Meyenberg Goat Dairy

Our story is one of passion, innovation, sunny pastures, frolicking goats, and parental love. The origins of our company trace back to John B. Meyenberg, a Swiss immigrant who created what would eventually become Carnation Milk Company. Later, his son, John P. Meyenberg, who had always harbored a passion for goat milk, started his own venture under the name Meyenberg. Thus our company began. It was in 1934 that Harold Jackson discovered Meyenberg while searching for a milk alternative. His son, Robert, was sensitive to cow milk, yet it turned out the boy could drink highly-digestible goat milk. Gladdened by this turn of events, Harold decided to buy the company. Today, that same young boy with the milk allergy now owns and operates Meyenberg. Robert Jackson, and his wife Carol, have worked together to grow Meyenberg into the largest manufacturer of goat milk products in the nation. While the biggest fans of goat milk in the 1950s were largely people who were intolerant of cow milk, the 1980s brought a surging interest in natural foods. Meyenberg responded by developing our unique ultra-pasteurization process, which allowed us to deliver fresh goat milk to markets all across the country. Recently, a much broader audience has discovered not only goat milk, but goat cheese and butter. This comes not only from attention to health, but also from an upswing in appreciation of all things tasty. Chefs and food lovers everywhere are now using goat milk. The goats who prance and gambol in the sunny, green valleys of central California are more than happy to accommodate this new popularity of their products. Our long-standing relationships with the best goat farmers throughout this region, assures that we’ll always have the freshest, finest, and most delicious milk, cheese, and butter for your kitchen. Thank you for joining us in our abiding passion for goats and their delightful milk. Please watch our site as our story continues to unfold.

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