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This silky sexy formula with an oversized brush build thick, beautiful ultra-glam lashes. Makeup artists all over the world use Mineral Hygienics to achieve complete beauty!
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About This Brand

We didn’t set out to revolutionize the makeup industry. When Mineral Hygienics first started, we were conducting extensive testing to create a skin-friendly line of products to treat acne without harsh side effects. But in working with hundreds of women of all ages and skin types, we discovered that more often than not, there was a common culprit behind most mild acne problems: bad makeup. Armed with a lab full of research, we turned our focus to creating the perfect makeup – one that didn’t just make your skin look good by masking imperfections, but was actually good for your skin. We’ve spent years perfecting an all-natural formula that uses the fewest number of ingredients in the industry–in exactly the right combination, for exactly the right results.
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Water, Acrylates Copolymer, Beeswax, Butylene Glycol, C18-36 Acid Triglyceride, Polybutene, Copernicia Cerifera(Carnauba) Wax, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, PVP, Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate/Dicaprate, Silica, Dicetyl Phosphate, Panthenol (PRO Vit. B5), Sericin, Xanthan Gum, Ceteth-10 Phosphate, Aminomethyl Propanol, Gossypium Herbaceum (Cotton) Seed Oil, BHT, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Nylon-6, Capryl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Hexylene Glycol.

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Reviews For Ultimate Volume Black Mascara

Based on 43 Reviews

Great Natural Mascara

A few months ago, I went on a mission to replace all of my makeup with more natural products, including this mascara. I will say, it gets a little clumpy, but it's nothing that inconveniences me all that much. It looks great, lasts all day, and gives me the peace of mind that I am doing something better for myself.

- J Wrz

This is the holy grail right here!

As I've gotten older, I started losing eyelashes. Latisse has helped then grow back, but I realized that I needed to stop using chemical laden mascara on my lashes as I was starting to lose them again in spots. Since I started using this mascara, my eyelashes have been growing and not falling out anymore. This mascara makes my eyelashes look amazing! Full, long, lush! Even at the end of the day, they still look like I just applied it. Its easy to remove as well. I'm never going back! Ever!

- Kelly

Doesn't End Up Under My Eyes

I've been switching out all my beauty products for paraben free products and was hesitating on trying a new mascara. For years I've found the only way to keep from having mascara under my eyes and still be able to easily remove it was to use a washable mascara as the first coat and a waterproof mascara as a second coat. This mascara doesn't smudge under my eyes and is easy to remove. I find it easy to apply - no clumping. I an very happy I tried it.

- Denise

No runs!

This mascara stays put better than ANY I have tried, not just the natural options. I love it. It does tend to get clumpy quicker than other brands I have tried, but I just add a few drops of water and mix it in with the wand when that happens and it doesn't affect the performance. I definitely recommend this mascara.

- Amanda

great mascara

i should have made the switch months ago when i first added it to my wish list

- Melody

Love this mascara

I've tried other natural mascaras, including another one offered by Thrive. This is, by far, the best natural mascara I've ever purchased. It goes on easily, stays on all day, and can be removed easily. I will definitely buy again.


Finally found a natural mascara that works

I've tried another brand of mascara here on Thrive in the past and all it did was give me constant raccoon eyes...so annoying. Decided I'd try this when I saw this brand pop up as a new product on Thrive. It actually works! Conventional mascara makes my eyes burn and this totally doesn't. It has great staying power and if it DOES end up smudging during a long day, it's so easy to clean it up--unlike the waterproof big brand mascaras I wore in the past. I use coconut oil to remove it and oil cleanse afterwards. And, despite the fact it comes off easily when cleansing, I've also rubbed my eyes in the middle of the day, forgetting it was on and didn't get the dreading raccoon eyes...sweet! I highly recommend this to anyone looking to transition from conventional mascara. I admit that the mascara seems fairly liquid-y and stays wet when you first put it on--especially when you first crack a fresh bottle open--but if you're patient and allow it to dry before either layering or touching up, it has staying power.

- Catherine


This is my favorite Mascara - I have used many different brands, (Younique, StowAway, other natural brands), and this one is still my favorite!

- Brittany

Great mascara...brush needs a redesign

Love the mascara, hate the brush. I've tried countless natural mascaras, finding none to my liking. Most smudge or leave black residue under my eyes (even though I only apply to top lashes) by mid-afternoon. I don't have a lot of lashes and those that I have are short...blessed, I know, so I feel like I have to wear mascara. I've found several "conventional" mascaras that give me the look I want, but keep trying "friendly" options. This mascara doesn't smudge or leave residue, but the brush is so large that it hits the lid under the lashes, leaving bits of mascara that I have to use a cotton swab to remove. It has so much mascara on it that clumps land on the lashes, and I have to carefully twist the wand to get the brush back in the tube without fear of breaking. If they'd redesign the brush, this would be a winner!

- Elizabeth

Finally- an all natural mascara that works!

I have been trying different mascaras for YEARS, and I prefer all natural cosmetics. But every natural, mineral, or organic mascara I tried was horrible, it smelled awful, it smeared, it never dried, etc. Finally, finally I have found the one! This one is absolutely non clumping, and makes my lashes look really long. It doesn't flake off after hours and my lashes still feel soft to the touch. I love this mascara and will never buy anything else again! I get so many compliments on my lashes since I got it, and I originally decided to try it based on the amazing reviews it got here. So thanks other Thrive users, you rock!

- Rachael


I like this very much and just reordered. It doesn't flake like a lot of natural mascara's and has a nice brush.

- Mary

Does not smudge

I have a hard time finding mascara that doesn't smudge and leave me with embarrassing raccoon eyes. This stuff is great! It lasts all day and doesn't smudge at all, even when I have gone to the gym! Plus it easily washes off with soap and water. Also great for sensitive eyes as doesn't irritate them.

- Cynthia Hill

Not Clumpy

I tried this Mascara because I was running low and wanted to have another option of a product to buy. It is the same price as the one I usually purchase from Pacifica. Easy to apply, good applicator and doesn't clump.

- Kelly

No tears

All others caused eye irritation, not this one!

- Maddy

Must Buy... Better than any luxe brands!

I'm a style expert who gets sent a TON of free beauty products for my job, but very little of it meets my high standards for ingredients AND functionality.

I ordered a tube of this mascara (in a pinch) a few months ago, and have NOT stopped getting compliments on my lashes ever since. The rounded brush is packed with bristles (which reminds me of some of the high-end designer brands that I've used), and I love that the actual formula contains little fibers that attach to my existing lashes to give them a seriously extended look.

I haven't had any trouble with smudging or flaking, and here is the only part that I would change: it is a bit difficult to get the brush back into the tube when I'm finished applying, and if I'm in a hurry (or just not being as gentle as I should), it does sort of scrape product off the brush in a way that makes me wonder about how much is being wasted. That being said, I've figured out how to avoid this by just being extra careful, and it is definitely not bad enough to prevent me from purchasing again.

Huge fan of this product, and will continue to recommend it to everyone who will listen!

Jessie | @styleandpepper

- Jessie


I have tried many......natural mascara's and so far this is my favorite. It doesn't flake like a lot of the other natural mascara's. I would recommend this product.

- Mary

Love it

I've tried all the "better for you" brands of mascara and I've finally found one that works! I'm super stoked about this stuff. It lasts all day, doesn't smudge, or flake at all. I've even cried with this stuff on and it doesn't make me look like Tammy Faye Baker. I highly recommend.

- Sarah

Love it

It actually lengthens my lashes (not permanently, of course) and doesn't flake. Killer price and clean ingredients. If you're looking to make the switch to more natural makeup, this is an excellent mascara! Highly recommend.

- Leslie

Just what ya want

This mascara doesn't flake or smudge, and it leaves my lashes soft and flexible. It isn't one for huge, dramatic lashes- but it nice for conditioning, everyday wear that holds up to humidity and an active lifestyle.

- Carson

Nice mascara

I cannot say that I am in love with this product but it does a nice job making my lashes look natural but better. I wish the formula was a little more loose and the fibers were less clumped to the end of the wand.

- Brandi

Love it!

I used Covergirl mascara for years because it went on thick and gave me incredible volume. Since making the switch to more natural products, I have been searching for an affordable, effective mascara.. and I've found it! Love this stuff. It doesn't clump, stays on all day, and makes my lashes pop!

- Emma

Best Natural Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

I have tried so many natural mascaras and have given up on them - thought maybe that's the piece i have to buy in uber-chemical formula at a high price. Even those mascaras usually end up giving me slight raccoon eyes in the summer by the end of the day. This is my new favorite, i hope they never stop making it! It stays put, elongates my translucent lashes, love the look it gives. The best part is when i wash my face - it comes right off!

- Iryna


I really love this mascara. It is velvety (perfect thickness) with no clumping!

- DD


I was pleasantly surprised by this mascara. It is light-weight, yet doesn't clump or flake. It applies evenly, not too much and not too little. It received an excellent mark on the EWG skindeep database, which was why I decided to try it, and I'm happy I did.

- Alison

The tube is nice and that's about it

Unfortunately the best thing about this mascara is the tube it comes in -- very nice and sleek. However, the mascara itself is very clumpy and thus hard to put on without making a mess. I'm still trying to like this because once you get it on and remove the clumps it does work well. I probably won't buy again though.

- Ava

Fantastic! It does not smear!

This is the first mascara I have found that does not smear, even with greasy sunscreen on my face. I even wear it when swimming. I love it!

- annika

Works great

Not runny, adds volume, and best of all, doesn't use all those chemicals drugstore mascaras do. Win-win.

- Lily


I thought its a pretty good mascara considering the price and ingredients.

- Juju


I don't usually leave ratings, but I had to leave it for this mascara. It was terrible. It's super clumpy in the tube and then when you put it on it clumps your eyelashes. I would never use this again. I had to throw it out.

- Drey

Good length, but transfers to undereye

I have a chronic problem with most mascaras, they transfer to my face. I don't even put it on my lower lashes, but if I'm not checking my face all the time, I'll notice a dark spot under the outer corner of my eye after a couple hours, especially if it's hot out. This mascara is no different, seems I'm doomed to spend $35/tube on the designer stuff. If transfer is not an issue for you, this mascara is otherwise great! Good deep black color, and it has the little fibers that help lengthen your lashes.

- Ssemauka


This mascara brush dropped bristles like crazy. I ended up having the bristles caked into my eye lashes every time I used it. I tried to clean the brush off, but it kept shedding. It also did not wash off very easily, even with makeup remover. I will not buy this product again and suggest you don't either - you'll just waste $15.

- Haley R

Good except bottle

The mascara itself is great. I'm athletic and it doesn't smudge through any of my workouts. However, the design of the stick and the bottle is not great. It spills over the edge and a lot of the mascara is wasted.

- Michelle

Very nice

I am currently just switching over with make up products and I find this to be a very nice product. It is not cakey and doesn't smudge and comes off easily enough.

- Lorry

Good product

I really like this mascara!

- Natalie


All you will ever need in a mascara. Brush is great & does not clump.

- Abbey

Mineral Hygienics Ultimate Volume Black Mascara

I love this mascara! It has great volume and comes off easily at the end of the day. It does not flake or run. I will buy this again!

- Kathy

Amazing for an all natural mascara!

Love it- goes on easily, makes my lashes thick, and comes off without too much effort.

- ashley


I tried this mascara hoping it would do the job. Although it does not have lash thickening or lengthening capabilities ir does the job of emphasizing the eye with a natural look. I use it for daily wear and appreciate the fact it is safe.

- Sandra


This mascara is awesome!

- Katherine

Good Mascara

This mascara goes on easily and wears all day. It also cleans off easily.

- Carrie Ann

Quality product

Not clumpy, gives definition to the lashes.

This is just as good as any high end mascara, only it's vegan. A totally WIN/WIN.

- Ally

Best mascara ever. Ever.

I'm a total mascara junkie. From Chanel to younique (the first fiber mascara) and this is my favorite tube ever. 13.95 is an amazing price for such a thing! It's thick but not clumpy and absolutely adds volume. Lasting power and washes off easily. Also, no flaking!

- Jamie

Nice Mascara

I rarely wear makeup, but once in a while I like a little mascara and eye liner. Most mascara makes my eyes itch but so far this mascara hasn't bothered me. It seems to stay put fairly well, and comes off easily with a little jojoba oil.

- Lindsey

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