FSC Unbleached Parchment Baking Paper 70 sq ft

70 sq ft roll

Retail Price: $6.19

Our Price: $4.49 (Save 27%)

70 sq ft roll

Why You’ll Love It

Say goodbye to endlessly scraping and soaking dishware with caked-on food when you use If You Care FSC Unbleached Parchment Baking Paper. This handy tool makes cleanup in your kitchen easier than ever and, best of all, saves you time. When you’re done using it, just roll it up, toss it in the trash, and enjoy your delicious, baked goodies.
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About This Brand

Kitchen and household products crafted to have the least environmental impact. If You Care was conceived of as a brand of environmentally friendly kitchen and household products. The first If You Care products were unbleached coffee filters, and they were launched in 1990. These were the first unbleached coffee filters in the U.S. All If You Care paper products are unbleached and totally chlorine free. Since no chlorine is used for bleaching, no chlorine is dumped into our lakes, rivers and streams.
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100% unbleached greaseproof paper, silicone coated - derived from silicon found in sand/quartz/rock and 100% recycle unbleached cardboard.

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Reviews For FSC Unbleached Parchment Baking Paper 70 sq ft

Based on 29 Reviews

Solid product

The parchment paper performs as expected. The packaging is not as solid as I'd like as it wears down after continued use but, the parchment paper is definitely a solid product. Recommend this.

- Linda

The BEST paper to use at the BEST PRICE

I love this paper. The white paper alway rolls and won't stay flat in the pan also it is only good to use once. This lays nice and flat in the pan and I can use it over and over as I bake. I just made a wedding cake and was able to use the same 8 , 10 and 12 inch rounds 4 times each. It really is worth getting. I have paid as much as $10 a roll for this on other sites. I just paid less than $5 a roll here. This is a great site I will tell my friends.

- Leona

Pretty Good Parchment

Burns a little under high heats, but works well

- Leeza

Unbleached Parchment Baking Paper

The parchment paper is great and we have re-ordered more than once. It would be perfect if the box held together a bit better. By about halfway through the roll, I am having to hold the end of the box together to rip off the piece of paper and by the end, I am using scissors. If it wasn't for the box, I would give this product 5 stars.

- Sharon

Best deal ever

Always in my cart.

- A2s

Old friends

Use this parchment paper almost daily. A kitchen staple.

- Beth

Basically Can't Live Without It

I use this baking paper on the daily. I use it for all of my oil free cooking, baking, everything! It's the only thing I'll use. So essential in general not just for oil-free

- Deanna

Parchment Paper

Makes baking so easy. Also can't believe how much paper there is. Yes, I recommend it.

- Roberta

Great Product!

I avoid using paper when I can, to save any unnecessary garbage, so this lasts me quite a while! And the price is right. It's hard to find a parchment paper not bleached and sprayed down with something, so this is perfect.

- Anna

Perfect Parchment Paper

Works like a charm without spraying pan. I never considered that it could be reusable.

- William

Necessary for Oil Free

I use this legit EVERYDAY. For real I use it for baking oil free EVERYTHING. I roast veggies using this paper, I've used it for oil free cookies... Everything you could think of. It works perfectly and easy clean up. Love this product will continue to repurchase.

- Deanna


Love and Use this paper often. However, not a great price here: I buy mine for $3.99 at the most at local Natural Foods Store.

- Rachael

Durable and reusable!

Too many good things to say about this product. First off, there are no added chemicals to this product. Also, clean-up is so easy! You don't need to use cooking spray so that cuts out a few calories and you can reuse it quite a few times! I bake just about everything on the paper and I'm so happy to have come across such an awesome product!

- Pauline Conner

Awesome Stuff!

Awesome find, great parchment paper! Great price from Thrive Market!

- Justine

Nice paper, but...

I really like this parchment paper, but they need to do something about their packaging. The box totally fell apart and the cutting edge was non-existent. Put in an empty waxed paper box.

- Melodie

Great Product

I always line my baking sheets these days. This paper works great and is a great price.

- Erin

Works Perfectly

Works just as regular parchment paper would. Wonderful product and company. Will continue to buy this.

- Deanna

Best around.

I can't even touch this parchment in the store for anywhere under $5.00. Love it. Thanks, Thrive.

- Laura

Good stuff

I love this stuff especially that it is safe for the environment as well as me. It works the same as the bleached bad for everything stuff and because it is on a roll I can use just what I need.

- Beth

works great

I have wanted to buy a Silpat for some time now but have been avoiding it due to cost. Recently I came across this parchment paper here on Thrive Market. I love that it is unbleached and has a natural silicone coating. I also like that it is affordable.

It works great and the food slides right off. The sheets are reuseable, making it even more economical.

- Art Stampley

The safe paper

I feel much safer using this paper in my oven than any other. I know what temp it can be heated up to and I know it isn't poisoning my food with bleach and other awful chemicals.

I do care, and I know that Thrive Market does too! That's why they sell this and I buy it!

- Nita W

The good way to cool

I use parchment paper for many things in my day to day life, but mostly it is where I put cookies to cool and to keep them from sticking to each other.

I like this unbleached parchment paper for so many reasons, one of which is that it is truly eco-friendly. You can't tell the difference between this product and your usual parchment.

- Niles Arrow

Saves Me Cleaning Time

I never knew that my parchment paper had bleach in it. I've been trying to reduce toxins in all of my food, but I'd never consider my food prep routine. Tried out this parchment paper, and it has worked really well! The cookies come off of the baking pans, and I don't have to worry about doing hard-core cleaning on the baking pan.

As others have mentioned, though, the box doesn't really have a great sharp edge to cut the paper. I usually use scissors, and I get a nice, clean cut, but it'd be nice if they redesigned the box to cut a bit better.

- KK

Toxin Free Parchment Paper, Great Idea!

Who would have thought there were harmful chemicals in parchment paper. I'm thrilled to have found a toxin free parchment paper. No chlorine like many of the off brands.

This kitchen staple, purchased at a great price from Thrive, is biodegradable and has no artificial coloring or additives. These things could rub off during cooking and create toxins in your foods.

- Jeffrey Jensen

Works Great But Hard To Cut

Others have commented that If You Care doesn't do a good job on the cutter for this parchment paper. That would be accurate, and it's a shame, because this is a high-end product.

It's coated with naturally derived silicon, and has no bleach. I wish the cutter was easier to use because I get uneven sheets. Other than that, the price is fantastic and the product works very well.

- Fallon Cortez

Fine, needs better package

The best thing about this parchment paper is the price on Thrive Market. It beats Amazon more than two to one, which is great.

I like the size too, because I'm a caterer, and I work with bulk food. This paper's tough and doesn't stick at all, so it does the job. But the package needs work. The cutting edges don't work, so it throws everything off. If You Care needs to do better on that end.

- Fiona Carter

Saving our bodies from poison

If You Care's doing a good thing. They're trying to make products that are free of the toxins that are in just about every product today. I use parchment paper a lot for baking. Didn't know it had bleach.

This version is unbleached, so it doesn't transfer anything bad to your food. It's also very strong and non stick. Love the fact that I'm cooking with something safe

- Frank C.

Best for cooking

We're eating healthier, and that includes the kind of foil and parchment paper I use for cooking. I saw this at Whole Foods, but the price was more than I wanted to pay. I searched online, and found Thrive was the best price. Amazon has this for $10, but Thrive is less than half! Unbelievable.

The paper is great, no grease or oil. Food comes right off without sticking and I can use the paper again because it's so clean after the first use. Awesome product, great price. Worth the Thrive membership alone.

- Faye Collier

A better parchment paper

I don't use parchment paper a lot, but I often wondered if there was something better for me than the cheap stuff I picked up at the dollar store.

While I like this paper, the price is a little high for me. Although, since I don't use it often it does last me awhile and saves me money in the long run.

I feel safer using it with my foods, and I like that it is unbleached, meaning it helps keep harmful chemicals from my food too.

- C.Show

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