Self Tanner Body Lotion, Fair to MediumSelf Tanner Body Lotion, Fair to Medium810061950295When it's time for that summer glow, Beauty by Earth gives you a natural looking tan without a day spent in the sun. For fair to medium skin with pink undertones, this dye- and artificial fragrance-free formula nixes toxic chemicals and leaves you glowing for 4 to 6 days.7.5 fl oz tube
wow - by My white/ transparent skin is now golden brown. No rash, no suburn!
I wanted to love this - by I was so excited for a natural tan product like this but it caused me to break out like crazy! If you don’t have crazy sensitive skin, it’s a nice tanner, but lacks a guide color so you can end up splotchy, even if you don’t have a bad reaction.
Works great!! - by This stuff goes on so easily! I apply it just like I would lotion using slightly less on my elbows, knees, hands and feet and within 10 minutes I can already see a difference. It looks very natural and doesn’t look the least bit orange. It also won’t stain or leave your sheets colored at all. The clean ingredients are very reassuring and make me feel good about what I’m putting on my body.
LOVE this product! - by I've used this for months and it's awesome!
WOW impressive color and super long lasting - by I’m basically as pale as one can be. That said, with ONE application, I was SO tan. To the point it might have been a bit much if I wasn’t wanting to be that tan anyways. I just didn’t think I would be several shades darker so quickly. I’ve been waiting for a less toxic tanning lotion for YEARS! Back in my “more chemicals the better” days, I’ve used several brands of tanning lotions and it took AT LEAST 4-5 applications to get to the level one application of BbE tanning lotion got me. So be mindful that even the fair to medium tanning lotion is dark! But if that’s alright with you, I’d highly recommend this tanning lotion!!! It also says for weeks on your skin and very slowly fades. However, if you use any sort of adhesive on your skin (acne patches, band aids, etc.), the color comes right off your skin. To fix that issue, once I was finished with my adhesive needs, I dabbed some tanning lotion on those spots and in the morning, viola! It’s like I never had a band aid there in the first place! To prep my skin for a long lasting tan, I took two Epsom salt baths the days leading to the application and dry brushed my skin once. That seems to do the trick to get the dead skin off, so the fresh skin was ready for the tanning lotion.
Beauty by Earth

Self Tanner Body Lotion, Fair to Medium

Beauty by Earth
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