Organic Ultra Chlorophyll Face MaskOrganic Ultra Chlorophyll Face Mask857334005191Create a spa experience at home with this Organic Chlorophyll Mask to give you healthy-looking and supple skin. Chlorella, spirulina, and wheatgrass deliver chlorophyll, antioxidants, and detoxifying properties that have even more benefits when applied topically. The mask helps purify skin, relieve breakouts, and bring out your natural glow.2 oz jar
Amazing! - by Love cocokind
Love this mask, pair with blue light - by I really enjoy this mask for deep cleansing, gets rid of the buildup on my nose well. I have a blue light led mask which I pair while I let it dry and found that is when it’s most effective! I read somewhere that topical chlorophyll works best with blue light
Love this mask - by I love cocokind products! Clean ingredients you can feel good about.
Awesome mask - by My daughter loves this mask and bought one to give a friend as a gift.
Added to my redness - by So far I've used it once and putting it on felt great. Started to remove it and my skin looked good. By the time I was done my face was red and burning which really surprised me. The directions really don't tell you the consistency the mask should be so maybe next time I'll make it more watery maybe mine was too thick. The smell is tolerable it smells how I expected it too. I used a bowl and not my hands so it wasn't as messy. I'll update this if it's better the next time.

Organic Ultra Chlorophyll Face Mask

2 oz jar
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