Oreganol P73 oil

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0.45 oz bottle

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Oregano oil, which is extracted from wild oregano leaves through steam distillation, is a powerful antimicrobial that can help fight off infections and boost respiratory and immune health. North American Herb & Spice was the first company to introduce edible oil of oregano to the North American market. It's made from mountain-grown Mediterranean oregano, free of all chemicals and pesticides. It is emulsified in extra virgin olive oil.
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About This Brand

North American Herb and Spice was founded in 1999 by Judy Kay Gray, MS with the idea that nourishment from raw whole foods is the key to maintaining optimal health. Today those founding ideals serve as the foundation for more than 130 unique products, formulations that are highly nourishing and naturally powerful. Throughout the years North American Herb and Spice has exemplified quality in all the ingredients used to formulate its products. From the remote mountains of the Mediterranean to the valleys of the Amazon rainforest, North American Herb and Spice has sourced the finest fruits, herbs, and spices in the world.
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Proprietary blend in certified organic e.v. olive oil, Wild oregano oil P73

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Serving Size 2 Drops Servings Per Container 216

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Reviews For Oreganol P73 oil

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Really works!

When I get sick it's starts with a sore throat & develops into bronchitis. But now the first sign of a sore throat I put 2 or 3 drops under my tongue. Once, by the time I got home, my throat felt so bad I put 2 drops way back on my tongue as well. This is March & I went thru the whole, cold winter w/o being sick. That is very unusual for me. It does sting if you get it on your lip but I honestly don't care. Also it's the best price I've found. My local health store it's $29.99.

- Lorraine

Great for Candida

I have candida overgrowth! I work diligently to rid myself of it, but I couldn't quite seem to get a grip on it. Too many years of antibiotics and poor eating. I have found Oreganol to be the best at slowly and methodically depleting the bad bacteria. I am starting to see a change in my health. I have spent hundreds, if not thousands on the latest remedy and this one seems to do be doing the trick. I do take it twice per day, but make sure I flush with lots of good, clean, pure water. As one user stated, it can burn a little when first instilled into the mouth, but I put it in my mouth first, take a sip of water and swish it around and then swallow. Works like a charm!

- Mary

Works pretty well

Take a couple of drops when you feel like you're coming down with something and this takes care of it!

- Jessica

Good stuff!

This is a great price for a great product. I've used this got wasp stings and ear infections and it works great!

- Tiffany Castel-Sanders

Hot oil

I didn't realize when I bought this, it is an essential oil and is very hot if you catch it on your lips or tongue when drinking it in water. Since water and oil don't mix. I recommend dropping it on a spoonful of coconut oil instead, let it sit a few seconds and then eat it off the spoon. Let it melt in your mouth and swish it around gently for a second before swallowing.
I definitely saw a difference in my cold duration.
I have heard that Oregano oil is hard on the liver, so I wouldn't use it all the time and maybe sip dandelion root tea in between. Of coarse I don't know if this oil is different in any way than any essential oil besides being diluted in olive oil.

- Bethany

Best Price

Unfortunately, I just purchased Oregenol at my local health food store - paid the $29.99 full price. I needed it today because I feel a cold coming. This is absolutely the best price I have seen. I use it when I am exposed to people getting sick or feel as though I am getting sick. I believe it helps my immunity.

- Diana

Best price!

This is the best price for this oil! We use it daily and love it!

- Penny


I love this stuff! I haven't purchased it on Thrive Market before, but am an avid user of this product. I take a few drops with some water anytime I feel a sore throat or around sick people! It tastes absolutely gross so I put 3-5 drops with some water in a shot glass and immediately chase it! Haha! However, it works so well and I'm always recommending it to others.

- Nikita

The best Oregano Oil

This P73 Oreganol is the best oregano oil you can buy and safely take internally. We have been using it for years at the start of a cold or sore throat. Rub a drop in or behind your ears, on throat and take a drop or two in water 2 or 3 times a day to prevent or help you get over a cold. It is the best. Also for Candida.

- Betty

Allergy Relief

I use this Oreganol for allergy relief. It is the only thing that has helped me be able to breath during the winter when we are all kept in and dust is flying all around, the dog is on top of us all season, and germs are everywhere. I add this to my tea (just a couple of drops) and it doesn't affect the flavor too much and I can feel it going to work right away. I have felt so much healthier this winter season than any other year and I credit to my Oreganol P73 Oil.

- Sean D.

I use it for my allergies

This oil gives you a punch when you try it. Use just a few drops. I use it for my allergies to clear my nose passages and has really helped me a lot. I also read it benefits the immune system.

- Howard Elliott

Great product!

I received my product intact and in good shipping time, The cost was much less than at the health food store and I am very happy with the product.

- R. Ortega

Amazing stuff!

This stuff is amazing! I've had chronic congestion and rhinitis for years, which I thought was due to my cat. Even after I moved and no longer had kitty, my problems continued. This was recommended to me, and my situation has improved so much since I've been using it! I had been using Afrin daily for over a decade, which of course is terrible for your health. I'm so grateful I can breathe easy at night again, completely naturally!

- Audrey Hines

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