Healthy superfood products with full integrity that promote a better you.THE SAMBAZON SUPERFOOD STORYAs surfers growing up in Southern California, we were raised to believe that caring for our own health and happiness is just as important as caring for that of our community and our planet. This philosophy — of understanding that we are all connected — has always made sense with how we want to live our lives. It’s part of our role and our responsibility to seek a common wellbeing that lets us love how we live and live how we love.So, when I ventured to Brazil in 1999 with my buddy Ed (and later with my brother, Jeremy), we were in search of waves, but ended up falling in love with Brazil and its positive energy. We were overwhelmed by its scenery, its flavors, its people and its organic approach to health and vitality. From that first bowl full of the Amazon superfood açaí, we realized these superfoods were very special … and we knew from the start that we had to find a way to share them with the world in a way that mattered, and added value to everyone involved.We started Sambazon based on a philosophy called the Triple Bottom Line, which not only measures success economically, but also socially and environmentally. When a Triple Bottom Line business makes a profit, it’s a positive experience for everything and everyone involved, from the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest which provides amazing superfoods and botanicals, to the farmers who work the land and earn a healthy living, to our employees who translate this Amazon magic into next level products; and finally, to our customers who ultimately use these delicious powers to help further their own health and wellness missions. We feel that this is an awesome model of how businesses should operate and that with enough of them out there, then capitalism, in fact, can be a positive force for change and a major contributor to a sustainable future.From this vision, we created SAMBAZON’S PRINCIPLES OF PURPLE LOVE – a manifesto guiding us to always:1. Foster a healthy disregard for the impossible.2. Be fiercely committed to Sustainability + all things Organic/Non-GMO.3. Share Superfoods that energize the Body + Soul.4. Live an active lifestyle that’s centered around vibrant Health + Wellness.5. Be honest, upful, playful, open, curious, driven and humble.6. Trust in “One Tribe. One Vibe.” by being earnest, approachable and radically inclusive of all.7. Measure success through a Triple Bottom Line: Social + Environmental + Economic.We make healthy products with full integrity that promote a better you – the kind of you that lives better, works better, feels better and inspires the world to be a better place. That’s why we are organic, we believe in non-GMO and we support fair trade. It’s the reason we craft our recipes with superfood ingredients that provide epic flavors and amazing health benefits. Ingredients like Acerola Cherry to boost your immune system, Yerba Mate & Guarana for energy, and protein from whole food, vegan sources instead of processed isolates. The food we eat makes our minds bright, keeps our spirits high and fills our hearts with so much purple love we just gotta share.

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