VeganEgg, 100% Plant Based

4 oz pouch

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4 oz pouch

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Enjoy the taste and texture of eggs with 100% plant-based VeganEggs! Simply whisk or blend with ice-cold water to use in any and all eggs recipes, including scrambles, omelets, quiche, cookies, cakes, and more! 4 oz. carton makes a dozen cholesterol- and dairy-free "eggs."
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About This Brand

In 1970, four friends got together and created the Follow Your Heart® Market and Restaurant in Canoga Park, California. From these small quarters, we served vegetarian soups, sandwiches, and salads to a growing vegetarian community. Eventually, the ever-increasing need for new vegetarian products led us to put our energy and ingenuity into creating our own line of all natural foods.
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Whole algal flour, whole algal protein, modified cellulose, cellulose, gellan gum, calcium lactate (plant source), carrageenan, nutritional yeast, black salt

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 2 Tbsp (10g) Servings Per Container Approx. 12

Amount Per Serving

Calories 40 Calories from Fat 15

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 1.5g 2%
Saturated Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 110mg 5%
Total Carbohydrate 4g 1%
Dietary Fiber 4g 16%
Sugars 0g
Protein 1g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 10%
Iron 2%

Reviews For VeganEgg, 100% Plant Based

Based on 56 Reviews

Great for egg allergy!

My son is allergic to eggs so I bought these to make scrambled eggs for him. They have a similar look, taste and texture and he really likes them. My wife and I tasted them and (although they're not quite as good as the real thing) we found them to be good enough to fool most people. Add cheese near the end of the cooking to make them even better (if you're not vegan, of course).

Also, the best egg substitute I've found for baking.

- Devlin

the real thing!!

i tried this a while back, but i remember the taste and texture almost being so real to real eggs. they are perfect for vegans that miss eating eggs!

- leticia vera

I was so surprised!

I was really impressed with how great this product was! I've used it in baking and it is perfect!

- CB

So Cool!

These puppies have been great for baking but I have yet to use for anything else. I will definitely be adding this to my pantry on the regular.

- Rebecca


I haven't been able to eat a scrambled egg in at least 10 years since I am allergic to egg protein. But my wife ordered this from Amazon last week and we had it for breakfast this morning. This product is delicious, even smells like egg yolk. Mixed it with a little bit of ham and cheese and Mrs Dash spices and it was, (as my wife likes to say when something is really delicious,) YUMMY.
thank you very much

- Russ Bennett


I've used this as an egg baking substitute, in a breakfast burrito, and even dumplings, all of which have turned out fantastic! I've tried other egg replacer brands but nothing comes close to a real egg like this does. Dare I say it even smells somewhat like an egg???? Great taste regardless, no grainy texture. Use cold water like the directions ask.

- Leah

vegan eggs

My family have tried many different kinds of vegan eggs and we had never been satisfied with any of them until we tried your vegan eggs. they are so easy to make, look like eggs and taste so good!!! We will be ordering more

- Shisha

Best Egg Substitute Ever

Not just for scrambles and omelettes, it's great for baking and sauces too.

- Joe

Probably good if you forgot what eggs really taste like.

I've secretly swapped out a few of my family's favorite omnivore meals for vegan meals. Total success on several fronts.

But these eggs were really odd. They looked and smelled just like eggs. But they were gelatinous and the "egg" flavor that was added was too sulphur-ish. It kind of made me gag. If you forgot what eggs really taste like, then maybe it works?

Anyway still giving two stars because it's pretty good as a baking substitute. Not quite as binding as I'd like. But nobody noticed them in the vegan pancakes this weekend.

- Tobi


I was devastated when I got the news that I was allergic to eggs. I spent the following 3 years trying to find a way to replicate my favorite breakfast food. And FINALLY Vegan Egg came and saved my sanity!

There are a couple of tricks you need to know, however, when using it. First, it may seem set and cooked in a very short time, much like real eggs, but believe me, THEY ARE NOT DONE. You need to cook these much longer than real eggs, or they will end up with a weird spongy texture.

If you are baking with them/using in a recipe, you need to reduce the amount of water with each egg added. For 1 egg, you use the full 1/2 cup of water, for 2 eggs, you use 3/4 cup of water, every egg after that you add just 1/4 cup of water.

I eat these almost every single day. I add more Kala Namak salt to up the egginess of it (you do need to add salt anyway), plus a dash of onion powder and pepper. I have found that if I try to add things in like for a scramble, they will usually end up outside of the vegan egg, so I just combine for a scramble after everything is cooked.

- Dina


Good texture, but need to be properly seasoned to maximize the flavor because on their own they are quite bland. I do recommend the product though, makes great vegan scrambled "eggs"!

- Elena


I am in love with this versatile product! Black salt adds more egg flavor if one wants more.

- Kathryn

Great scrambled eggs!

Great product, I usually add more salt and yeast flakes. Great for sandwiches and just plain with vegan cheese~!

- Nancy


I'm in a learning curve, but I love this powder. It's so puffy, less is more. It's easy & it works as instructed. I'm not a fan of salt so I enjoy adding salty ingredients the plain algae needs. Seaweed works. I made scrambled egg & a cauliflower pizza crust. Next is frittata.

- Lillian Weddle

Vegan Eggs

Excellent product. Makes a pretty good batch of scrambled eggs and is an excellent egg replacement in recipes. I will continue to purchase it. Thrive has the best price.

- cfrederickson

Vegans can now enjoy their eggs!

This is a great product that mimics the taste and texture of scrambled eggs quite admirably. The prep work is simple: whisk 2 tablespoons of VeganEgg with 1/2 cup cold water to replace one egg. The applications are almost endless: scrambled, omelette, baking, quiche, etc. Just be sure to measure the exact amount to prevent it from being to runny or too thick. I enjoy topping mine with salsa and Daiya cheese substitute! I just wish the price was a bit more comparable to a dozen eggs, the equivalent of the 4-oz. carton of VeganEgg.

- Nadine

Vegan thrivalist

Great product will be buying again and I just love the thrive packaging.

- Ciara

Scrambled "Eggs"

I'm not currently a baker so I want "eggs" not ingredients! Like Vegan Egg a LOT! Quick to prepare and looks and tastes pretty much like chicken eggs!
Packaging is "cute" but would prefer a zip-lock baggie or some other method to hold the powder. Found it a little messy and lost some of the egg powder because of it.
Will buy long as the price can be held down. See the product at other places much higher.
As of now, I am a "fan."

- Charlotte


Taste and smells just like eggs, my bf who isn't vegan, loved these!

- Moe3086

Have to work with it

This is my first time using vegan eggs; I finally decided to go for it. I like the flavor, but you have to work with it to get the right consistency. Finally got the hang of it on my third try. Just ordered two more! Now I can experiment with it to make my famous mac and cheese and baked goods!

- Dorothy

Can't get it right

I was so excited to receive my product. It came earlier than expected and I attempted to make it that evening. Needless to say something went totally wrong. The texture to me was terrible and I couldn't eat it, my husband ate it as did my 1 yr old twins. My husband didn't enjoy it. I tried to make just one egg and still didn't get it right. I will keep trying though because I'm sure it is good once you get the hang of it.

- Rebecca


Easy substitute that is versatile too. The only thing to note is when made per directions it measures bigger than an egg. So experiment with it a little.

- Pamela

Just like Eggs

The product looks and smells like eggs. My son can now enjoy yummy omelets.

- Ayme

Best Vegan 'Egg'

I consider tofu scramble kind of a specialty of mine, and this vegan 'egg' makes a better scramble than even scrambled tofu. This is the most egg-like texture of any vegan 'egg' I have ever tried. I recommend mixing it in a blender. The package is NOT kidding when it says stir/scramble constantly. Season with your favorite spices, add in some fried potato chunks and vegan bacon and you have yourself one delectable vegan scramble for breakfast!

- Andrea


Love this product! For all you vegans out there.. Eat ur eggs and feel good about it. Defiantly need the ice cold water for texture purposes. Yum :)

- Mollie

Great egg substitute

After going vegan, having egg sandwiches was the thing I missed most. This is so perfect

- Stacy

Almost an amazing egg

This cooks up well in consistency as an egg in almost all forms. Smells like egg, but doesn't exactly taste like egg (Close Though). To cook for egg-salad use less water. Follow directions, Ice cold water is best when mixing. Great Product.

- Jeffrey


As a new vegan I wanted something to replace my morning eggs for breakfast. This was great!!!!!

- Brittany


Finally the vegans in the family can enjoy the same yummy omelettes that the non-vegans enjoy. Hooray.

- Thrive User

Egglike, but...

I was actually pretty impressed with this product when I scrambled it up for breakfast. The consistency was really true to the real thing. However, the taste wasn't appealing to me. I think it could possibly taste good if you scrambled some other things with it like salsa, onions, etc. On its own, it's not so tasty.


Not much flavor, but good egg substitute

Easy and foolproof. I wouldn't use it as a stand-alone scrambled egg because the flavor just isn't there, but it would be good in a breakfast sammie, burrito or the likes. The packaging doesn't make it clear, but within the carton is one bag that contains the powder mixture. I only tried it scrambled so I can't attest to how it would do in a baked dish.

- Abigail


I am allergic to eggs and this is the best substitute I have found yet!! Love!

- Dana

Surprisingly Eggy

Directions say to mix 2 tbsp w/ 1/2 cup ice water... Makes volume of 2 (not 1) small eggs IMO. However great texture.. bland taste. Scrambled with black pepper, salt substitute and non dairy cheese shreds helped a lot to boost flavor. Cooked in pan came out fluffy, but scrambles doesn't burn like real eggs. Can't wait to make quiche!

omlette feind

- Thrive User


This Vegan Egg is awesome. Scrambled or omelette style, this EGG works and taste great!

- Jeffrey


First Vegan Egg sandwich I thought I died and went to heaven. Vegan for 6 months after my heart told me 72 years of gluttonous animal eating is enough. This product is delicious and better than eggs, thank you! Doug

- Doug


Texture amazingly close to real eggs! No, they don't taste 100% the same as eggs, but with seasoning I actually prefer their taste over eggs. A wonderful vegan creation. Can't wait to try them in recipes.

- Donna

best vegan product in a while!

I love these fake eggs! They are very similar to egg texture. Eggs are one of the only things I've missed since going vegan, so these are especially great!

- sheryl

Life changer!

This product has transformed our lives! First time we've been able to make egg dishes since 2002, when my husband and I were diagnosed with CD, dairy and egg allergies. We love, love, love being able to have scrambled eggs, french toast, omelettes, real pumpkin pie and so many other things again. And I like the taste better than real eggs. We've tried lots of different egg subs and this one is the best. If I could, I'd give the creator a big hug!

- Suzanne


Try it. Trust me. I was finally able to have some non-soggy and delicious French toast. This will become a pantry staple!

- Ava

I'm a huge fan!

Scrambled eggs and egg sandwiches were the hardest things to give up when I went vegan, because there weren't any good alternatives. Until now! I'm entirely satisfied with the flavor and texture of scrambled VeganEgg. I've reordered several times already!

- Angela


Smell and texture are very close to egg. Taste is somewhat close, but a little weak. They are great for cooking dishes that normally contain egg as part of the dish. Not as good for making something like scrambled "eggs", but certainly passable for this too.

- Tara Prizito


I've made it for my non-vegan family members and they had no idea it wasn't really eggs. So good!

- Isis

Vegan eggs

It is such a good idea because I'm lactose and tolerant so now I can actually eat eggs

- Susan

Vegan eggs

I had the eggs yesterday and they were very good I love the product.,

- Thera Wells

Vegan egg

I want to more vegan eggs, why I cannot go back my orders

- Pauline u

Egg thoughts.

I was so excited about this product when I received it. During breakfast I made my first scrambled egg, going by their direction. It took awhile to cook, even when I scrambled it. While it was cooking it looked a bit runny. So finally I gave up and put it on my plate. As soon as it lay on my plate it wasn't runny as much. I took a bite it was delicious. The texture was a bit gummy at first, but good. Maybe I just need to practice more in prepping this egg and get better at it.

- Reynaldo Aquino

Works for me!

Some who say they have allergies really mean they do not like the taste of something. Not me. I love the taste of eggs. But, eggs do not like me. This stuff tastes like eggs and looks like eggs. I LOVE it! By far the best I have ever found! Thanks!

- OaktownMike

Vegan Egg

As a vegan I have not eaten an egg in about 30 years. I always liked them, but gave up on the idea. When I discovered "Vegan Egg" by accident my curiosity got the best of me and I had to try it. I have been eating the twice a day on average for several weeks and just can't get enough. The consistency is great, the texture is genuine and the taste is wonderful. My Labrador chases me all over the house when she knows I am cooking up a batch so I am forced to share. I am lucky my wife is not a vegan and eats regular eggs otherwise between the two of them I'd be the odd man out. I highly recommend them. It is suggested that you cook them for 6 to 8 minutes, but I turn the heat way up and continue to scramble the eggs so they don't have the opportunity to burn. It takes me about 4 minutes and I spread them on warm whole wheat toast with just a touch of salt and some organic ketchup and I am pig in mud. Try them. If you like eggs you love the Vegan Egg product.

- buzz

Vegan egg

We absolutely love the vegan egg! we've only used it as a scrambled egg. Highly recommend, but the key is mixing with ice cold water. Makes a big difference in the consistency.

- Kimberly


I love this product!

- Roger

Great for baking

I like this for baking, but didn't like the flavor as just regular scrambled egg.

- Susan Barrons


Wow -- these are so good! Just like scrambled eggs. I even made a delicious omelet.

- Denise


These were really good! They were super quick and easy to whip up! Will definitely be buying more. I am going to try to make a quiche with these.

- Amelia

vegan egg

perfect, texture and taste like a scrambled egg

- brian

Next best thing

These must be as close as you can get to a real egg. Consistency is something to get used to, but tastes really good! Great price here at THRIVE compared to our local natural food store!!! So excited to order them once they're back in stock!

- Jennifer

Better than Eggs

This stuff is delicious and incredibly close to real eggs! The texture is identical and the taste is very close. It's mostly made of algal, but you can taste a little garbanzo bean flour. I like to add some of Bragg's nutritional yeast on top to take it to the next level.
Make sure you follow the directions closely because not using ice cold water or not blending it thoroughly can affect the texture.
This product is impressive, amazing, and I will continue to buy it forever. It is 100% worth the price. I'm vegan, but this product would also appeal to anyone who just wants to eat eggs that are roughly 1/2 the calories and cholesterol free.

- Lauren

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