Organic Raw Coconut Nectar

12 fl. oz bottle

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12 fl. oz bottle

Why You’ll Love It

Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Nectar is a naturally sweet, nutrient-rich, low glycemic sweetener. When the coconut tree is tapped, it produces a 'sap' that exudes from the coconut blossoms. This sap has a very low glycemic index score and contains 17 amino acids, minerals, vitamin C, broad-spectrum B vitamins, and has a nearly neutral pH. Raw and enzymatically alive, this is an ideal sweetener.
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About This Brand

It all began in the Spring of 2008, with an overwhelming desire to create a low glycemic, gluten-free snack line that was truly safe for diabetics, using the purest, most organic, least processed ingredients we could find.
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Organic coconut sap nectar.

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Serving Size 1 Tbsp (24g) Servings Per Container 24

Amount Per Serving

Calories 55

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g 0%
Sodium 20mg 1%
Total Carbohydrate 13g 4%
Sugars 13g
Protein 0g

Reviews For Organic Raw Coconut Nectar

Based on 27 Reviews

Now A Staple

I love this nectar and use it in everything from my oatmeal, to my tea. It's great over fruit too and in smoothies. Love it!

- Robin

Lovely alternative

This product is great! Im working on eliminating refined sugar in my diet and don't use much anymore, just a dime sized drop goes into my coffee every morning. I don't notice the taste difference one bit! I used this today to sweeten my homemade hemp milk. The only drawback is when pouring it out of the bottle there's always a long string attached so the cap gets messy, a poor design on a great product!

- Danielle Lemieux

Best sweetener I have used

I love this sweetener and use it in my tea. Adds a subtle, delicious flavor. So glad to have found this sugar subsitute.

- Liselotte

Fermented Taste

Overall, love the concept of this product and how its relatively low in sugar compared to other sweeteners. It does however have a little fermented sour taste, barely detectable. It is great overall!

- Jessica

Raw Coconut Nectar

It's great! I use it in my coffee for sweetner. Has a good taste, and easy to use!

- Sheri Burnett

Great alternative sweetener

I love coconut nectar - it's such a good alternative sweetener to sugar. It's low-glycemic and contains some great nutrients, including minerals and amino acids. It's delicious, has a nice rich flavor (but not coconut-y) and has so many uses from smoothies to desserts to on top of pancakes.

- Sarah

Not too sweet

I've used this ad maple syrup substitute for pancakes and sugar/honey substitute for some recipes and it has worked well for me.

- Pam W.


This Coconut Nectar is so good on everything from Coffee to... you name it... Try it!

- Irish in Texas

Organic Raw Coconut Nectar

Love this in my coffee. Not as sweet as agave nectar.

- Robin

Love this alt. sweetener

Has a pleasantly mild, sweet flavor, reminiscent of molasses. I use it in recipes that call for honey or maple syrup, and in my smoothies and sometimes coffee. Also has a very faint salinity which I find complementary.

- Stephanie

Great replacement for soy

Eating Paleo, I was so glad to find this soy replacement. Works good as a marinate, and also in stir fry.

- Kathleen

Lovely flavor

Nice flavor and not sickly sweet, which I object to.

- Willie

Great Substitute

I have used this as a sub for maple syrup in some of my vegan recipes - works wonderfully!

- cynfun72

Coconut Nectar

Bought this by mistake, but looking forward to trying it.

- marlene

Organic Raw Coconut Nectar

Love it!!! It's now one of my staples. I love it on oatmeal and in my shakes. I've also used in to replace sugar in some recipes. GREAT!

- Robin

The Angels N Me

I never had it before I love it.

- Anna

Decadent healthy alternative!

This is a great low glycemic sub for other artificial super sugary syrups. It's really thick and almost carmel like. I put it on oats or even sweet potatoes!

- Janina

Coconut Secret Coconut Nectar

This is the very best sugar substitute I have found for both flavor and low on the glycemic index.

- Thrive User

I'm Not Bitter, But the Coconut Nectar Is.... Just a Smidge

I found this to be bitter in taste. Almost burnt. It's the first time I'v tried natural coconut nectar so I have no idea if that's how it's supposed to taste, but it's definitely not a good alternative to agave or honey for coffee due to it adding a bitter flavor. Makes the coffee taste burnt.

- Sora

Better Than Others

Love this sweetener! So much healthier than cane sugar or agave nectar! Slight molasses flavor, but when mixed in a recipe can't really taste that. Absolutely love this in my raw vegan sweetened dishes!

- Beth

Interesting taste

This stuff is pretty good. Like a very sweet coconut. I love using coconut products in my kitchen and Coconut Secret is the #1 name in coconut products.

I don't use this for everything, as I find many things still taste better with real sugar. I do, however, like to use this stuff in baking though!

- Nancy Greg

Great sweetener

I really like this stuff. It makes a great replacement for sugar in many things. I bake with it and cook with it.It adds an interesting, sweet flavor to everything you use it with. I also like to use it in my coffee.

So much better for you than regular sugar and way better than fake chemical sweeteners.

- Kori Popham

Nice way to sweeten things

I like this sweetener as a substitute for a lot of things that have added sugar. It's good on pancakes and waffles, in tea or coffee and added to shakes as another reviewer mentioned.

I also add this and cut the brown sugar out of my cookie recipes, and I get a wonderful coconut flavor and a lot less calories and sugar. This is a really useful sweetener that's also safe for gluten-free and vegan diets.

- Edara C.

Great in place of sugar

I'm cutting down on my sugar intake, so this sweetener is the ideal product for me. I use it in coffee, and only need a little to get that fix. Plus the coconut flavor makes my coffee taste expensive, like I went to Starbucks or something! The sugar comes naturally from pure coconuts, so my body isn't trying to metabolize artificial sugar, which is really bad for your body.

- Eric Cobb


I use this as a semi-replacement for sugar. I add it to my baked goods and pancakes and it tastes wonderful! I really enjoy this in a good cup of tea. It is sweet and has it's own distinct flavor that makes it really tasty. This coconut sweetener is a great alternative to sugar.

- S. Price

Great Sweetener!

This coconut sweetener is addicting. I use it in smoothies to add a bit of sweet (especially my green smoothies) and also tea. It tastes amazing, though, in coffee. The coconut flavor in this is absolutely amazing and I love that it's organic and GMO free. It is also great to find it at such a great price!

- Scott K.

Great for Coffee

I enjoy the taste of this, and it's been fantastic as a sweetener. I really don't like a bitter coffee, and this seems to have been the solution. It doesn't have the aftertaste of stevia, and while it gives my coffee a bit of a unique taste, it also is quite delicious to drink once you get used to it. The glass bottle even looks pretty elegant, so I'm happy displaying it near my "coffee station". (Husband's words, not mine!)

Price on Thrive is great too. Other online retailers have wanted $13+ for a bottle. That's insane! My membership to Thrive is going to pay off in just the savings from this!

- Jen E.

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