Organic Chia Seed Face OilOrganic Chia Seed Face Oil857334005290Centered around organic superfoods, this virgin chia seed oil has powerful omega-3 fatty acids. With the ideal 3-1 balance between omega-3 and omega-6, the oil protects and nourishes skin cells while delivering antioxidants and phytonutrients. Infused with chamomile flowers, this lightweight oil is calming and deeply moisturizing to skin.1 oz bottle
First time - by First time trying this oil!
My skin is happiest with this - by I have tried every single cocokind product and this plus the rose toner is the best. It makes my skin look its healthiest and gives it a glow. Love it and love that thrive carry’s it!
chia seed luv - by Cocokind, Organic Chia Seed Face Oil
Stinky! - by No thanks. Not for me. I was wondering why this was so inexpensive. I would use Life Flo brand apricot oil (which comes in a Huge bottle at the local health food store) over this any day. I use Life Flo Apricot oil as my oil cleanser and or makeup remover tho. I got spoilt from using Noto Deep Serum a few years back and just can’t seem to go back to any other oil…and always end up repurchasing. This was a nice try to have something a bit cheaper…but yeah, as I’ve said, this is not it. The after smell is terrible- - so distracting I had to wash off and eventually throw away the bottle. If I was on a super budget I would honestly use the Apricot Oil as a serum or even Desert brand/Trader Joe’s brand Jojoba oil instead.
Love - by Love this brand so much, helps my skin so much!

Organic Chia Seed Face Oil

1 oz bottle
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