Organic Perineal BalmOrganic Perineal Balm859220000105Truth: Growing and giving birth to baby is magical, but it can do a number “down there.” If a vajingle could be written for this salve — and played every time you open this jar — it wouldgo something like this: effective Organic Perineal Balm helps provide lasting, cooling comfort for pregnancy and postpartum places. And remember, your body WILL go back to normal — a new normal, but normal nonetheless. Promise. Organic Perineal Balm is made with organic herbs and oils the way herbalists make it, with an exclusive blend of organic witch hazel, lavender, peppermint and other like-minded botanicals traditionally used to soothe, cool and provide relief “down there” before and after childbirth.2 oz jar
Great for after birth - by Great for before birth and after birth
Love it! - by Great for after having a baby!
Must have postpartum - by This helped with my post partum healing a lot
Such a relief - by This provides such a needed relief!
A must buy - by Mamas, you need this
Earth Mama
Earth Mama

Organic Perineal Balm

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