Organic Chopped GarlicOrganic Chopped Garlic023547310012Emperors Kitchen Organic Chopped Garlic provides a more convenient way to get the fresh garlic taste that is so integral to many dishes, without any added preservatives. From fiery tomatillo salsa to tomato based marinara sauces, it works any time that garlic is needed and brings a wide range of different health benefits and nutrition.4.5 oz jar
garlic - by Staple to have in the kitchen!
The best prepared chopped/minced garlic - by I normally buy another brand, but I am going to switch to this. It is superior in taste. It would be nice if it were sold in bigger jars, but I will still purchase this even if the jar is small. I love adding garlic to many of my meals… but honestly, who has time to peel it and chop it up all the time? I now only use fresh garlic for certain recipes or special occasions.
Emperor’s organic chopped garlic - by Love the taste in foods. Fresh tasting and smelling.
Great - by Wish there was a bigger size
Imported from China not Reliable, Sustainable, local or f... - by My local natural foods store (Northern CA) Whole Foods and Thrive carries this brand of “Organic Garlic” from China while California and other US states have lots of jarred Garlic (Christopher Ranch) though not organic, are getting outsold by cheap imports!
Emperors Kitchen
Emperors Kitchen

Organic Chopped Garlic

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