Rice vinegars brewed using traditional methods for legendary taste and mildness. History In the Tokugawa Era there was a saying that ”Masamune means Sake and Marukan means vinegar,”and as a guarantee of the unfailing quality of Marukan vinegar, the name of the company’s founder, Suya Kanzaburo (Yasuhisa) was written on every barrel of vinegar produced. Later the first character of that name, written like this was designed to the present trademark , and right up to the present day this trademark has continued to stand as a guarantee of our traditional skill and constant high qualityProducing rice vinegar with legedary taste and mildness takes time. Marukan Vinegars are slowly and naturally brewed, using traditional methods developed by over three centuries of experience. The delicate aroma, rich flavor and mild taste of Marukan are all the result of this natural, slow-brewed process.Marukan believes executing century old traditional methods with a perfectionist mentality, preserves the perfect vinegar product.strict QC/QA monitoringNON-GMOMarukan supports our customers’ concern over the issue of genetically modified foods. For this reason we make every effort to use all natural, non GMO ingredients in our products. Our Genuine Brewed Rice Vinegar, as well as our Organic Rice Vinegar and Seasoned Organic Vinegar Dressing, are all made with non GMO rice verified by the Non GMO Project, a non-profit organization committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices.Quality Assurance:Marukan uses all natural ingredients. Our products are kosher certified (Star-K) and Non-GMO reviewed. Our facility is annually audited by Silliker, (FDA certified food lab). Regular inspections are conducted by the FDA and the Dept. of Public Health.Quality of IngredientsMarukan’s certified organic rice vinegars are the most popular organic rice vinegars in the United States. We make these fine vinegars using select certified organic rice grown by the Lundberg Family Farms of Richvale, CA.Additionally, Marukan makes Ponzu sauce, flavored with Tokushima Prefecture’s sudachi citrus. This ponzu sauce is a premium product for dipping sushi or used as a marinade. These are just a few of Marukan’s select products.Absolute TasteMarukan brews its own sake from select California grown rice. The sake making process is all natural and can take 2 weeks or more.Marukan vinegar uses only natural methods to produce vinegar.Marukan takes great care to make its rice vinegar from scratch. There are ways to speed up the process, but Marukan believes that taking shortcuts does not produce fine quality vinegar compared to the slow and natural brewed method.A key component to making quality rice vinegar is the acetic acid bacteria that is used in the vinegar fermentation process.Marukan imports acetic acid bacteria from Japan, where it is delicately cultivated. See More

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