Paleo Coconut Flakes Cereal

8.5 oz Package

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8.5 oz Package

Why You’ll Love It

Julian Bakery makes the contents of each 8.5 oz. box with only three ingredients: coconut meat, coconut water, and palm starch. With no artificial ingredients or preservatives, you can enjoy your meal knowing it’s naturally low-carb, cholesterol-free, and gluten-free, and also benefitting your body with so much good-for-you coconut. See More
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About This Brand

The Julian Bakery makes the highest quality, low-carb bread, and gluten-free bread on the market. All their products feature only the finest ingredients that maximize the nutritional content in every bite. The Julian Bakery has been in business since 1990 and now specializes in GMO-free, gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, Paleo, Vegan, and Pegan Products.
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Coconut meat, coconut water, and palm starch.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 30g Servings Per Container 10

Amount Per Serving

Calories 160 Calories from Fat 110

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 12g 19%
Saturated Fat 11g 53%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 15mg 1%
Total Carbohydrate 14g 5%
Dietary Fiber 7g 28%
Sugars 5g
Protein 2g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 2%
Calcium 4%
Iron 4%

Why You’ll Love Paleo Coconut Flakes Cereal

Mornings can be rough, but there are ways to wake up on a brighter side. Julian Bakery Paleo Coconut Flakes Cereal is a filling breakfast that’s packed full of healthy fat and fiber to get you going every day. Unlike other cereals that have loads of sugar, these tasty flakes only have five grams in each serving, which means you’ll get a boost of energy without the mid-morning crash.

Julian Bakery makes the contents of each 8.5 oz. box with just coconut meat, coconut water, and palm starch, and no artificial ingredients or preservatives. That means you can enjoy your meal knowing it’s naturally low-carb, cholesterol-free, and gluten-free, and benefitting your body with so much good-for-you coconut.

The health benefits of coconut

Because the main ingredient in Julian Bakery Paleo Coconut Flakes Cereal is coconut meat, it not only has exotic flavor but you’ll also get to reap all of the health benefits that the fruit has to offer.

  • Plenty of good fats: With its high concentration of saturated fat, coconut meat might seem like something that would bad for you—but it’s actually not. There are two types of saturated fats, long-chain triglycerides (LCT) and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). LCTs take longer for the body to process and can therefore stick around for extended periods of time; the buildup of this type of fat has been associated with obesity, heart disease, and stroke. However, MCTs (which coconuts are rich in) travel from the intestinal tract straight to the liver where they are quickly transformed into fuel for the body, which is why you can feel a boost of energy after eating a bowl of this cereal. This is also an advantage for normalizing blood sugar levels and staving off diabetes since coconut will not cause blood sugar spikes, and won’t result in a sugar high or impending crash.

  • Rich concentrations of vitamins: Coconut meat has high amounts of vitamins A and E as well as polyphenols and phytosterols—which work together to decrease the levels of bad LDL cholesterol. Unlike good HDL cholesterol, LDL accumulates in the blood and skin and has been associated with higher risks of cardiovascular disease and a variety of related heart issues. This is only the start of coconut’s contribution to amazing heart health, however; the fruit also promotes a natural and healthy red blood cell count. As well, vitamin A is a powerful tool for promoting eye health and decreasing the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration and vitamin E is nourishing and moisturizing for hair, skin, and nails.

  • Loaded with fiber: Fiber is an essential dietary component that regulates the digestive system and also makes you feel full after consuming a good portion of it. This can be important when it comes to weight loss and management. The body is fueled up from high-fiber foods like coconut, which then increases metabolic rates, making it much easier to burn fat. Having a bowl of Julian Bakery Paleo Coconut Flakes Cereal before a workout can be a great choice for providing a boost of energy and burning fat. In addition, coconut is also great for promoting a healthy thyroid, an organ that’s vital in weight management and other important body processes. Coconut nourishes the thyroid holistically, restoring proper function.

  • A source of lauric acid: The fatty acids in coconut meat are also rich in lauric acid, an effective means of killing harmful microorganisms that could otherwise make you sick. Two in particular that lauric acid is effective at eliminating are the dangerous pathogen staphylococcus aureus (a.k.a. staph infections) and candida albicans (a common cause of yeast infections).

Making a meal out of Julian Bakery Paleo Coconut Flakes Cereal

Of course, this delectable cereal is perfectly good on its own, but it’s also a good companion for other snacks and breakfast fare. Here are a few of Thrive Market’s favorite ways to incorporate Julian Bakery Paleo Coconut Flakes Cereal on a regular basis.

Pair with coconut milk and fresh fruit

If you just can’t get enough coconut, you can also pour some coconut milk on top of these flakes for even more taste and triple the amount of health benefits. For added texture and flavor, throw in some seasonal fruit, such as raspberries, strawberries, or bananas—the additional fiber and vitamins will go a long way toward making your breakfast and full and nutritious meal.

Add in spices

You can literally spice things up by adding a dash of your favorite seasoning to these flakes. Pour some into a plastic freezer bag, sprinkle some spice inside, and then shake the bag to fully distribute. Cinnamon is a good option to add a bit of warmth to the tropical coconut flavor, and turmeric is an ancient powerhouse useful for treating inflammation and helping with skin regeneration.

Make a yogurt parfait

Layer up! Make a delicious breakfast or snack with alternating rounds of coconut flakes, yogurt, fruit, honey, and nuts and seeds. Make ahead in a portable container for a meal on the go—add the cereal ahead of time for a softer texture or last minute for a hearty crunch.

Raspberry Maca Smoothie

If you have a long day ahead, you’ll want to have extra fuel to get you through it. Pair Julian Bakery Paleo Coconut Flakes Cereal with this colorful smoothie for a double dose of energy. Some hemp hearts, almond milk, and a hefty scoop of nutrient-dense maca powder gives this frozen beverage a lot of power. Add in frozen raspberries and some pineapple to make the smoothie extra thick and tasty.

Matcha Chia Pudding

Chia seeds give this recipe tons of antioxidants and healthy fats that coordinate well with coconut’s superfood power. Serve this pudding on the side or crush up some of bits of Julian Bakery Paleo Coconut Flakes Cereal to sprinkle on top.

Reviews For Paleo Coconut Flakes Cereal

Based on 125 Reviews

pretty good!

Surprisingly good flavor and texture. I like it. Great alternative to grain cereal.

- Michael

Coconut flakes are delicious!

Love this cereal!

- Elaine

Love it

Excellent product, tasteful and most important I know all the ingredients that are included in this cereal!

- Yelena

Too Sweet

Too sweet for me but I liked them crushed over yogurt. If you're AIP and missing cold cereal, I'm sure these would be great.

- Cheryl

Beats any store bought cereal

On my third box. Need I say more? I eat with coconut or almond milk and fresh or dried fruit. No need for any added sugar. And the coconut flakes are always fresh and crispy.

- Vicki

Good plain, On yogurt, With milk

I have purchased this cereal so many times already. It is kind of shaped like cornflakes but has a coconut taste. I like to eat it plain. It is good on yogurt and I also have it in a bowl with coconut milk and a banana. I add the banana to keep me full because the serving size is very small. Even though this cereal is very expensive for the amount you get in the box, I will buy it anyway because I love it. The packaging is awesome, it comes sealed in a thick mylar bag for super freshness. I will continue to buy this cereal from thrive.

- Lynn


This cereal was a complete and pleasant surprise. It tastes absolutely delicious and thankfully reminded me of eating what was my favorite cereal, corn flakes. And the packaging is genius!



This is an expensive cereal, but it is delicious! I love it because it tastes good and is grain-free!

- Jessica

My favourite cereal

This is my favourite cereal. Minimal ingredients. Nice coconut flavour. Great crunchy texture.

- Leanne

Not very like "the real thing"

I was hoping for something resembling Raisin Bran, but this missed the mark. It wasn't bad per se, but it definitely needs something -blueberries helped. But eat it fast before the flakes get terribly soggy.

- Ashley Latva

Ordering again

I have ordered these a few times. A handful of blueberries and some Flax milk make into a treat of a meal.

- Laura


I just had my first bowl today, and it's great -- it kind of reminds me of Wheaties. I saw it in town, but from now on will buy from Thrive Market. It will be wonderful to be able to eat cereal again (now just to find a good quality flax milk).

- Vimala

Nice taste

This is definitely a great alternative to cereals with grains. We like the taste, both for cereal and for just a nice snack without milk. It makes a great granola too.

- Heather

Paleo Coconut Flakes cereal

I love this cereal. I buy anywhere from 4 to 6 boxes at a time because they go so fast on Thrive. I hate to be without them.

- Susan

Delicious Coconut Flakes

Absolutely wonderful!
Maybe the Best cereal I have ever had!
Since going gluten free, I don't usually eat cereal. But this is such a perfect option to have any time of the day. Plus you can add other things to it like, wheat grass powder, unsweetened chocolate, walnuts, and blueberries.

- Bill

Delicious but expensive

I was really missing the taste and convenience of cereal since starting a Paleo diet about 5 months ago. This really fit the bill! It's a great texture and taste. For the amount of "cereal" you get, the price is pretty absurdly high though.

- Janice

Paleo Coconut Flakes Cereal

Great non grain cereal

- J Bailey


These are good; they don't hold crunch well. I wasn't sure what to expect, and I think they're a great option if you're dying for some cold cereal, and the flavor is great.

- Angela

Yum! Husbands Delight

I have been trying to get my husband on the low gluten, high fiber diet for so long, finally I found a breakfast cereal he will eat and enjoy! Hurrah!!
Thanks for the great price tag too.

- Kathleen

Yum $$$

Really delicious; I ate it with coconut milk & then worried someday they will say I poisoned myself with too much coconut! A dollar an ounce is steep...good thing I have a job.

- Amelia


This is tasty and satisfying in my opinion


satisfies my cravings

i used to be a huge cold cereal-lover when i was much younger but stopped eating it years ago because it's all junk. THIS, however, has gotten me back on the cold cereal train! lightly sweet, love the crunch and i feel good eating it with my raw goat's milk! love it, love it.

- Katherine

My new favorite!

This cereal is delicious. I love it with blueberries and almond milk for a quick breakfast when there is no time to cook. I do wish it was less expensive, though!

- Jennifer


This was amazing. Expensive but delicious. So happy to have real cereal again!

- wendy

Coconut cereal


- Kandy L. Crabtree

Best cereal ever!

My family goes through the box way too fast! It is crunchy, doesn't get soggy in milk, and has a delicious flavor. Even the non Paleo eaters in my house choose to eat it over other cereal.

- Debbie

Great flavor, but crumbly texture

This is a great tasting cereal, but for me it's too crumbly to be in a bowl of milk or almond/coconut milk. It might be better off on a yogurt or even used as a crumbly crust for a cake.

- Jen

Love it!

I wish it were just a little bit less in fat content, but being that it's coconut, I suppose that cannot be avoided! It's really yummy. I eat it straight out of the box as a crunchy Paleo snack.

- Christa


Perfect for coconut chicken or shrimp. Loved the flavor.

- Jodi

Paloe coconut flakes

Cereal is nice and chruncy and tastes great.

- Raymond MacLearn


All I can say is Yum! A little goes a long way to satisfy. I love the fact that it is the only boxed cold cereal that is totally grain free.

- Ruthel

Love this cereal!!

I didn't know what to expect from this brand....but I gotta say these are addicted. A little pricey for the amount of cereal you get but I am hooked!! This is delicious!

- Anita


Totally delicious!!!!

- Jane

A bit difficult to eat

I really wanted to like this product. I ordered two boxes but I haven't been able to eat it more than once. I found myself getting very tired of eating it after a few bites because it was very very chewy and not at all similar to a cereal it equates itself to. I should have expected that with a product made from only coconut it would have just been thick, fatty, not at all flaky, pieces of coconut.

- Ellen


Love it!!

- Jackie

Best cereal ever

This is absolutely wonderful. I order at least three at a time because I never want to be without any. My breakfast has more variety now.

- Toni

organic coconut cereal

This is the product I have ordered THREE TIMES AND UNFORTUNATELY YOU KEEP SENDING ME JUST COCONUT FLAKES!!! I would LOVE to try the cereal, but for some reason you don't want me to get it!!! I'm sad about that!!!

- Frances Siecko

Amazing Substitute!

I love cereal...since moving to a Paleo lifestyle, 5 years ago, I've missed having cereal until now. Add berries and coconut milk for the perfect meal.

- Magaly

Yum Yum

Thanks to food allergies I no longer can enjoy a bowl of Raisin Bran cereal and missed it greatly. This is the next best thing!!! I never thought I would have a "flake" like cereal with all my allergies. I nearly inhaled the whole box! It has a texture like that of Pie crust. Meaning no "grainy" taste like a wheat flake and melts in your mouth. Mmmm. Add raisans and slivered almonds and it is even better. Thank you Julian Bakery:)

- Rhona

Paleo coconut flakes

A miracle has happened to my life in the form of this cereal. I am extremely food sensitive--here is a breakfast that I love and it loves me. Add blueberries and coconut milk, every single day!! Sometimes a bedtime snack. High fiber, tastes good. 5 stars!!!

- Claudia Tipler

Absolutely the best

Love this cereal especially with a sliced banana or fresh raspberries and some cold coconut milk. Worth the price for me to have some flakes besides the always Paleo crunch granola. Delicious!

- Barbara

paleo coconut flakes cereal

It has been over 3 years since I've eaten a bowl of cereal and when I saw these I was ecstatic. I bought a box hoping it was worth it and I can say that it was. They have just enough crunch to satisfy that need and not too sweet which is great. The flavor is wonderfully coconut which I love.

- Renee

Paleo Coconut Flakes Cereal

Yum!!! Satisfying like a grain cereal, but NO grain!! My favorite!

- Nancy

Portion is so small

Measured out a portion on the box and it was so little. I imagine when people eat this they are eating two or three servings, in that case it's very high in sugar. Nice option for paleo, though, just not for being diabetic

- Courtney

Paleo Coconut Flakes Cereal

Love, love, love!! I can eat "cereal" again with my almond or coconut milk and fruit. SO DELICIOUS!!!

- Rebecca


I know that a lot of people think that this is okay, but not everyone who is paleo will consider palm starch "okay". My great ancestors wouldn't have ever magically derived palm starch and made it into a coconut cereal. Could've been a great product, but they slammed the door on that by adding a refined starch. Always read the ingredients.

- Zee

Yummy, but Expensive

I really love this cereal, but it Is pretty pricey for the amount you get, which is to be expected from paleo foods. Tastes great and is filling!

- Logan

Great Texture

I feel the need to add something; blueberries, cinnamon, walnuts, maple syrup, etc. Just needs a little more flavor, but it's a great base.

- Keri

I love this

Since I can't eat grains, I was missing cereal. No more, I love this. I add stuff to it and it fills the void that cereal left.+

- Melody

Great Snack!

To me, these taste very similar to Samoa Girl Scout cookies, minus the chocolate of course. I've been eating them plain and dry and they are a nice little crunchy treat. You have to enjoy coconut though-that's one of the few ingredients.

- Tanya

Paleo Coconut Flakes Cereal

Just like coconut. Add some fruit and wow

- Janet


These are so delicious! I eat these with vanilla almond milk and I add a touch of cinnamon and maple syrup. I also just grab a handful for a snack! Will totally be buying them again!

- Joely ford

Paleo Coconut Flakes Cereal

These are awesome! I love them with fresh blueberries & coconut milk for breakfast. They keep me feeling satisfied until lunch. Please bring them back soon!!

- June

Will buy again

These are so good and rich. So good they did not last as long as they should have! What a great crunch. Addictive.

- Karen

I love them, but not for everybody!

I just don't eat grains. So no cereal. I really like these coconut flakes. They taste great and have just the right crunch. Coconut is a favorite. Others in my house do not care for these at all, too bland. My dogs like them!

- linda

So satisfying

I started doing the Keto diet and the thing I missed most was crunchy foods so this really hit the spot. Like coconut flavored Frosted Flakes!

- Jessica

Best cereal I've ever had!!!

Since changing to mostly paleo a few years ago, cereal was one of those things that I just accepted I was going to have to give up, because I never found a cereal that fit under my strict diet standards... UNTIL THIS CEREAL!!!!! I am in love with it because it tastes delicious, and unlike other cereals, is actually filling!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

- Erica

Coconut goodness

As an avid cereal lover I was so happy to find a healthy alternative. This stuff is great, stays crunchy too. Good as a snack right out of the box as well

- Robert

Best Paleo cereal

This is by far the best tasting paleo cereal option I've found. Crunch texture, slightly sweet, great with almond milk, or just dry as a snack.

- Penelope

Paleo cereal coconut flakes

I loved it!! I bought one box in Sebring, Fl --when I went back to purchase more, they had quit handling it since it did not sell!!!!

- Sandra Graper

Yes Please! YUM!

I really like these. Nice and crunchy. I don't drink milk or anything so I just tried it with water. Yes, water. It was still awesome. Add some fresh strawberries or bananas or both and you're good to go. Just add water. :)

- Lili


I try to limit unhealthy cards. This coconut "cereal" gives me the crunch I'm craving. I mix it with nuts, seeds and a little dried fruit for a tasty snack. It's also great on fresh or cooked fruit for an instant crisp topping. Although it may seem expensive for a breakfast cereal size box, one doesn't need to eat a bowlful. I love it!

- Janet

Just delicious!!

These are great for breakfast, snacks, and in place of grains in food bars I make. The texture and light sweetness is perfect.

- Debbie


We stick pretty close to a Paleo eating plan so have been familiar with the Julian Bakery products. Very happy to have an excellent quality cereal that meets the Paleo criteria! Our favorite way to eat this is topped with fruit, nuts and seeds and served with (non carrageenan) almond milk.

- Rebecca


Nothing like a little snack of coconut flakes and almond milk in the evening. I love this stuff. I get nervous when I'm running low and immediately order more - 3 boxes at a time!

- Diane E

Excellent Paleo cereal

I absolutely love these coconut flakes ! Too bad I only ordered one box to try them out. I went to order more and they were sold out so now I have to wait till they get more in. I love mixing it with my almonds, Cashews, pecans& Brazil nuts. I have it for breakfast often .

- Jennifer

Grateful.....that's me!

I have always been a cereal eater and since I went with a strict paleo way of eating I've missed my cold bowl of cereal. Through Thrive Market, I found Paleo Coconut Flakes Cereal that hits the spot and is so delicious. Thank you Thrive!!

- Donna

Hard to eat on their own.

Strange after taste. Is better eaten mixed within a paleo "granola".

- Amy

Very good

I love these. Very tasty and grain free!

- Aana

A bit pricey, but it's worth it

If you can't have grains (like me), I have not been able to have cereal in years. To be able to have it in the morning with fresh berries on top with coconut milk.....what a treat. It tastes really good, and you can add flavor by adding berries, or trail mix to it. Now if you don't like the taste of coconut, this isn't for you, but I love it, and now a few mornings a week, I can have a bowl of cereal again. :)

- Laura


Love them with almond coconut milk and fresh berries on top!

- Joanne





This cereal is delicious and filling. Seems a little pricey but if you consider how many helpings you get from one box it is worth the price.

- Raylene

Love this Gluten free cereal

Another great gluten free cereal. I love coconut and this cereal fits the bill. Will purchase again.

- Sally


I could eat cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner... But since going paleo/clean there aren't many options to substitute. Then I discovered these! I eat them with some sliced almonds, freeze dried strawberries and blueberries from trader joes, and almond milk. So good!

- Lisa


So missed cold cereal! Perfect with lots of raisins and raw milk❤️

- Brittney

Raisin bran, only better!

I add a few organic raisins and some almond milk to a bowl of these flakes, and wow! The flakes not only stay crunchy and delicious, but just a small bowl is incredibly filling and healthy. I had broken down on my paleo diet and tried organic rice krispies and corn flakes, both of which left me feeling drained, empty, and awful if I ate them first thing in the day. These keep me feeling great! So happy to have found them!

- Kristen


These are the perfect texture, nice and crunchy, and slightly sweet. I eat it dry as a snack.

- Penelope

Great product

This cereal is very good. One of my weekly favorite snacks

- Jason


I love this cereal!

- Susan Walters

What a relief!

These are such a blessing to those of us who are grain-free and miss cereal!! They are delicious and worth every penny.

- Amy

Really good!

The only non-grain cereal that actually tastes like cereal. Naturally sweet, and the coconut flavor isn't real strong. I love it!

- Helen Messerly


These are a super awesome treat. Crunchy and malty like a traditional junk cereal, but with no garbage. I could have eaten the whole box in one sitting. Only downside is the cost!

- Chris N

Cereal Lover!!

Finally, a paleo cereal! It is delicious, we like to mis with a few tablespoons of Nature's Path Organic Cranberry Almond Qia. It gives it more flavor and a nice crunch. Only complaint is that is is very pricey and the box is very small. Not worth it for eating on a regular basis but nice for the cereal lovers that need their fix.

- Taryn

Coconut flakes

I love it !

- Linda Osborne


This is a wonderful cereal with no grains or gluten. It is also (thankfully) very low in sugar.

- Susan B.


It's like raisin brand but sweeter and has that earthy coconut taste. I like to add a little coconut yogurt and some fruit: blueberries/banana slices/raspberries etc.

- Naomi

Love love love love

These are the perfect treat!! This cereal gives me just the right amount of sweet when I am craving it. It's expensive, but worth every penny. I have missed cereal being Paleo and these are sometimes a lifesaver!

- Amy

Best cereal!!!

This cereal is awesome! I like to add a few raisins, shaved almonds, and banana slices to really fill me up!!

- Katherine


This is AIP, Paleo, and candida safe, and my breakfasts were getting out of control boring on days I was in a hurry. This stuff is a delicious miracle.

- Sandra

Great for Grain- Free diet

My daughter, who is grain free, really enjoys these flakes as an option for a quick bowl of cereal with almond milk.

- Donna

So tasty!

I got this for my fiance because he misses cereal more than anything else on paleo. We both loved it! I see some of the other reviews not liking the taste, but we both found it very tasty. It's just a tad sweet and the texture is sort of graham cracker like.

- Shane

too sweet and I felt weird every time I ate it

I was disappointed in this. It was very sweet and I found the texture unpleasant and felt weird after each time I had it. Very disappointed on all fronts.

- Victoria

Surprisingly good taste

I bought these flakes with some skepticism, but I was pleasantly surprised that they tasted great. They provide that satisfying aftertaste of cornflakes without all the harmful ingredients. My only criticism is that about 1/4 to 1/8 of the flakes were crumbs upon delivery.

- Shawn

Not good.

I figured something made from coconut can't possibly be bad, right? Wrong. So very wrong. Got a little tired of eating eggs for breakfast and longed for the simplicity of my cereal-eating breakfast days, and thought this would be just the ticket. Never mind that for eight bucks you get a pitifully small box of cereal. I figure, good food tends to cost more. Upon opening the hermetically sealed bad with a pair of scissors, the flakes looked okay. Sort of like corn flakes. Nibbling a few, anticipating coconutty deliciousness, to say I was disappointed is an understatement. How can you take something made almost entirely of coconut and have it taste not only not like coconut at all, but like NOTHING? Flavorless. Flavorless with a strange texture. I can't bring myself to eat it. You'd be better off pouring dessicated coconut into a bowl and adding milk. Or just, you know, going out in the yard and eating random weeds.

- Christina

Paleo coconut

Pricey but fabulous.

- Linda Lee

So good!!

I was hesitant to buy this but on the paleo diet I do miss cold cereal sometimes. I tried it plain with just some plain/unsweet coconut milk from the carton and it is SO GOOD! I'm so glad I tried it. Five stars, highly recommend!

- Anna


crisp, not too sweet, satisfying... Delicious! ( a bit pricey for the amount.... but worth every spoonful)

- Gerarda


I've tried every recipe, but this is the best! I can't have any nuts (except cashews once in a while), so this was my last resort. The best resort I've ever been too! High in both normal and sat. fat, but that's from the Medium Chain Triglycerides, which make it go straight to your liver, and actually keep you full, and HELP you lose weight! This is a MUST BUY!!!!!!!! :)

- Andrew S.


While I'm not on the Paleo diet (can't give up cheese), I try to keep my carb and gluten intake low for other reasons. This cereal is AMAZING! Sweet, crunchy, and the crunch holds up well against the milk, so it's not all soggy less than a minute after you dig in.

This is a great alternative if you're stuck on sugary cereal - there's no added sugar! I've also started taking this to work and snaking on it dry throughout the day. Really great all-around!

- Nick Ross

Perfect paleo version of cereal

Cereal was my favorite breakfast go-to before I went paleo. I've tried granola, flax flakes, obscure, homemade alternatives, all to no avail so I gave up on cereal for breakfast. However, I happened upon these paleo coconut flakes while browsing the Paleo section on the website (aside: I think it's great that you can sort by values on this site. I can find all their paleo friendly foods without having to click through each product and their ingredients) and hope was renewed. I got them at a ridiculous steal with my first purchase, but even without the discount, they'd still be worth it. They taste good with coconut milk, in trail mix, by themselves dry, crumbled over or into my favorite paleo desserts, you name it. They're super potent as far as being filling and energizing so I get the full 10 servings out of the box if I ration it right and refrain from stuffing my face with them the way I'd like to sometimes. Even without any added sugar, they have a mild but yummy sweetness, and the texture is totally reminiscent of my favorite cereal (Smart Start, lame, I know) from before I went paleo. It doesn't get soggy and retains its crunch throughout the whole bowl, even for me, and I'm a relatively slow eater. It's pleasantly coconutty and not overly so, which is impressive considering that that's all it's really made of. I've seen this cereal sell for as high as $12 elsewhere in stores and online, so at eight bucks, I'm definitely getting my fix here at Thrive.

- Johnnie

Gluten-Free Goodness!

I looooove these Coconut Flakes! I eat a bowl every morning before I head off to work and they start my day off right being that I can't eat gluten. I go through about a box a week which is why they got 4 stars.

I wish that I could order in bulk, or even just a bigger box. Maybe a pack of 2 or 3? Sometimes on the weekends I add fruit to my bowl before adding cereal for an extra treat. Now, all I need to do is convince my wife to eat some!

- Hannah Terry

Excellent for Paleo enthusiasts!

This should be great for all Paleo followers. I was actually driven to the product because I love coconut and don't have many options for coconut cereal in my neighborhood.

It contains great health values and texture in each flake. However, it was lacking much of what I was looking for. It fell short on the coconut flavor, for me at least. There was a slight hint towards the end, but not immediately after I took a bite.

- Wallace

No Guilt Cereal!

Although it was not easy for me, I forced myself to stop eating cereal quite a while ago. I'm the type of person who looked forward to waking up to have my bowl of cereal, but I had to rethink if it was worth starting my day off with a bowl full of carbs, grains, and sugar.

I was so glad to have found this because I get to have my daily cereal again but without the guilt! It's even better than I remember! It has the perfect amount of crunch, a slightly sweet flavor, and great texture. It's great with a milk of your choice and some berries! I definitely recommend.

- R. Wilkins


My new favorite! Great on yogurt as a granola replacement, great as a cereal and great as a snack by the handful.

- Jeannie

Works a charm for my cereal cravings

These were a great substitute for conventional cereal that I miss so much with paleo diet. I now order two boxes at a time. Amazing what can be done with coconut. Wife found them too sweet but I never used sugar in unsweetened cereals in the past and found them just right with vanilla almond milk.

- Mark

Great cereal substitute!

It has a good coconut flavor, though you can't eat much all at once. GREAT INGREDIENTS!!!

- Andrew

Crunchy goodness in the morning!

Tried these this morning with coconut milk and really liked them. Great crunch, nice toasty coconut flavor. I would also enjoy them as a dry snack on their own. Or as a yogurt topping. Really nice flavor and texture.

- Amy D.

Good, with some extra help.

Adding a banana and almond milk with this cereal makes it absolutely wonderful. At first I did not like the taste, but pairing it with other great ingredients does the trick.

- Alexandra

I love this cereal!

I eat it plain, with milk and on top of ice cream. I think it has good, sweet coconut flavor. Of course, I am a coconut fan!



Toast some flaked coconut in a pan, put in bowl, add milk. You'll have the exact same flavor for a lot less money. You need about four servings to resemble a bowl of cereal in which case with milk you'll be eating around an 800 calorie breakfast.

- Heather


I was a little nervous about buying these at first, I love the Paleo wraps, but I somehow couldn't quite imagine the cereal. I was pleasantly surprised at how crunchy this is. I would eat it just out of the box, but it does stay crunchy in milk. It also has a natural sweetness from the coconut. I'm in love ! :) will definitely continue to buy.

- Sabrina

Not just a breakfast treat!

I like this crunchy coconut treat right out of the box instead of a snack bar.
Itis also terrific on top of plain yogurt with banana slices and cocoa powder( add honey if you must, but I love straight!)

- Judy

Didn't Care for It

I actually purchased this locally. Wanted to try it before I bought it online. Didn't really care for it at all. I tried to continue to eat it to see if it would be something I'd get used to after a couple of bites and after several bites I couldn't eat anymore. There's nothing cereal like about it really other than you can put it in milk but I didn't enjoy the taste as much as any other organic brand cereal although they are not paleo. Can probably use it to bake with however.

- Kiesha

Heck yeah!

I thought my cereal days were over but these coconutty little flakes of joy just made my breakfast happy again :). With almond milk and fresh berries it can't be beat, and I'm full aaaallllll the way till lunch!

- Heather

Disappointed with product and reviews

I cannot believe on all the things I bought the rave reviews that items were given yet how awful they really tasted. I find that Julian bakery has simple ingredients; what she lacks in ingredients, she also lacks in taste. If you like eating crunchy cardboard with an aftertaste, this cereal is for you.

- Brianna


I just received my Thrive Market order and I immediately opened the coconut flakes cereal. I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival just for this cereal. Since finding out I gluten sensitive and have removed all grains from my diet I have been missing cereal. Well now I found found a delicious replacement. This is yummy just eating it out of the box and I can't imagine how good this is going to taste with coconut milk tomorrow morning.

- Valorie

Amazing but....

These crunchy toasted coconut flakes were amazing! I was so excited to find a cereal I could eat, but knew the box wasn't going to make it until I got all the ingredients for the homemade kit kat recipe with these Thrive has posted. The only thing was something in them ate my tongue and burned a piece of my gums and roof of my mouth. I don't have reactions to coconut so the only other thing in them is palm starch & I don't know why I would react to that, but it happened both times I ate it. I'm still getting another box to try it in the kit kat recipe, & am confused why that happened. Has anyone else had the same experience?

- Kimberly


These were so surprisingly good! Had a bowl of cereal with raisins and some homemade tigernut milk and it beat the pants off the sugar-laden Raisin Bran of my youth. I haven't had cereal in years!!

- Jenna


It is so fun to eat cereal again.

- Janee

Simply Amazing

I ate these way too fast. I haven't eaten cereal in years but when I saw this, I had to buy it. I was not disappointed! So, so, SO GOOD!

- David

Finally, a cereal I can eat!

Love this stuff. Pair it with some coconut milk or even some berries. Since going Paleo for my health I've really missed cereal. I don't overdo it, but it sure is a nice option!

Thrive's price is unmatched, even straight from Julian Bakery. Thanks for the discount & free shipping!!

- Shelly

Great Cereal, but never in stock!

On my first order I decided to try these "Paleo Flakes" I was very skeptical at first, but when I tried these, I immediately enjoyed them. I have since tried to order them again and they have been out of stock.

- Nathaniel

Great Snack!

We are on a strict eating plan and cereal is not a part of it. I purchased a bag for myself and one for my friend who is pregnant and eats more strictly than we do. This cereal is amazing! Not only because we haven't consumed cereal in a long time, but because it has a great light taste and crunch. It is perfect with coconut milk.

- Helena


These are SO GOOD and not just as a breakfast type cereal. I take some with me in my purse, in case I am out and about and need a snack (and where the only options are fast food). My 3 year old grandson loves these!

- Kathleen

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