Gluten-Free Sourdough StarterGluten-Free Sourdough Starter814598020049Create delicious sourdough bread with an heirloom-variety brown rice sourdough starter. One of our favorite cultures, Flemish-style Desem is made with organic brown rice flour and makes delicious Gluten-Free bread.1 count
Convenient product. - by Great for my homemade bread.
Good - by Not my favorite but does the trick
Gave as a gift and they loved it. - by I gave this to my Acupuncturist who is gluten free and she loved it.
try starting in the oven in the winter - by I had great success with both this and the non-gluten-free starter while the weather was warmer, but now that my kitchen temperature is around 65-70 degrees with the cooler weather, a new batch wasn't working nearly as well. I decided to put it in the oven (not heated up) and turn the light on for a couple of hours, and after being in that nice, warm coccoon, the starter started bubbling and doing what it should. I didn't need to leave the light on all of the time - just a few hours here and there to maintain a slightly warmer temperature. Haven't tried baking with it yet but am going to also let the dough rise in the oven, and I can't see there being any problem with that either. Overall this is SO much easier than trying to make a starter from scratch, and since previous ones have lasted for 3-4 months, it's worth the slight investment a few times a year.
Great dehydrated starter - by This works, but it did take about a month to become fully active. I've been making beautiful breads, biscuits, pancakes, and more for the last 7 months!
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Cultures for Health

Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter

1 count
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