Mehdi Reishi

Since late 2013, our company has envisioned becoming the industry leader of high-quality organic reishi mushroom supplements. We are determined to provide you with the purest and most natural reishi supplements available. Reishi is a traditional Chinese medicine in which the efficacy is determined, in part, by the quality of the herb. Daniel M. Bartlett began his journey with Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbal products in 2013, when he sampled organic reishi spore powder in China for the first time. After feeling its effects almost immediately, he became increasingly intrigued with the idea of using natural foods and herbs to maintain health and balance. In exploring the industry around natural products and herbs, he found many of them to be lacking in quality and effectiveness. When growing and selling his reishi products, he lets nature be his guiding force. All Mehdi Reishi products are grown on natural wooden logs instead of artificial substrates, such as rice. In addition to being USDA certified, Mehdi Reishi mushrooms are harvested and tended to by hand, and are irrigated using natural spring water. There are no additives, thickeners, or fillers involved in the process of growing top-quality reishi mushrooms. The growing and manufacturing process strictly complies with the FDA’s guidelines and adheres to their Good Manufacturing Processes. Following the guiding principle that nature provides us with what we need to heal and thrive, Mehdi Reishi utilizes different aspects of the mushroom for different applications. For the extract product, Mehdi Reishi uses the fruiting body of the mushroom, while for their spores product, they use the shell-broken spores and seeds. Their formula product involves a combination of both, leaving very little of the mushroom to go to waste. When not involved in various aspects of his reishi business, Daniel enjoys introspection and reflective conversations about philosophy, spirituality, religion, and other cerebral topics. Spending time in nature fulfills him spiritually and motivates his business pursuits. To relax and recharge, he also enjoys soccer and cooking.

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