Stacys Snacks

Dressed in nothing but sea salt, these delicious baked chips are artfully simple with an incredible crunch. Enjoy them straight from the bag, with your favorite dip, or paired with a wedge of cheese and a glass of wine. People always ask us what we mean by The Stacy's Way. We decided it was about time to set the record straight. WE HIRE SNOBS. Food snobs, that is. Our bakers are passionate about all things epicurean. WE'RE INCREDIBLY SLOW. We think time is an essential ingredient, which is why we devote up to 14 hours to bake each batch of our pita chips. That's just how long it takes to reach perfection. WE'RE STUBBORN. We know that only high quality, carefully select ingredients make the best pita chips. And we plan to keep it that way, even if it costs us a little more. WE DO THINGS OUR WAY. Because that's what it takes to make the best snacks on the planet. It's the harder way, but it's the better way. that's the stacy's way, and we're not messing with it

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