Fruit and Veggie HuggersFruit and Veggie Huggers653341030047It’s the age-old problem: You need a quarter of an onion, and after saving the rest in a baggie, it goes bad in a few days. The issue is exposure to oxygen, which quickly spoils fresh produce. Food Huggers(R) set out to change that with a set of five “lids” that fit right over the fruit or veggie, providing an air-tight seal to keep foods fresh.5 count
Food Huggers - by Great waste reduction tool. No more foil plastic wrap or force fit container covers.
Keep produce fresher longer! - by I have been eyeing these huggers for a while now, and I finally got them. They have been awesome! They keep cut produce fresher for longer! A cut tomato that has a hugger on it won't dry out at the end! Same with lemons and limes! These things really work. They save you from having food waste and save you money because you will be buying less!
great - by works well
Perfect for Reducing Plastic - by Love that I can put my veggies back in the fridge without wasting a plastic bag just to put it in for one or two nights.
Food savers!!! - by My family has thrown out less food/fruit since I got these! They are so versatile and keep food fresh.
Food Huggers
Food Huggers

Fruit and Veggie Huggers

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