Organic Creamed Coconut

six 7 oz boxes

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six 7 oz boxes

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Let's Do Organic Creamed Coconut is the chef's choice for soups, stews & smoothies. It replaces dairy and coconut milk in sauces, curries, smoothies and more.
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About This Brand

Let's Do...Organic has a reputation for making delicious, guilt-free foods. They specialize in producing tasty treats that are vegan, gluten-free, and, of course, organic. While baking ingredients such as flours and creams are most prevalent, the company is also known for their organic ice cream cones and much more. Let's Do...Organic’s mission statement is “convenience without compromise,” which is true of nearly every aspect of their goods. Just take a look at the labels, and you’ll see that there aren’t any questionable ingredients or artificial preservatives. That means, with Let's Do...Organic, you can snack away without compromising your health goals. How Let's Do...Organic got started Let's Do...Organic actually began as a division of Edward & Sons Trading Company, a worldwide leading manufacturer of prepared foods founded in 1978. The company’s goal was to create delicious healthy food that required minimal cooking time for those with busy lifestyles. The first...
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Organic coconut.

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Serving Size 1 tbsp (28g) Servings Per Container 7

Amount Per Serving

Calories 190 Calories from Fat 162

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 18g 27%
Saturated Fat 16g 80%
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 10mg 10%
Total Carbohydrate 7g 2%
Dietary Fiber 5g 18%
Sugars 2g
Protein 2g

Vitamin A 2%
Vitamin C 2%
Calcium 5%
Iron 10%

Reviews For Organic Creamed Coconut

Based on 28 Reviews

Mkes a great paleo focaccia bread

I used this to make an awesome paleo focaccia bread recipe that I found online and my family totally loved it! It is very hard when you take it out of the box but all you have to do is fill a large bowl with very hot water, place the bag in the water and it will soften up very nicely in no time flat. I would occassionally massage the bag that it was in to help it along. This is high in fiber and is delicious!

- Genny T.


Definitely not what I was expecting. I was very excited about the price, because cans of coconut cream go for $2.70 a pop... I should have known that creamed coconut was not what I was looking for. It is solid as a rock, and separates heavily leaving a weird residue on the roof of the mouth. Not good for coffee, which is my primary use. I will use this for soups, baking, and soap/lotion.

- Amanda


This is the thickest and best coconut cream I have used so far!!!

- Christina

Good but a little grainy

We purchased this to replace coconut milk without guar gum (hard to find) so you can separate the cream and use it for coconut cream. This works are a replacement but is less sweet and has a slight coconut taste (I couldn't really tell with the separated coconut milk) to it and is also a bit grainy. It is considerably easier to work with and it is nice you can easily adjust the creaminess with how much water you add. Also can be used as a thickening agent really well. I would prefer something less grainy and with less coconut taste but it does really work well.

- James

Did not like this product

I love the canned coconut milk, and thought this would be similar. Did not taste good, and had a gritty consistency.

- Andrea

Not in a can!

I absolutely love how the container of this coconut milk is not made of metal. The fact that the boxes have the size that I oftentimes need is great too. I love this product!

- Tine

Yummy coconut

Packaging on this coconut cream concentrate is perfect for baking. It's much easier to blend and get out than a jar. Too bad it's plastic

- Deborah

Not a fan

I know lots of people love this product, easy to use Etc but tried it for soup and it has such a sandy texture I couldn't get past it. Pasty lumpy. I added lots of water and broth to thin it out but didn't work for me. I'm going back to cans . Maybe it will be ok for other types of cooking. Quality is great, no complaints.

- Stephanie

organic creamed coconut

I bought for my daughter who loves creamed coconut in her coffee. She did not like the taste and it was hard to work with because it was oily and hard. I would ask for a refund but would prefer to find out other ways I can use it so as not to waste it.

- Carol

coconut cream

This is just like coconut manna without the glass jar. Put the plastic pack inside the box in a bowl of hot water before you use it.

- Rachel

Very easy to use

I didn't know what to do with it at first, also. It was a hard block on one side and oil on other side. I expected a creamy liquid. I put it on window sill in sun. When soft squeeze and blend inside of bag, cut off corner, squeeze out like frosting into recipe or measuring cup. Love the flavor on warm blueberries with sliced almonds for a nice treat.

- Bonnie

Not a fan

This is probably fine for cooking and smoothies, which is why I gave it 3 stars instead of 1. I bought it for coffee because Trader Joes has been out of stock for weeks. Coconut flakes sink to the bottom and it's like getting a mouthful of coffee grounds at the end. I tried a spoonful plain and don't like the flavor or texture.

- Elizabeth

A better name is Coconut Butter

I've been able to get coconut cream in a can before and I liked it. It was like getting just the solids out of a can of coconut milk without having to refrigerate it. This is NOT what this is. It's more like coconut butter/coconut manna. Which, it is an awesome deal but I was hoping to just get the cream.
And, do not put it in your coffee unless you want gritty coconut particles floating to the top.

- Sara

Great flavor

I love the flavor of pure coconut. I don't understand using this in place of coconut milk in recipes because it is simply finely ground coconut, what I would call coconut butter.

- Maryann

Money-saving kitchen staple!!!

I make a lot of my own food because of food sensitivities (I eat a mixture of paleo and vegan...the gluten-free aspect of paleo, but the "very little animal protein and no dairy" aspect of veganism). A lot of my recipes call for coconut butter but that can be quite expensive if you use a lot of it, and also in the winter it's just a pain in the behind to scoop it out of the jar (as it gets so hard). This product is just a life-saver as it is super inexpensive compared to jars and jars of coconut butter, and it's easy to just open the bag and cut the amount you want to use from the block for recipes. Because the fiber part separates from the oil in the package, I just cut the amount off from the fiber part, and cut a little of the oil off the top too. Then I melt it on low temperature with some water (for either cream or milk) for whatever recipe I want to use. Voila. I even use this to make my own coconut yogurt. Just look up a paleo coconut yogurt recipe if you want to do this (this substitutes for the canned coconut cream...this is better as you don't get the metals from can if you're sensitive to that sort of thing). My recipe uses coconut cream (this product), gelatin or agar flakes (also available on Thrive), honey, and 2 probiotic capsules. Super easy and quite tasty.

- Sharon

No Guar Gum!

I'm so happy to find this versatile ingredient. Looking for coconut milk? Use this instead and water it down as instructed on the packaging. Just straight up coconut...nothing else.

- Tracy

Organic creamed coconut

Very good and great price!

- Dianne

creamed coconut

We like this in smoothies. Great flavor. Also good in creamed soups and by the spoon especially when warmed.

- Sandy

Another use

If you have dry, itchy winter skin or a sunburn, take this stuff in the shower. It's a little messy, and don't slip, but you'll look and smell beautiful!

- KL


Melted and added a small amount of water poured over pasta with garlic. Delicious : )

- Julie

Decent but grainy

As others have said, you have to warm this up and massage it to get it into a usable form - I soaked it in a bowl of hot water for a bit then worked it with my hands. I didn't mind that so much, but when I added it to curry, I got a rather unfortunate grainy coconut texture. I didn't blend it ahead of time - maybe I should have, but having to do so before cooking with it is a pain.

- Beth

Yummy and addicting.

I've never tried coconut butter before but have been using coconut oil for quite some time. This is an excellent source of beneficial fat (MCT). This is much more flavorful than coconut oil. It is very nutty. If it is less than 75 degrees in your house, you're going to have to warm up these packets due to the melting point of coconut oil / butter. Once liquified and mixed, I put it in an 8 ounce glass jar. Due to the energy boost you will get from this, just don't eat it within a few hours of going to bed or you won't have a restful night of sleep!

- Cory

Use your brain, don't be a "Meredith"

Just as any organic unprocessed nut butters, it will require you to mix. You let the packet of coconut cream come to room temp and use your hands to squish and mix the cream. 10 seconds. Boom done. Taste is amazing.

- Benjamin

Why I Love This Form of Coconut

This is my *favorite* because it is organic and has no fillers (read "gums"). I'll admit I wasn't sure about how to deal with it at first. But Meredith, if you are reading please reconsider this product. I think you will love it if you mix it *before* you freeze it. Just slit the bag, separate the fat--which is easy since it rises to the top--and set the fat aside. Take the chunk of coconut, slice and put into your blender (Vitamix works perfectly) with as much water as you would like; you can make a concentrated creme that whips to a beautiful topping consistency or add enough liquid to make milk. When emulsified, THEN add in the fat and blend until smooth. NOW you have something you can freeze--just pour into a silicone ice mold or two and you have fresh coconut cubes you can use any time--for soup, smoothies, sauces--and you don't have to worry about a large quantity going sour. Give it another try, won't you?

- Anna Marie


I love this product! It is more cost effective than the jars of coconut cream or coconut butter as it is sometimes called. I make an awesome coconut/cashew yogurt with it about every other day!

- Nancy

amazing taste

This is the best tasting coconut milk I've ever had. Very rich and creamy. It does separate and I have to soak the bag in hot water for a bit and mash it up to mix it up but worth that little extra effort for the taste

- Alicyn

Disappointment all around

I purchased this thinking it would be an easily managed addition for smoothies. Initially put two cartons into the freezer with a plan to have it act as the "cold, frosty bit". Uh, no. Rock hard, and unblendable was the result.
Ok - into the fridge for "cold". The consistency never changed from the state it left the freezer...basically, unusable.

Next, I tried using it straight from the pantry for some coconut, peanut butter chicken. Equally as awful to work with! Inside the package, the creamed coconut separates from the liquid portion and the coconut is simply rock hard! There was absolutely no mushing it together, and no choice but to use an entire package at once if you were to use it at all. I finally got all of it out of the plastic wrapper and into a NutriBullet, added hot water as suggested (though, it took waaaay more than they called for) and got it to semi blend together. A sticky, goopy mess that did not go as far as it should have in the recipe.

Total bummer. I'll stick with happy canned coconut cream next time.

- Meredith


I love this creamed coconut - it's essentially coconut butter, but in 7-oz packets, which means you can warm up what you need and leave the rest solid. I love the natural sweetness, the texture, and the ease of use. Looking forward to using it more often in my kitchen!

- Melania

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