Smart Floss

30 yard pack

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30 yard pack

Why You’ll Love It

Dr. Tung's Smart Floss is clinically proven to remove up to 55% more plaque than regular flosses. It stretches and expands into interdental spaces to clean better. This high-performance floss is suitable for everyone––people with tight spaces, wider spaces, and.even braces. This revolutionary floss is also gentler on gums because it is cushion-soft and can stretch.
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About This Brand

Our products have grown out of a passion for bringing healthy smiles naturally. Since our small beginnings, Dr. Tung's has always been on the leading edge - we introduced the first commercially available tongue cleaner in 1997, before tongue cleaning was commonly known in the USA, and we now provide innovative products for fresher breath and healthier smiles to major natural supermarkets and health stores across the country.
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Reviews For Smart Floss

Based on 29 Reviews

Very Best Floss

I'll never use another brand. This is the best!! It gets in between my teeth and does not cut my gums. Perfect!

- Robin

Soft and Delicious

I am loving the cardamom flavor of Dr. Tung's Smart Floss. The floss is soft and strong - and working really well with my inflamed gums. I plan to keep using it.

- Anna

It's Magic Floss!

This floss is like no other I've used before. After wrapping it around your fingers, you give it a few light tugs and then proceed to floss. The tugging motion expands the floss to a thicker, cottony texture but still glides through even tight spaces. It really does pick up way more particles than ordinary floss. The cardamom flavor is very faint, almost non-existant which I appreciate. This will be the only floss we buy from here on out!

- Lisa Gelhausen

The Best!

I have tightly spaced teeth but I enjoy a thicker floss like this one to really grab everything. Other flosses I have used break while I use them, but not the case here ( yea!). This is THE BEST I've ever used AND biodegradable! Also, it has a pleasant taste

- Lisa Kuria

Wouldn't Go Back to Others.

Smart Floss has thicker coverage without wax. Because it's somewhat elastic it doesn't break at tight spots. I use less as a result. Now flossing feels more complete and satisfying.


Best floss ever used!

If you are not keen on cardamom flavour (subtle), skip this....otherwise, it is simply the best!

- Lisa

Dr. Tungs Smart Floss

This is the BEST floss I've ever used! Great thickness, texture, taste, packaging AND it's all natural. I keep this floss in my bathroom, my purse and my car. Don't ever want to go back to those commercial flosses again!

- Susan

better floss!

It really seems to pull more gunk out from between my teeth. Its not as thin as glide ... but it really works and may mean I don't have to go to dentist as often.

- Kristen

Really The Best Floss

The best floss I've ever used. It's sort of stretchy and spongy and unlike the usual dental floss. My mouth feels much cleaner after using it.

- A.W.


The best floss I have doesn't get stuck in my teeth.

- Brenda

Best Floss Ever!

Makes flossing easy and almost pleasurable! I will never use any other brand again. :-)

- Susan


This floss is thin and smooth, so it is easy to get in between your teeth. It has a light, sweet flavor and leaves your teeth feeling great.

- Ranie

Fantastic Floss

Wow! This really does clear out all the junk!

- Rebecca


I can't use any other floss. This floss rocks.

- Sarah

Not for me...

This floss has an odd taste to it that I just can't get past. It works well, but the taste...augh.

- suzyqz

Smart Floss

Unfortunately this floss did not work out well for me. It seemed to shred and got stuck between my teeth and I did spend a lot of time trying to get it out.

- Denise

No shredding - great for tight spaces

Thicker like woven floss but absolutely no shredding. Great flavor. Great for getting into very tightly spaced teeth. Isn't wire thin, super slick, and cutting like Glide floss can be.

- Stephanie

Amazing Floss

I despise flossing. Really. If I could get away with never doing it, I would be 2% happier. But I also have gums that bleed if I don't floss. So, my hygienist tells me every time I see her how critical it is for me to consistently floss twice a day to keep the gum pockets away. Yup. Twice. So, I force myself to do it. Prior to trying Dr. Tung's, I'd settled on using a combination of Glide and the fuzzy Oral B floss. Glide feels like it gets nothing off of my teeth, and the fuzzy floss breaks apart and little filaments get stuck between my teeth. Enter Dr. Tung's, another find I would have never come across if not for Thrive. It's miracle floss. The typical inflammation I experience in one particularly troublesome gum area is already way down after two days of using this stuff religiously. The only other thing that gets that area in shape is a deep dental cleaning. So the Dr. Tung's floss is seriously effective stuff. I can get deep down into the groove between the gum and tooth and scrape up anything in there, which is how I've been instructed to floss. Slowly and with a lot of deep and deliberate upward scraping. Delightful! Dr. Tung's is at least as abrasive as the Oral B expanding floss, but with the strength and ease of use afforded by Glide. It's perfect, and I will never go back to any other kind of floss again.

- Gabby


Loved having these crushed tomatoes in a jar!! Makes me feel better about the product when they are stored in a healthy container!

- Christina

Best ever

FYI - I hate flossing. This floss is the best. I won't go back to any other. Also, it is not mint flavored which is something I avoid.

- Joanne

Removes tartar better

I have been getting my teeth cleaned every 4 months due to excessive plaque and tartar even though I brush and floss consistently 2-3 times daily. My last checkup was the best it has been and the only change I made was to Smart Floss.

- Terri

Good Job

The material used is the right thickness and texture to really clean your teeth. Love it!

- Paula

Excellent floss.

Love it.

- Jeffrey

Best floss ever!

Seriously, try this and you'll never go back to normal floss again. The string is thick and seems to do a better job flossing than your typical floss. Extra bonus of the thickness is that it doesn't break or fray easily. The cardamom flavor is great too - not minty, but not weird either. We always have a bunch of these on hand so we don't run out!

- Michelle

Enjoyable taste

I've never had a floss that had a flavor before, so this is definitely a first! It isn't entirely tasteless. It has a slight tea-like flavor to it. It's not unpleasant at all, but instead, it tastes pretty neat. It's a fascinating, yet light, taste that I really enjoy, and I find myself looking forward to flossing most nights.

- Dana Hovis

Amazing Floss!

This was a surprising adventure for me. This is really unlike any other dental floss I've used before. Instead of feeling like an ungiving plastic, this feels much more like a plastic that stretches and moves with my hands. It glides really nicely on the teeth, and I haven't had any issue with it irritating or harming my gums either. This stuff seems to be leagues and bounds above standard, eco-unfriendly stuff.

- Karen Smith

Fun Floss

Is it possible for floss to be fun? I love the rotating case, not to mention the joy of a substantial floss that will work with my tightly spaced teeth. The only drawback is the price.

- Celeste


Your teeth will sparkle with happiness after using this floss. It's nice and thick for extra cleaning surface but still easy to use between my tightly spaced teeth. Worth the splurge.

- MizzMouse

Works great!

i love the "spongy" thread as I feel like it does a better job cleaning.

- Catherine

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