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Eco-friendly paper, plastic and compostable products and organic, natural food and dog food.We think a healthy lifestyle should be affordable for everyone. To that end, we work hard to find high-quality organic and natural food for you, and purr-fectly dog-licious natural food for your furry family! We are proud of the range of products we offer, from organic tomatoes to natural vinegar. We also have a full line of eco-friendly paper, plastic and compostable products, and are constantly dreaming up (and pursuing) ideas for new products. Check Gary’s Blog often to keep up with the latest news.HistoryJody and I started Natural Value in 1995 with 25 products, and a mission to make natural and organic foods, and environmentally friendly nonfoods, affordable.We grew in size over the years. We added products, lost some. Have close to 200 now. We have 28 vendors as suppliers and we are looking to add 20 more who will supply us with another 150 products.We do business a little differently than most companies. We find one producer in each product category and stick with that one producer. No searching for the lowest price – we want quality products at a good price. We really and truly believe in partnerships.For the first 14 years, we did everything ourselves. My older daughter helped out for awhile but her interests were in other areas.After Jody had a life altering illness in December, 2008, we realized we couldn’t handle everything ourselves anymore. I had sworn I would never have employees again…but….We were fortunate to find Vaughn Patillo, who has been our sales, marketing, order desk, spreadsheet, distributor contact and go to person for 3 years now. See More

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Certifications & Awards
  1. Certified Kosher (1)
  2. Certified Organic (1)
  3. Fair Trade Certified (1)
  1. Gluten-Free (1)
  2. Organic (1)
  3. Vegan (1)
  4. Vegetarian (1)
Environmental and Social
  1. BPA Free (1)
  2. Fair Trade (1)
  3. Family-Owned Business (1)
Health & Ingredients
  1. Cholesterol Free (1)
  2. Low Sodium (1)
  3. Preservative Free (1)
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