Organic Edamame SpaghettiOrganic Edamame Spaghetti854183006041If you’ve been dreaming about finding a more nutritious, delicious, and gluten-free way to enjoy spaghetti, look no further that Explore Cuisine Organic Edamame Spaghetti. This hand-crafted “pasta” contains only one ingredient: edamame. That translates to a filling dinner with nearly half your daily protein and fiber requirements—in just one serving. This one-ingredient spaghetti is 100 percent organic, verified non-GMO, low in carbs, and also vegan. From a classic bowl with red sauce to a simple dish of olive oil with garlic or pesto, the only limit to what you can create with these noodles is your culinary imagination.7.05 oz box
Protein pasta - by This is one of my favorite pasta alternatives. It has a very neutral taste and pairs well with all sauces. I also appreciate that it cooks very quickly and has tons of protein!
Alternative pasta - by So far the best low carb pasta I have tried
our favorite spaghetti - by this is my favorite spaghetti. I love the protein content!
The best gluten-free pasta - by Hands down the best replacement for spaghetti.
So good! - by We love this stuff! Great with any sauce. Feels good to serve something this healthy.
Explore Cuisine
Explore Cuisine

Organic Edamame Spaghetti

7.05 oz box
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