Chocolate Brownie Zbar

Six 1.27 oz bars

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Six 1.27 oz bars

Why You’ll Love It

With Vitamins and minerals that are important for kids, no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial flavors or synthetic preservatives, this USDA Organic brownie treat is proof that kids can have a nutritious dessert and eat it, too.
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About This Brand

A better tasting bar made with nutritious, wholesome ingredients to sustain energy.Building a sustainable businessIn 1990, Gary Erickson set off on a one-day, 175-mile bicycle ride with his buddy Jay. As usual, he packed six energy bars for the ride—using the only bar on the market at the time. Halfway through the ride, exhausted and hungry, Gary realized he just couldn’t eat another unappetizing, sticky, hard-to-digest bar. Then and there, in a moment he now calls “the epiphany,” the inspiration for the CLIF® Bar was born.Gary took his idea to the best baker he knew, his mom, and for the next few months the two experimented with ingredients and recipes—mixing, baking and tossing out bars that weren’t good enough. Finally, Gary settled on the right recipe—a better tasting bar made with nutritious, wholesome ingredients to sustain energy. He named his creation CLIF Bar in honor of his father, Clifford, the man who introduced him to wilderness adventures and encouraged him to follow his...
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Organic Oat Blend (Organic Rolled Oats, Organic Oat Flour, Organic Oat Fiber), Organic Tapioca Syrup, Organic Cane Syrup, Organic Chocolate Chips (Organic Dried Cane Syrup, Organic Unsweetened Chocolate, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Soy Lecithin, Organic Vanilla Extract), Organic Fig Paste, Organic Cocoa, Organic Soy Butter (Organic Roasted Soybeans, Organic Soybean Oil, Salt), Organic Chocolate (Organic Dried Cane Syrup, Organic Unsweetened Chocolate, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Soy Lecithin, Organic Vanilla Extract), Natural Flavors, Organic Milled Flaxseed, Organic Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Baking Soda. Allergen statement: contains soy and peanuts. May contain traces of wheat and tree nuts.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Calories 120 Calories from Fat 30

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 3.5g 5%
Saturated Fat 1g 5%
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 135mg 6%
Total Carbohydrate 22g 7%
Dietary Fiber 3g 12%
Sugars 11g
Protein 2g 4%

Vitamin A 300 IU 6%
Vitamin C 21mg 35%
Calcium 200mg 20%
Iron 1.8mg 10%

Allergen statement: contains soy. May contain traces of milk, peanuts, wheat, and tree nuts.

Reviews For Chocolate Brownie Zbar

Based on 21 Reviews

Great for kids

We've been buying these for a couple years now from various grocery and big box stores. This is by far the best price anywhere. I'll always order several boxes at a time for this price. My daughter loves them, and they're great even for me when I'm getting a craving.

- David


My daughter loved these, they're a perfect snack for her lunch box.

- Patricia

Pretty Good

They are grainy but have a good flavor.

- Thrive User


The chocolate ZBars are delicious. I didn't buy them for a kid, they're for me. They are just as good for adults.

- Johanna


These brownie bars are seriously delicious! My kids love them and it's good to know that they aren't eating as much 'junk' as most other chocolate snacks have.

- Staci


Very tasty and I love the size---great portion control.

- Lynne

My daughter loves these

She had these as a sample at skateboarding class and always asked me to buy them. I was a little skeptical but they don't seem to be too bad even though they're chocolate and they do have some fiber so are good for a snack on busy days.

- Monica

A hit!

A hit with the kids (and adults too)!

- LB

Picky-eater Approved

I'm a bit (a lot, actually) of a picky eater, and I don't have time to cook. So I'm always looking for ways to get more fiber and nutrients into my food. These are an absolute godsend!

I don't have kids, I just eat like one, so the fact that these are chocolate is perfect. They are chewy, and very much like eating a good brownie. These have definitely helped with my calcium and fiber intake. and the bit of protein makes it good to hold me over for an hour or so before lunch.

- L. Poole

Delicious, nutritious, kid-and-Mom approved!

My son is super finicky about what he eats so I've been experimenting with some dessert motivation. I didn't want to give him anything too sweet or unhealthy, but I also wanted something that he would like enough to finish his veggies for. I stumbled upon these at a friend's house and my son gobbled them right up. After some more research (and trying them myself), I was please to find that the ingredients are all organic, and are a great source of fiber and protein. It was a little too sweet-tasting for me, but my son loved it, and the sugar content was relatively low so it was perfect! I still have to coax him to eat his veggies, but these Zbars definitely make it easier to speed him along. I'll pack one in his lunch as a treat every once in a while, and they're awesome to keep on hand for when we're out and needs a snack to tide him over until we get home.

- Cece

Turned down by the kids.

I was looking for a healthy snack for my kids and found these bars full of nutrients. My kids, unfortunately, did not approve of the taste. I found that odd but I can understand since they are slightly rich.

On the other hand, I have a sweet tooth so this certainly satisfied my craving. I can repurchase for myself to substitute for the real carb loaded brownies.

- R. Ginson

A healthy alternative kids love!

These are a great alternative to many on-the-go bars for both adult and children. They only have 11 grams of sugar so they are slightly healthier and my kids still love them! Healthier grab-n-go bars are sometimes a bit more pricey but this is a great price for these!

- Raquel Nelson

One of the Best Bars Around

Because they are brownie flavor, sometimes I imagine that they are fresh baked! I love that they are whole-grain and USDA-certified organic. My kids love these just as much as I do.

My only disappointment is that they are small. I wish they were larger so that I didn't have to eat 2 at a time!

- Alice Barker

Delicious and nutritious

Wonderful taste, cane sugar is the fifth ingredient, jam packed with vitamins and minerals, and a soft texture. I give this as an afternoon snack to my 18 month old daughter (1/3 of the bar of course) and she loves them. They really do give a LOT of energy! They are a smarter choice of snack than other products that are on the market for toddlers and kids!

- Christine


These make for a great dessert that I don't feel so guilty about. Everyone in the family loves them.

- Audra

Kids didn't go for it

I bought this as a way to entice my children to eat more healthy snacks. I liked the fact that this bar is all organic, including the chocolate chips and coconut butter, and that the sugar wasn't artificial.

Well, the proof's always in the flavor, and my kids didn't go wild over these. They thought they weren't sweet enough, and the truth is, I wanted more of a chocolate flavor to come through. They're healthy but not the best tasting bars.

- Bob McCormick

Adult-Friendly with Smaller Portions

I know it's made for kids, but I eat these for myself. They have a lot of decent nutrients in them, and because it's "kid-sized", it has a small serving size than a lot of the adult Clif bars. It has a decent amount of fiber and protein, and you'd be surprised, but it actually tastes pretty chocolate-like and delicious. I'm not sure they quite got the "brownie" part down, but it definitely is tasty enough to taste like a desert. I also enjoy the fact that it's organic. These are perfect when I'd rather have a real brownie.

- Aimee Salas

Brownies to feel good about!

I give these to my daughter as a treat and she loves them. I feel great about them knowing they are made with essential nutrients and vitamins. I also feel good knowing they don't have any corn syrup or artificial flavorings in them. My daughter raves over these and I sort of do too!

- Stacy P.

It’s like eating a real brownie!

My wife bought these for our two kids and I thought they wouldn’t like them. To my surprise, they love them. The whole family agrees they have a very real chocolate flavor. It’s like eating a real brownie! Excellent snack that includes necessary vitamins for growth.

- Ira Parker

Great for kids or adults!

These taste great and have a reasonable amount of nutrition. The chocolate flavor tastes just like real brownie! Highly recommended.

- Ms. R. Parks

Delicious bar

This is my favorite Zbar, lol! My daughter loves the chocolate chip ones, but I buy these too to mix things up, and so I can eat a few myself. This is an awesome healthy snack that doesn't taste like a health food.

- Belinda

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