Rich and indulgent confections without refined sugars or artificial additives.SunSpire™ is one of the nation's leading producers of all-natural chocolate, with a proud reputation for crafting rich and indulgent confections that contain no refined sugars or artificial additives of any kind.All of our chocolates are made from the world’s richest cocoa beans, grown in select regions across the globe that lie within 10° north or south of the equator where cocoa is most pure. Using only the finest, all-natural ingredients, we expertly craft these premium beans into decadent chocolate products that boast the rich, true flavor and luscious, creamy texture that have long been SunSpire hallmarks.In addition to being known for our exacting quality standards, SunSpire is widely recognized for our role as a pioneer in the all-natural chocolate category. Over the years, we have provided health-conscious consumers with a growing assortment of innovative all-natural chocolate products, including baking morsels that are organic, Fair Trade Certified™, dairy-free and gluten-free, vegan, and carob. We pioneered the use of healthful alternative sweeteners, including developing our own all-natural sweetening methods that eliminate the need for refined sugars and meet a wide range of dietary requirements. We have redefined the dairy-free and gluten-free chocolate segment through our creamy and delicious Dairy Free Chocolate Dream candy bars and baking products, which are made from the same rich cocoa beans as our signature products but processed in one of the few facilities in the world that can guarantee products entirely free of dairy and gluten. And, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that consumers have convenient access to our delicious baking items and confections by making a wide assortment of SunSpire products available online and in natural and organic food stores nationwide.Committed to Social to ResponsibilitySunSpire is also known for our enduring commitment to social responsibility, and since we were established in 1979, we have worked diligently to make a positive impact on our planet. We achieve this goal through our Caring for Communities program, which provides hands-on support to the farmers in developing countries who grow and process our cocoa. We also proudly uphold global Fair Trade standards, insisting that our growers use sustainable farming methods that preserve natural resources for future generations, and ensuring that the cocoa growers who supply our ingredients enjoy fair labor conditions and equitable prices for their products.

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