Organic Chopped GarlicOrganic Chopped Garlic023547310012Emperors Kitchen Organic Chopped Garlic provides a more convenient way to get the fresh garlic taste that is so integral to many dishes, without any added preservatives. From fiery tomatillo salsa to tomato based marinara sauces, it works any time that garlic is needed and brings a wide range of different health benefits and nutrition.4.5 oz jar
Always on-hand - by Love this chopped garlic! When you run out of fresh, or just want to add a bit extra, this is so easy.
Delicious - by This was so good. My only complaint is that it got a little gross up around the rim after being opened and put back into the fridge.
Not much flavor - by Sadly, this isn't at all like fresh garlic cloves
Ok - by I like the “regular grocery store brand” more
If I had known - by When I ordered this I had no idea it was produced in China where prisoners process garlic often using their teeth. I deserve a refund. The bottle was sticky and smelled without opening it.
Emperors Kitchen
Emperors Kitchen

Organic Chopped Garlic

4.5 oz jar$0.66/oz
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