Regular Applicator Tampons

16 count per box

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16 count per box

Why You’ll Love It

The smooth, easy glide cardboard applicator has a rounded, petal-shaped end that makes inserting the tampon easier and more comfortable. The applicator is made from totally chlorine-free, biodegradable card. Natracare tampons are all made from only certified organic 100% cotton and were the world's first fully certified organic cotton tampons. They are non-chlorine bleached and women can be reassured that they do not contain synthetic materials, such as rayon, or chemical additives such as binders or surfactants. Certified organic cotton removes the risk of direct exposure to residues from chemical pesticides and fertilisers used on traditional cotton.
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About This Brand

Feminine hygiene and products that meet the highest organic, environmental and biodegradable standards,Natracare stands for more than just organic and natural products. We are an award winning, ethical company committed to offering organic and natural solutions for personal health care that leave a soft footprint on the earth out of respect for our future generations.For all of our feminine hygiene and baby care products, we use only organic and natural materials that meet the highest organic, environmental and biodegradable standards, sourced from raw material producers that manage and monitor resources respectfully and share our principles.and our vision…“To develop Natracare into a worldwide symbol for quality, innovation and ethics; available to all women as the natural choice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preserving our environment”.and the philosophy…“I have the philosophy that I am at the frontline of all the surviving my ancestors had to do in order for me to exist...
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certified organic 100% cotton

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Reviews For Regular Applicator Tampons

Based on 24 Reviews

Peace of mind

I barely notice a difference in terms of fit or absorbency vs. regular tampons, and its great to know there are no nasty chemicals all up in my business... So happy to have found these.

- Diana

Work Well

I initially tried the super but they were very uncomfortable. The regular work well and are not uncomfortable at all.

- Jennifer

High Quality

Organic cotton, no bad stuff....easy to use. I wish they made a "light" version.

- Candace

So grateful to find these!

I've hesitated to switch to natural because they are more expensive and are rumored to not be as effective. These exceeded my expectations!! They're just as absorbent and effective as commercial brands. And, as far as the higher cost, these have actually helped shorten my periods resulting in needing less per month.

- Colleen

Just like the ob tampons and ORGANIC

Nice, low waste, natural option. If you like the ob tampons, you'll be happy with this organic option. The price is nice too.

- Kristina

easy for an organic

I have tried a few different brands of organic & these are easy to use. just twist & push up a little before inserting. I won't go back to non organic after finding these!

- thrive user

Good product

Switched from commercial brand a few years ago and these are comparable in every way except healthier for your body. Definitely Recommend.

- Jacqueline

My new favorite tampon!

I just started using these in March of this year and I love them. The applicator isn't countoured like traditional brand name tampons; therefore, they are tricky to use with one hand, but it's environmentally friendly so it's a compromise. What I do is push the bottom up a bit prior to application so it's easier to insert with one hand. What I really love about these is (1) I don't feel jittery nor itchy while using these (2) these are the first tampons I've ever used that actually absorb (and I've used many different tampons,) normally I have to use a pad as a back up, but not with these and I can even sleep with these and not stain myself nor feel sick (3) there is no scent. One thing I despise is how every pad and tampon I've used make me smell during my period, not these. Nothing but clean.

- Mirna

Organic is the way to go!

As with the other reviews, I found my periods to be lighter and with fewer cramps when using organic tampons. I won't go back to pesticide filled cotton.

- Ava


My body is sensitive to harsh products and after switching my liners to these organic ones, my body didn't have any discharge, how it normally did with the GMO liners I've used since I was a preteen! Same thing happened when I started using these tampons! My period is lighter now lighter and while I'm on my period, I don't get as many cramps! I still get back aches, but cramps are far less! I've been using these for the past two months now and I'll never go back to GMO feminine products!

- Kimiko

Organic tampons

I don't like cardboard applicators but I deal with them because they're better for the environment. That aside, these are worth the money.

- Randi

Safe, Reliable Feminine Care

I am committed to eliminating unnecessary chemicals and toxins from my feminine care routine. These tampons are my trusted source for safe, reliable feminine care. The absorption is great without having to compromise my health and wellness.

- Ivy

Great 100% Cotton tampon

100% cotton is so important for preventing dangerous bacteria from growing down there. Easy cardboard applicator with a tapered tip is comfortable (unlike tampax) - great product.

- Dizzle

Seriously love these tampons!

About a year ago, I switched to all natural/organic feminine products, and was super nervous about absorption, particularly with tampons. After a year of loyal use, I could not be happier with these! Actually, I was hooked after my first AF visit. I have not once had any leakage issues, and I have found that these contour to my body wonderfully. I think we tend to forget how soft and absorbent 100% cotton is. I LOVE that these are not poisoning my body from the inside as well. Another note: since switching to organic/natural feminine products, my cycles are shorter and lighter. I've read many testimonies regarding this, and read many many articles, explaining that the bleaching and use of chemicals in "main stream" feminine products can cause heavier, more painful cycles, and after a year of using Natracare products, I've found this to be totally true. I also love that my Ob-Gyn recommends natural products for that very reason! HIGHLY recommend these.

- Jamie

there's a trick to the applicator!

I hesitated before trying a box of these. I've read reviews in various places about the quirkiness or failure rate of the applicator. However, I found if you give the two tubes a gentle little twist and "unlock" them from the tiny grips inside, the application is flawless.

I find them to be comfortable, and fairly leak free. I pee frequently so keeping a check on things isn't a problem for me. I've noticed after 3 cycles that I have less cramping, less clotting and noticeably lighter / shorter cycle. I recommend.

- Paige

Just Okay

These tampons are great for lighter days, but not so much heavier days. I also wish the applicator was a little different.

- Hailey

A Great Alternative to Conventional Period Products

I found the absorbency to be "spot on" (pardon the pun ;-) and didn't experience any leakage. The applicator was just as smooth as the brands that boast "easy glide". I did note, however, that it sometimes took a little extra adjustment for the tampon to be pushed from the applicator. But after a few tries, I didn't have any more difficulties and plan to continue using this brand!

- Anna L.

Great for low flow

My periods are normally very light, so these tampons work perfect for me. I find that at the most I need 3 through the day, and at night I wear a pad to bed.

I haven't had any issue with leaks and they stay right in where they belong.

- Alisha Dishazo

Normal absorbency

These work just about the same as any other tampons I've ever used. They basically have a normal, low flow absorbency. I find that I have to change them out a few times a day, I prefer the super ones where 2 or 3 changes gets me through to bed time.

They definitely don't work well on heavy flow days. I do like the fact that they are organic and biodegradable. I feel much safer using them.

- Maggie

Work Well!

There are an alarming amount of toxins in "average" tampons, so I was ready to switch. The last straw was after mold was discovered in one of my other tampons! Natracare also makes non-applicator tampons for less waste, but I wasn't quite ready for that step. These tampons work pretty well. I don't need a lot of absorbancy, and the "regular" worked just fine. The applicator is definitely than a lot of standard tampons, and it does take a bit of getting used to, but it's still quite useable, and I usually don't have any problems with it. I'll be buying them again.

- K. E.

Soft, Smooth, Toxin Free - Perfect!

I've been a member of Thrive Market for a while now, mostly I purchase healthy foods.

Each year I suffer several painful UTI's due to my bladder issues. My OBGYN suggested I find tampons without chlorine bleach, rayon, synthetic materials or any other harmful toxins.

Thrive carries Natracare tampons that have none of the harmful chemicals, and soft 100% cotton. I could never find these at my local health food stores. If I did, I'm sure they wouldn't be at such a great price.

- Roxanne Gregory

Just ok, not as strong as normal

These were just ok. They didn't seem as strong as the ones I usually buy. I like trying to be environmentally conscious, but the product has to be outstanding.

These tampons are ok, not bad, just average. I wouldn't say they don't work, but there's nothing super special about them either.

- C. Geary

No real difference

Well I never thought I'd be talking about tampons on a website, but I'm really more interested in writing about how the natural movement has gone to every product out there.

These work just as good as standard tampons and they are better for the earth so that's really the most important thing. I'll spare everyone the ins and outs!

- Constance

Works well

I bought these because I wanted natural tampons made from organic material. These fit the bill, and they don't feel any different than the ones I used to use.

The applicator is also natural, so pretty much everything is organic. I like trying to help the environment, and with a product that works well, it's no inconvenience.

- Casey Grant

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