Creamy Cashew Vegan Mac & Cheese, Classic Sharp CheddarCreamy Cashew Vegan Mac & Cheese, Classic Sharp Cheddar811845032008The ultimate comfort foods gets a chef-inspired spin with a creamy cashew sauce you won't believe is dairy-free. Everything you need is right in the box, which means dinner is ready when you are.10.3 oz box
Odd flavor - by I knew when I opened the sauce packet that this was going to be a funky flavor. The taste had a tart, kind of off flavor. I ate it, but wouldn't order this one again.
Delicious - by This is my new favorite vegan mac n cheese. It was fast & turned out creamy, the flavor is very acidic & nutritional yeast heavy (which I like but might not be for everyone). I just wish it was a bit cheaper
Pass… - by There are way better Mac and cheez or cheezy sauce options out there.
Cashew Vegan Mac & Cheese - by OMG!!! ADDICTIVE.....I made half the box and (I know better, shhhh) ate it ALL at once!!
Not bad - by The texture of the cheese is perfect, but the flavor is a little bit on the astringent side. I noticed it loose that astringency after being refrigerated and reheated as leftovers.
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Creamy Cashew Vegan Mac & Cheese, Classic Sharp Cheddar

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