Nature's Gate

You see the term “natural” in plenty of places these days, but Nature’s Gate’s products give the term a whole new meaning. Founders Leo and Vladimir turned their vision for this unique company into reality when they hand-collected rainwater, blended it with natural herbs from their herb shop, and created the very first Rainwater Herbal Shampoo approximately 40 years ago. They gave it away to their friends and customers of their store, and soon it became a hit along Venice Beach, California, one day becoming Nature’s Gate. Nature’s Gate intends to combine the power of natural ingredients with innovation and science to create affordable, safe, sustainable, and high quality products. The company is committed to using pure, sustainably harvested herbs, fruits and essential oils—without animal testing or animal-derived ingredients—making all of Nature’s Gate products cruelty free and vegan. Where the ingredients come from All the plants used by Nature’s Gate are certified organic, meaning they are farmed without the use of synthetic chemicals or herbicides. Instead, the company employs methods that naturally enhance soil structure, conserve water, and mitigate climate change. The organic ingredients are sourced from Bayliss Ranch, a nearby organic farm in Biggs, California, which minimizes the distance for transportation and the emissions. Additionally, the farm’s water supply is derived from rain and runoff of the adjacent Sierra Nevada snowpack. Aside from their commitment to organic and sustainable farming, Nature's Gate is very water conservative and have partnered with WaterAid to support the use of rainwater. This has helped families and children in Asia and Africa have long term access to safe, clean water. Nature’s Gate products The company has developed an extensive list of environmentally friendly shampoos, conditioners, and cleansers that are kind to your hair and skin. Nature's Gate Herbal Daily Shampoo This herbal shampoo gently cleanses hair with a balanced blend of herbs and botanicals such as sage, lavender, rosemary and thyme, which purify and revitalize hair. It’s ideal for everyday use on all hair types, leaving hair soft and manageable. Want to know what’s in the blend? Take a look a some of the ingredients: panthenol, soy proteins, vegetable proteins, jojoba oil, borage flower seed oil, vitamin C and vitamin E. Nature's Gate Aloe Vera Moisturizing Shampoo This shampoo is gentle on hair while helping to restore moisture. Its namesake ingredient, aloe vera, hydrates enough for everyday use, leaving hair replenished, manageable and silky smooth. Nature's Gate Jojoba Revitalizing Shampoo Nurturing jojoba oil and fortifying amino acids are combined to revitalize weakened hair. Rich in nutrients and vitamins, this shampoo is ideal for everyday use on damaged hair and will help leave it soft and bouncy. Nature's Gate Tea Tree Calming Shampoo This Tea Tree Shampoo gently cleanses hair to help balance irritated, flaky scalp. Naturally purifying tea tree oil is combined with a unique blend of herbs and a special blend of seven healthy hair nutrients to nourish, calm and soothe. This comforting shampoo is ideal for everyday use, leaving hair beautifully shiny and healthy. This shampoo defends color-treated hair from the damaging effects of UV rays, the environment, and hot tools. This lavish formula is made with pomegranate, sunflower and red tea leaf for their antioxidant properties, and Nature’s Gate’s blend of seven healthy hair nutrients to strengthen and revitalize hair. With daily use, this shampoo helps extend the vibrancy of your colored tresses. Nature's Gate Tea Tree Calming Conditioner Nature’s Gate Tea Tree Conditioner thoroughly conditions hair while helping to moisturize and balance an irritated, flaky scalp. Naturally purifying tea tree oil is combined with a unique blend of herbs and Nature’s Gate’s proprietary blend of seven healthy hair ingredients, helping nurture and fortify hair. Nature's Gate Biotin Strengthening Conditioner Nature’s Gate Biotin Conditioner helps nourish and smooth weak hair. Utilizing Biotin, an array of fortifying amino acids, and an exclusive blend of seven healthy hair nutrients, this conditioner helps revitalize thinning hair. Nature's Gate Creme de Mint Natural Toothpaste Brushing with this tasty and fluoride-free Crème de Mint toothpaste helps reduce dental plaque build-up and brightens teeth, all the while freshening breath and promoting oral health. The company’s unique formula contains an exclusive blend of oral health botanicals to leave your mouth feeling minty clean.

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