Rich & Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil

25.4 oz bottle

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25.4 oz bottle

Why You’ll Love It

At Napa Valley Naturals each year our Rich and Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pressed from select olives grown on pristine orchards in Northern California. These fresh, tree ripened Arbequina and Koroneiki olives are cold pressed early in the year when they are dark purple in color, yielding an early harvest oil that is golden-green with a fruity, smooth, sweet flavor. This is a bold, full flavored, buttery olive oil with a richly textured olive taste and an abundant hit of pepper in the finish. It's ideal for dipping your best bread, tossing your freshest salad, or drenching your ripest tomatoes. Or drink it straight up by the spoonful like we like to do. Year in and year out, this oil ranks among our best tasting and best selling olive oils. And this year, thanks to an abundant harvest, and just in time for our uncertain times, it's certainly one of the best buys around.
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About This Brand

Certified Organic and All Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Expeller Pressed Cooking Oils, and more.At Napa Valley Naturals, we are a small family owned business devoted to bringing you delicious Certified Organic and All Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Expeller Pressed Cooking Oils, Italian Balsamic Vinegars, and Barrel Aged Artisan Vinegars.Building on his experience in the natural products industry, our founder, Kendall Cook, started Napa Valley Naturals with a dream of combining the gratifying experiences of tasting great food and doing great things. His vision: to provide delicious organic foods while supporting environmental preservation, sustainable agriculture, and entrepreneurial farmers devoted to these principles.We donate a percentage of our profits to groups that support environmental preservation, sustainable agricultural practices, hunger prevention or community-based health initiatives. So, when you enjoy our great tasting, organic foods, you support a system of...
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100% Cold Pressed Unrefined Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Reviews For Rich & Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Based on 18 Reviews

Great Flavor

We love the flavor of this olive oil. Makes my homemade dressings even better!

- Eileen

Very Virgin

Excellent quality oil. Nice peppery notes. Highly recommend.

- Dasha

Good quality...

I enjoy this olive oil but think I may prefer Bragg's slightly more - depends on what you're using it for! I taste "olives" as if eating an olive, in the Bragg's. However, both are excellent.

- Lisa

Deliciously Healthy

I love this olive oil for many reasons, its health benefits, its rich flavor, its price and for being locally grown. This olive oil has become our only ingredient for salad dressings, pesto and low heat cooking. The price is just incredible for this high quality olive oil. I will keep buying it, giving it as gift, and recommending it to friends and family. Thanks Thrive Market for making great products at affordable prices!

- Iridium

Olives from Spain ??

I purchased this olive oil thinking it was from California. Wrong. Processed by a California company but basically from Spain.

- Jackie

healthy, tasty

Great product!

- Marti

Rich Robuust extra virgun olive oil

Great deal and a awesome buy.

- Leah

Olive Oil

I am just starting to use the olive oil - it has a strong olive oil smell and enhances the taste of the vegetables. So far so good.

- Sherrie

Outstanding olive oil!

Smooth, pleasant flavor, don't need to use as much as I was used to using.

- Judith


This has the best, authentic olive oil taste that you feel how healthy it is for you. Excellent strong flavor, just like being in Italy!

- Elizabeth

Awesome Flavor!!

This is amazing olive oil, the flavor is excellent and so much better than most olive oils. Great to use in salads, on bread, etc. Thank you Thrive Market!

- ElizaB

My Favorite Salad Dressing and with Chicken!

Instead or using calorie filled salad dressings, I put a little of this magic sauce along with salt and pepper to make an amazing salad. My favorite part is that it is certified organic! Sometimes I even bread chicken and fry it up in a pan with this oil. It has a deep rich flavor that will carry over to everyone you cook!

This oil reminds me of my younger days spent in Napa Valley and consuming lots of olive oil. The price makes it very do able considering the high quality of the product.

- Tim Rowe

Worth every Penny

As a chef I try to use nothing but the best ingredients, so when a friend recommended I try this oil, I immediately went and bought a bottle. It is perfect! It is more robust and rich than any other oil I have ever used and it combines perfectly in all of my recipes. If you want your food to taste like cuisine without the price of eating out to get it, the oil is definitely the way to go.

- Nathan Saunders

Best Olive Oil

This is the purest olive oil I have ever had. It is also in a larger bottle than I used to pay over $18 for making it a great value for me at only $11.45 here on Thrive Market. I love the flavor and texture of this fantastic oil. It adds a great depth to any recipe and I happily recommend it to all my friends!

- Barbie F.

Love this oil

I'm a big believer in olive oil, and I use this for a lot of my cooking. I like to stir fry, so just a few drops of this goes a long way. I find that my food has a much better flavor when I use this oil, especially when I pan fry fresh fish. The oil mixes in nicely with spices and doesn't overwhelm what I'm cooking. Great natural olive oil.

- Lane C.

Premium Olive Oil

I get this for almost two dollars less a bottle on Thrive than anywhere else, including Amazon.
Napa Valley Naturals makes premium olive oil that is one of the best olive oils I've ever tasted.

It has an earthy, rich flavor that you would find in the best Italian or French restaurants. It's ideal as a dip for bread, or drizzled over a cold or hot salad. It's also great mixed into smoothies or taken by the spoonful for overall health.

- Lucille Caroll

Exquisite Packaging

I alternate between using this and another Napa Valley Balsamic Vinegar on my salads at work, and I really love the perception these give me. Instead of seeming like a sad salad diet, I've had co-workers come up and remark about how impressive my salads look or how I'm eating fresh and high-quality stuff. The oil itself is delicious, but I especially love the appearance of the bottle.

- Jerimiah S.

Facinating Robust Flavor!

Some times light oils just won't cut it, especially in hearty recipes. This Napa Valley Naturals brand is by far the best tasting extra virgin olive oil, with a robust flavor, I've tried. There are many uses for this type of oil. I like to use this in soups and vegetable stir fries.

I like the fact that this is a nutritious oil that tastes great. Since I'm a member of Thrive Market, I get a great price for something I use often.

- Maryann Stanley

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