Pirate's Booty

Pirate’s Brand is proud to say that their snacks: Pirate’s Booty, Original Tings, and Smart Puffs, are made with natural ingredients that don’t contain any GMOs. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. In other words, plants that have been unnaturally grown using modern genetic engineering and product-altering chemicals.Because of the company’s dedication to non-GMO foods, they have partnered with The Non-GMO Project, a leading collective of nutritional researchers that aim to educate consumers about the potential risks of modern engineered food. The famous cheese puffs The year was 1980 and Robert Ehrlich—a trader on Wall Street—was craving a light yet fulfilling snack to keep him going during the long afternoons on the trading room floor. While wandering around the snack food aisle at a nearby grocery store, he was stunned by what he found, noticing that most of his favorite cheese puffs didn’t actually contain much cheese. Looking closer at the label, he realized the garishly orange powder was actually made of chemical ingredients and the nutritional facts pointed to just how unhealthy these snacks really were. Ehrlich was inspired and got to work in researching and developing a better snack. In 1987, he debuted the quirkily named Pirate’s Booty in stores around Manhattan. What separated his snack from the competition was the use of real cheese and all-natural ingredients that people could pronounce. Bags soon flew off the shelves and Pirate’s Booty became a bona fide sensation. Soon the company created other products like Original Tings—crunchy corns sticks—and Smart Puffs—baked cheese puffs—and rebranded themselves as Pirate Brands. According to Forbes, they’ve made more than 70 million dollars in sales since expanding nationally and are on a positive trajectory that will only continue to grow.

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