Mint ToothpasteMint Toothpaste857584005101Get your teeth sparkling while loving your enamel with this organic, toxin-free tooth paste! Essential Oxygen’s Organic BR Toothpaste is the second step of The Pristine Protocol – a 3-step system for a healthy and radiant smile! It also works to freshen breath and remove bad breath germs. With no objectionable ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate, fluoride and alcohol, this refreshing toothpaste is certified organic, non-GMO and uses the non-toxic inner fillet of the aloe vera plant (Not on Prop 65 list). Your teeth deserve the best cleaning!4 oz tube
Made my teeth sooooo sensitive - by I really liked it, but after using twice a day (about a pea sized drop) for about a month, my teeth are so sensitive now. I’ve never ever been sensitive to cold and now I can hardly tolerate anything cold, or even just cooled.
Didn’t like it - by Feels like brushing with Vaseline
MissPenny - by Essential Oxygen, Mint Toothpaste
Organic toothpaste for the win - by Love this minty and spicy flavor and that it’s organic to boot
Essential oils? - by I expected more essential oil given the ingredients but I notice the peroxide. The texture usually sticks together but watery and rolls off toothbrush lol luv the natural part but I was expecting rich in quality oil given price point.
Essential Oxygen

Mint Toothpaste

Essential Oxygen
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