we are! We are tremendously proud to be the world’s largest hemp food manufacturer to grow, make and sell our own line of hemp foods.We are in the fields educating farmers and encouraging more hemp acres.We are making everything on-site at our world class manufacturing facility. Our manufacturing plant has achieved the highest level of global certification in food safety and quality.We are proactively spreading the word about hemp foods to all those that will listen. We share over a million sample packages per year to hemp fans young and old all across North America.Sharing the hemp love is just what we do best.Our roots run deep.1993 - Company co-founders created the Manitoba Hemp Alliance = organized advocacy.1994 - Local Manitoban farmers interested in growing hemp.1995 - Government permission & funding for experimental trials.1996 - Trial data alleviated misconceptions = government support and interest from the trade.1997 - The case builds why hemp should be legalized.1998 - Hooray! Industrial Hemp is legalized in Canada and an industry is born!Our focus was (and still is) simple - manufacture the highest quality hemp food products while educating people on hemp nutrition.We cannot talk about our company history without sharing our co-founder and CEO’s personal story. Mike Fata started Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods with his friends Martin and Alex because hemp foods helped change his life, and he wanted to share them with the world. Here is his story...“Growing up, I was an unhealthy and unhappy 300-pound teenager. Desperate for change, I turned to excessive exercise and extreme dieting. Ironically, after losing weight I still felt unhappy and depleted. Then, a friend introduced me to hemp foods. Through hemp foods I learned about essential nutrients - EFAs (essential fatty acids), fiber, and essential amino acids. My focus became quality, balanced nutrition. Lucky for me, hemp is both delicious and contains all of the essentials – protein, omegas, fiber, minerals and vitamins. Almost two decades later, I feel better than ever! My focus on quality nutrition has only intensified. As a father of two young children, I want to instill healthy eating habits and an appreciation for quality foods at a young age. I am also a certified health coach in hopes to educate and inspire others. Basically starting the hemp food industry had its challenges, but they were all worth it. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods is proud to be the world’s largest hemp manufacturer to grow, make and sell our own line of hemp foods. We are proud to be the first hemp food manufacturer to receive the globally recognized benchmark in food safety and quality – BRC Certification. Most of all we are extremely proud – and grateful, to celebrate fifteen years of manufacturing the highest quality hemp foods, of educating on the nutritional and environmental benefits of hemp, and of supporting sustainability. THANK YOU to all of our valued customers, partners, and fans for your support! If you haven’t already, try hemp. It’s delicious, it’s easy to use, and it’s packed with essential goodness!”- Hemp and Happiness - To manufacture and market the highest quality hemp food products, to educate on the health and environmental benefits of hemp, and to strive for sustainability in all that we do.Vision Statement To be the global leader in hemp food products, promoting health and wellness, and fostering positive change for community and the environment.Core ValuesRespectPassionHealthQualityIntegrityTransparencyFunQuality Is...High grade; superiority; excellence. The standard or degree of excellence.A strict commitment (and execution) to produce a safe, consistent, and trusted product.A distinctive characteristic.No matter how you define it, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods is committed to quality. We are proud to be “control freaks.” We control everything from what seed gets planted, to how products are manufactured & packaged, to distribution. Seed + manufacturing + packaging + distribution = quality seed to shelf!We get our non-GMO seed direct from the source - Canadian farmers. Last year, 65% of all seeded acres in Canada were seeded for us. Not every seed is created equal, we are the first, and only, hemp food manufacturer to have a comprehensive in-house quality control lab. Seed entering the Manitoba Harvest facility goes through a series of tests at various stages of production before being released to you.Since products are made on-site at our hemp-dedicated facility, we control how they are made. Manitoba Harvest has basically set the benchmark in quality. We were the first to implement basic things like “best before” and “packaged on” dates on our packages. We appreciate that hemp’s precious omegas are sensitive to light and air so we keep the raw seed in its protective shell until right before we need it. These are just a few examples.Our facility also has an external global “gold stamp” in food safety and quality - BRC (British Retail Consortium) Certification. Check out our press release about receiving this gold stamp in food safety and quality. Hemp and Happiness.This isn’t just some catchy phrase. We believe that all of us are better when in a state of happiness. Our outlook changes, our energy increases, we are inspired, kinder people. Aw the power of positivity!At Manitoba Harvest we strive to foster positive change. We want to raise people’s level of positivity. Every decision we make; every action we take; every interaction we create is influenced by how it will impact the community and environment around us.We love to spread positivity through our education and sharing. We are in the fields, educating farmers about growing more hemp acres and sharing lessons on sustainability. We are putting our products through extra rounds of testing to share the most accurate information to our valued consumers. We proudly distribute over one million sample packs every year, giving people the opportunity to try without having to buy.Our facility has been refitted with reusable materials, energy saving utilities, and low-flow water taps. We offset carbon omissions by partnering with renewable choice and purchasing renewable energy credits (REC). By purchasing RECs, we are trying to balance energy used with renewable energy sources. Our REC purchase is equivalent to planting 1,009 mature trees and saving 272,449 miles driven in a car.Manitoba Harvest partners with like-minded companies. We evaluate our suppliers not just on price, but also on their commitment to social and environmental responsibility. For example, when recently re-evaluating our flavored protein powder sweetener we chose to upgrade to palm sugar. Palm sugar has the lowest glycemic index so is better for you, AND it is sustainability sourced from small farmers. Palm sugar may cost a little more but nutrition and how the ingredient is sourced is important to us.Our team is encouraged to stay hemp fuelled and ‘live the brand' daily. We have a monthly product allowance to help us have hemp foods as part of our daily diet. The office kitchen includes a complimentary smoothie bar and a supply of products to use during lunch. As a company, we also donate to food banks and other charities such as the United Way and the Canadian Red Cross. Many of us also participate in community events, walks, marathons or even the occasional mud run.

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