Organic Cashew Cacao SpreadOrganic Cashew Cacao Spread870001000930Organic Cashew Cacao Spread from Artisana Organics blends organic cashews with cacao and coconut sugar for a creamy butter that'll satisfy your chocolate cravings. Packaged in a glass jar.8 oz jar
Delicious - by At a good pricev
indulgent - by special treat to take other snacks to the next level
Wow, this was good - by This was delicious! Perfect hint of chocolate flavor without being too chocolatey. So good with banana or on toast. I will always keep some in the house from now on.
SO GOOD - by This brand has really blown me away. This isn’t quite as creamy as the plain cashew butter, but it has that creamy quality. The overall flavor is fantastic. There is depth to the cocoa/hazelnut taste that isn’t overshadowed by sweetness the way other hazelnut spreads often are. No, this has just enough sweetness to be a treat, but not so intense that you feel guilty for eating it. I’ve tried it on toast, with oatmeal, with fruit and straight off the spoon. What can I say? This one is a winner.
Yum - by I will always have this at home. I grew up in Italy eating Nutella sandwiches all the time. This is a much healthier version of that! I have it on a slice of toast every morning
Artisana Organics
Artisana Organics

Organic Cashew Cacao Spread

8 oz jar$1.00/oz
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