Natural Crystal Salt LampNatural Crystal Salt Lamp797734493900Salt lamps emit negative ions, which work like natural ionizers that purify and clean the air by neutralizing allergens, dust, pollen, mold, fungus, pet dander and odors. This is known to be very beneficial for respiratory health. Salt lamps also minimize the effect of positive ions from electro magnetic fields and electronic devices. Comes with a UL/CSA approved wire assembly, which includes a 15-watt bulb. For maximum benefits, leave your salt lamp on as much as possible. Note: Salt lamps are handcrafted making each piece unique. Color and shape may vary. 4-5 lbs1 each
Great Price! - by I got this on sale and it was a great deal. Can’t have too many salt lamps.
great quality - by still running years later
Excellent Salt Lamp - by Highly recommend
love this salt lamp - by I've wanted a salt lamp for years and was so excited to find one here. works perfectly.
Love it! - by I use it everyday. Love the ambiance, calming, relaxing…
Evolution Salt Co.
Evolution Salt Co.

Natural Crystal Salt Lamp

1 each
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